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And for those who are here with means to make my blog as a huge deal of mockery, please kindly leave :)

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on Saturday, 07 November 2009

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Sunday, May 31, 2009
Catching Ups
2nd entry of the day, wanted to make it as a whole.
But i thought it'll be cool to separate a birthday greeting entry from a blog entry :D
See shima, for you, i will...(i bet u're rolling ur eyes now :p)

Okays, ytd, had lotsa fun.
It's been a long time since i go crazy with my friends.
Shouted, screamt, sang at the top of our voices, eat, drank, fly kite, jumped and kept still.
Camwhored(additional info) here and there (every corner of marina barrage) and boy, the weather sure isn't cooperating but thank god it didnt rain. K, im whiny.

Really hope Shima had lotsa fun. And to the people who made the picnic a fun fun event, THANKS! Pardon me for leaving early aights.

And to people who are facing the exam fever, bon chance and all the best! Study smart:D Fight on! Coz at the end of the day, when u do well, all satisfaction will definitely be guaranteed and i can assure you, the feeling will be damn awesome! So, aim high fellas. Reach out for the stars!

It'll soon be 2 months since i started working. Time really really flies..and it flies fast too! And in the blink of an eye, i'll be graduant from TP. Scary but true. And im really really uncertain of my future (like who isn't). But i'm really worried for what has in store for me in the future...Tell me someone that things will be fine :D

And now, im waiting for the correct mood to come by for me to pick up to start doing my logbook entries. Sheeeeesh. Speaking about weekend breaks. They all end so soon!

Ahhh, i shall procrastinate yet again. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. HELP.

Sedalam Samudra, Telah Aku Selami
Setinggi Langit Diangkasa, Telah Ku Harungi
Sepanjang Kehidupanku, Aku Mencari
Sebentuk Kelembutan Hati, Cinta Sejati

Kini Selesai Sudah Segala Penantian Panjangku,
Setelah Temukan Dirimu, Duhai Kekasihku
Hanya Dihatimu Akan Kulabuhkan Hidupku,
Karena Kau Lah Cinta Terakhir Ku

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3:45 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Joyeux Anniversaire à vous mon cher Shima!
Happy 19th Birthday Babe.
Stay crazy and funkeh coz i love u like that.
And no more PMS-es k!
Heheh :D
You rock you rock you rock on!

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2:27 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, May 28, 2009
Updates as of 28/5/09
Hello there to all!
Here's a quick update to what i've been up to lately.

It was Aqil's birthday on the 26th of MAY. We had a mini celebration at home :D He'll grow up fine one day! God's will.

Internship has been okay. Very busy too, as now, the company is going to be privatized. We had to do double the load of what we usually do. Kinda stress too as now, we had to do things manually instead of depending on the software we use to finish our job. Things are slower now and not to mention, work is piling its way up to the sky!

Lastly, just met up with my major project grpmates to start discussing on what is to be done.. It's been a long while since i last met them and we were kinda productive i must say. Well, kinda! HAHA! And TP is so diff now. She's cold towards me. I feel foreign. Really. Ah nvm that.

And i havent been feeling that good nowadays. Guess it's the weather..and lotsa people have been falling sick. So take good care of yourself everyone, drink lotsa plain water to keep yourself hydrated! You dont want to end up having the doc to give u a jab on ur butt *glances at someone*

Till the next update,

Ps: I miss you guys. Each and every one of you. I really do.


11:36 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, May 21, 2009
Grats Kris
Kris Allen freaking won!
Now beat that ya'll.
Grats Kris!

Lets do the hoedown...throwdown!

11:57 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, May 18, 2009
Love you like i always do

Cause I don't wanna end up
In your rear view,
Wanna be someone you could turn to..
Baby, I never wanna lose you,
No, there's nothing I won't do ♥

So I'll watch you like a movie,
I'll sing you like a song.
Read you like
a story,
Even if it takes me all night long.
Keep you like a secret,
I'll tell you like a joke.
It's true, It's true
That I'll love you
Like I always do

Ps you: Dont quit loving me. Because i won stop loving you.

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12:06 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, May 17, 2009
I have a cute straight bf

Muhd Jumari Ibrahim

When you are near me, my lungs collapse inwards and it's getting harder to breathe.
The broken bones rearrange themselves to spell danger but I only admire the pattern.
Butterflies flutter in my heart, a funny feeling i know i can't avoid. Funny, but i like.
When i think of you, i think of sugary stuff, i think sweet.

Empty were the days without you.
And now, I'm falling even more in love with you.
Each day.


2:28 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
The World
Weird as it may seems, but as we grow older, when we know many words and when we can start talking, the harder it gets to be able to express yourself, the harder it becomes to know what to say or to ask what we actually really need.

I believe that everyone, deserves a chance to explain themselves because they have stories. And everyone has a reason.

The world isn't really a nice place, really.
It's a hard place to be in.

Take a look at heaven.
Maybe then you realized, the whole world, isn't really in your hands.

This time, i can't wait for the world to change.
People's changing and they're going the wrong way.
And maybe, i'm one of them too.

So, allow me to explain if you think so.
Please do.

I might be gone.

I am in such a fuckish mood right now.
My friend's upset with me.
And i have no intention at all to ever made him mad.
For now, not even laughters can wash my worries away.
And i hope he understands.

Played soccer just now. Miss those lasses.
Still in good shape, those awesome people.
And lunch was great too.
Managed to laugh my fats away.
And then, i had to rush home.
Fun ended there.

And i think im gonna be sick.


1:10 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, May 15, 2009
Hot and Old School

Guess this ; what's hot, vintage and old school?
The answer is all the above.

When i saw NS men using thes watches (points 2nd, 3rd picture) i thought that it's just appropriate for them, like it's a part of the attire because they gotta use black watches and the above are relatively cheap. But when i see these watches worn by my friends, i think it's cool to own one too.
Not only my friends, i saw babes and gorgeous people using it, then i sensed something is up.

Old school and they're hawt.
And i think they match almost anything and everything that you wear.
And so, get one :D

Old is like the new ____ .

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12:13 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Manifestasi 2009: Kibaran Samudera Senja Merah

Manifestasi 2009: Kibaran Samudera Senja Merah

Tampines Junior College, MLDDS
Friday, June 5, 2009
7:30pm - 10:00pm
Tampines Junior College, Auditorium
2 Tampines Ave 9 Singapore 529564

'Keyakinan Pemangkin Harapan' adalah slogan yang diberikan kepada pementasan Manifestasi anjuran Perdayu Maktab Rendah Tampines (TPJC) tahun ini. Berlatarkan suasana peperangan, pementasan tahun ini yang diberikan tajuk "Kibaran Samudera Senja Merah', mengisahkan revolusi yang berlaku sekitar lewat 1970-an di Kemboja. "Kibaran Samudera Senja Merah' akan membawa penonton menyingkap kembali suasana cemas revolusi Khmer Rouge di bawah pentadbiran Saloth Sar, atau lebih dikenali sebagai Pol Pot. Penonton akan dibawa menyelami kemelut jiwa sebuah keluarga dalam usaha mereka untuk terus hidup bersama setelah terpisah akibat perang. Kesimpulannya, penonton akan dapat melihat bagaimana penduduk-penduduk Kemboja ini mengharungi detik-detik hitam kehidupan mereka do bawah pemerintahan Pol Pot.

Pementasan tahun ini juga akan menjanjikan kelainan dari pementasan-pementasan sebelumnya. Selain daripada jalan cerita yang berdasarkan kisah sebenar serta persembahan daripada semua kumpulan budaya Perdayu, untuk julung-julung kalinya juga pementasan kali ini mendapat sentuhan muzikal daripada kumpulan kombo muzik tradisional.

Jangan lepaskan peluang anda menyaksikan pementasan ini. Usah tunggu lagi, segera tempah tiket anda sekarang. Jualan tiket terhad!

Tajuk: Kibaran Samudera Senja Merah
Tarikh: 5hb Jun 2009, Jumaat
Masa: 7.30 malam
Tempat: Auditorium TPJC
Harga: $6

Untuk pertanyaan dan penempahan tiket, sila hubungi:
Hamdi (81001965)
Athifah (91791194)
Liyana (82315253)

Atau hantarkan email kepada perdayutpjc@gmail.com.

'Faith as the catalyst of hope' is the slogan that has been given to this year’s Tampines Junior College (TPJC) MLDDS' annual production, Manifestasi. Based on settings of a war, this year’s staged performance narrates the Cambodian Khmer Rouge Revolution occurred during the late 1970s. Given the title, 'Kibaran Samudera Senja Merah', the show promises to take away the audience back to the chaotic ambience, the sufferings, hardships and the desire to live of two families who were separated during the revolution under the rule of Saloth Sar, better known as Pol Pot.

This year's production will promise a difference from the previous productions over the past years. Apart from the adapting of the storyline based by an actual historical occurrence, “Kibaran Samudera Senja Merah” will include outstanding performances by different cultural groups namely dikir barat, dance and TPJC’s own traditional combo band.
Therefore, don't miss this chance of witnessing a splendid yet impactful stage production, that promises guaranteed satisfaction. Get hold of your tickets now!

Title: Kibaran Samudera Senja Merah
Date: 5th June 2009, Friday
Time: 7.30 pm
Venue: TPJC Auditorium
Ticket Price: $6

For enquiries and booking of tickets, please contact:
Hamdi (81001965)
Athifah (91791194)
Liyana (82315253)

Or email your enquiries to perdayutpjc@gmail.com.

And if any of my Usuals wanna come along, like i've mentioned, please get back to me.

If possible, today :D



10:04 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, May 12, 2009
R is for Random
Okay, someone gotta help me out, save the world......
From evil villians.
Before bedtime :DDDD


Okay this is freaking random but heck.

And airport's extraaa cold today.
Come here and feel it for yourself if you don't believe.

one bottle of pacific paradise pls♥


2:16 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, May 08, 2009
Stuck In Love With Each Other

Kidnap my heart, take me with you.
Kidnap my heart, make my dreams come

Dear you,
Thanks for being a such a great companion.
I adore you.
You rock.
And lets make this last forever♥
Love selama-lamanye,
Anak Din.

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12:37 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, May 07, 2009
Red hawt phone DIED
For my friends who do not speak malay, jst fyi :D
My previous entry, it speaks nothing but how tired i am.
And ive been extra lazy nowadays.
Especially when i have to get up early in the morning to go to work.
Someone tell me that it's so so so worth it.

And i still want to go Bali.
Plus my red hot phone ain't hot anymore.
It freaking died, yesterday, when i was trying to install the MMS settings.
Curses, much.

And i miss my friends.
And people i want to meet right now nana would be - Amira, Raudah, Shima, Khai, Basirah, FX, Elfie, Nozhat, James Ng, Soccer Girls.

So, if your names are mentioned above, kindly, give me a call and ask me out. Yes, i've settled down in punggol. And lets make chaos there. We are so so so good in this! Heeeeee :D

And for now, turrah! ♥


5:45 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Salam sejahtera.

Saya rasa hidup saya ni dalam keadaan yang sangatlah huru hara.
Saya mengantuk. Hendak tidur. Dan saya rasa tidak selesa sekali kerana saya rasa tidak selesa lah.

Ada banyak benda yang saya malas nak lakukan.

1) Masuk kerja awal pada besok hari
2) Bangun awal pada esok hari
3) Pergi kerja esok hari
4) Buat kerja di tempat kerja

Tolong Bantu.

Sayang banyak,


5:38 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Please Take Note
Hello friends.
I'm going manifestasi 2009.
It's on the 5th June.
Please text me if you wanna tag along.
Confirm with mua asap.

And yes, i freaking miss miss miss my psycho friends

Gotta blast! G'night ya'll!

When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your
I would offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love


9:57 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, May 04, 2009
i dont care.
this shall be the 2nd entry for today.
i am like a walking zombie.
the walking dead.
i have to wake up early in the zombie morning to go to work.
someone roll me wherever i go please.
I'll buy you chocolates.....................................................

& oh! i now stay in punggol, for just 3 months.
And im kinda homeless, geeees.
Some contra thingy going on between Dad and the person whose house he bought.
But roof over my head is provided, by my elder sis. Thank you along.
I love you.
Now, 3 families stay under one roof. Dope, not.
Fun? Maybeeee.........idk(?).

and i still hate today :P

i need to watch a soccer match where i can scream and shout like someone who is labelled MAD.

lastly, i miss youuuuuuuu baby, and like crazy!

- nah, ambil ini, hatiku untuk kamu. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :DDDDD


3:24 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Bleahhh Monday! Ihatetoday.Likenow.Hatewhathapened and hatewhatijustread&hatewhatijustfoundout.Todaysucks. F. I hate todaaaayy. And i hope later will be a moment of gay. As in happy=gay. But i still hate today. F monday. This week's monday. Fight fight fight. I can do this! Come on, fight. Stupid monday. My heart's a little crushed. You don't know how i feel. And i hate today. Still hate today. Effed monday. #@%*&!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate todayyyyy!

& i♥ love♥ you♥

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2:45 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥