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Told you i'm in love but i wanna tell you this again, i'm in love. And i love ME. I also love to randomly jumble up words and put them all together. And you'll get things like ticktockclock, kingofphiranhasbirdflocks, saccharinslumber, popcorndog, lollinggirrafe, pepperedparrot and more. Finally, i also do my part in saving the earth because i save water for i shower with my boyfriend. HEE :D

And for those who are here with means to make my blog as a huge deal of mockery, please kindly leave :)

i dont need people like you to read on more, so go POOF! okay, bye!

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1. a zebra for a pet
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3. a 15 carat ring

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on Saturday, 07 November 2009

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Thursday, April 30, 2009
All was golden when the day met the night
When the sun found the moon
She was drinking tea in a garden
Under the green umbrella trees
In the middle of summer

When the moon found the sun
He looked like he was barely hanging on
But her eyes saved his life
In the middle of summer

So he said, "Would it be all right
If we just sat and talked for a little while
If in exchange for your time, I give you this smile?"

So she said, "That's okay
As long as you can make a promise not to break my little heart
Or leave me all alone in the summer."

And so, they fell in love
And the sky was golden in colour.

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2:40 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Sweaty Palms
Seas0nal pass with such an ugly face. (P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face)
Dope much?! Ahhhhhh nah!
But who the heck cares.
Hard rock, here i come babeeehhh!

So now, to enter transit, instead of screening my pretttttyyyy fingerprints for validation, which is by far, the oh so modern way(here, in channnggggiii) to gain entry into restricted areas, i (and only meeee) have to freaking enter a 6 digit number password instead.
So so so so UNCOOL!

And someone do something to the weather.
Coz it's hot, then, it's cold.

Je t'aime aussi mon chéri

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5:29 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, April 27, 2009
Pig Swine Babi Khinzir Oik
Know what? I hate to hear stuffs like deadly flu and whatnots. I'm working in the airport and the workers here are most prone to swine flu. So, do spare your prayers for mua. Pray that the flu won't get here, be it by bus, plane or taxi. Just no swine flu here in SG please. No no no! And yes, my gorgeous friends, our airport is taking lotsa precautions to put the flu awaaayyyyy. But better be safe then sorry, so, include me in your prayers lovelies!!!!!! Terima Kasih! <333333


3:19 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Loyalty Points
I have a lot of things to do today.
But i manage to do this one quiz on FB!
And i can't help but to laugh at the results of the quiz.
Agagagaga :D
Come, i show off to u the results.
I'm loyal kayyyy.
Dont play2.

Man, I love fb.
This is like the new _____.
Ah maaaan, i love youuuuuuu


3:05 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, April 23, 2009
We Pretend to be Strong because We Are Weak
"…she, with her affection and her gaiety, had been largely responsible for him having rediscovered the meaning of life, her love had driven him to the far corners of the Earth, because he needed to be rich enough to buy some land and live in peace with her for the rest of their days. It was his utter confidence in this fragile creature, that had made him fight with honor, because he knew that after a battle he could forget all the horrors of war in her arms, and that, despite all the women he had known, only there in her arms could he close his eyes and sleep like a child."
—Paolo Coelho

The moment we begin to seek love, love begins to seek us. And to save us.

So, you, don't give up

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009
I Think You Think
Hello :D
I am doing fine.
I think.

& i you.


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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Blue Water
Nampaknye, ini akan menjadi second entry of the day.
Keadaan di kerje skrg sangatlah mendak.
Screen stare dekat saya, saya pon apa lagi, stare jugak dekat screen ler.
Saya mcm nak ditch kerje ini. Tapi, tidak boleh.
Alamak. Baru saja 2 hari da boleh jadi gila tau friends.
Saya hendak berenang di laut biru boleh tak?
Air biru sangat cantik.
Saya mahu ke bali selepas internship, siapa mahu ikut?

Yang ini pula, gmbr lapangan terbang singapura, terminal tiga. Cantik kan friends? Dan saya mahu beli kamera yang boleh saya gunakan untuk memetik gmbr lomo! (seperti gmbr yang di bawah, gmbr itu dipetik oleh seorang cameraman di singapore airport terminal 2)

Siapa ada duit, tolong belikan kamera lomo itu! Terima Kasih, skrg saya pergi stare at the screen. Bye2.

Ps: Ahem2! Saya suka awak! Awak pula?♥


4:11 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
A Jiffy
Okay, this entry will be done in a jiffy.
I'm still alive, and im an intern, rendering my services to CAAS.
yes, im at the airport :D
Come find me!!!


12:09 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥