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on Saturday, 07 November 2009

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Saturday, January 31, 2009
Aqil is LOVE
i love him.
so sure that i can turn the eqn (1+1 = 2) to (1+1 = 3).
gotta love that tummy :D


10:13 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, January 29, 2009
Ties Don't Break
While my chinese friends are away, busy with spring cleanings and preparing themselves for CNY, this is what i did and where i was. BBQ session at a chalet in Pasir Ris with Family was awesome. Lots of laughters, fun, screams, singings and obviously, FOOD.

Without further ado, let the pictures do the talking. There are more but I'm so lazy to grab it from fb. So, here it goes!

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

So, as you can see folks, i had a lot of fun! Company of people as usual, awesome! Food was great. I love practically everything there. And that's why i gained mass! Ahhh, damn. Then after chalet, we went back home to put our things and met again at Satay club; Lau Pa Sat. after supper, we went to marina barrage to play with water. Took lots of pictures with cousins, aunties and uncles alike. CNY break was wooohoooo! Fam gathering has always been love♥

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Hot Soup
I gotta admit.
I landed myself in hot soup recently.
This is terrible, lawd save me.

Firstly, i gained 2kg this week. Only gawd knows what damaged ive done to my body.

Secondly, I'm so worried about finance test which is only next monday and i have 6 freaking chapters to study and not forgetting what seems to be a hundred formulae to remember. And i have only 4 days to make notoes, to read up, to study, to remember and drill it into my brains. Ok, minus this and that, i have 2 days left! 2 freaking days. AHHH! Starve me to death pls someone. I really hope I can ace finance.

Thirdly, DM is another thing's that freaking me out. Mining data and doing a report for it isnt god damn easy. Lotsa thinking and my group rocks for we managed to do (not finish) almost half of the report. YEAY. (quite a success k) And we have to submit it by next monday. And i was told there'll be Q and A during our presentation and this spells S-O-S becuase i need to read up a lot before presenting and i doubt i have the freaking time to d o so. So , God bless.

Fourth, C0mskills. Another roleplay. This time, we dont depict a scene in a meeting, this time, it's an interview session for a job position. INTERVIEW, yes, only the lecturer (maybe 2) and I in the freaking room; exchanging words.

Fifth, C0mskills summative test. I just hope i can get a good score for this assessment. It's next wednesday and it's one of the many things that's keeping me real busy this week. Coz i gotta study for it!! Call me dumb but there are things that i really still need to learn :D

Sixth, just as i thought i was done with my CDS.................i was wrong...........I thought after our performance, we're good to go, but it's not true, my group had to do researches on Musical theatre, present what we found out and act out a scene in one of the many plays staged. HAHA! We're lucky enough we dont get the other diff topics.

So yeah, basically, the whole point of this entry is for me to whine and complain about how much little time i have to accomplish so many things! To think about it again, it's my fault. Because it's just that i can't let go that tiny harmful habit of mine; PROCRASTINATING.



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Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Tmr's a school day
Time flies.
You're boring now.
But i just cant say goodbye.
Simply because I Love You.

and i wonder if u ever thought the same...


11:20 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, January 23, 2009
Will will be right back
Taking a breather.
Will be back real soon web world.

Happy CNY to all chinese friends.
Have fun! & projects don't forget hor.
DM grpmates, meet up soon.


Do you think, everything, everyone, is going mental?
It seems to me that it's spiralling outta control and it's


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Thursday, January 22, 2009
How is work cool?
Work is cool with Mac.


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Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Oh Most Compassionate,
Have compassion on our weakness.


11:37 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Dream and Rooms
A room i saw in my dreams.


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Monday, January 19, 2009
New Addition



Hi, I'm Nadhrah.
And my Aunty Malia Loves me.
Look out for me in her blog entries.


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Sunday, January 18, 2009
Sweets for sweethearts


Aqil bought sweets for Nadhrah to eat!
How sweeeeet<3

But he ate them all.
See his right hand; sweet wrapper


11:57 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, January 17, 2009
New specs yeay! Along treat us to Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut. I just typed out the full name to the acronym KFC yeay me. Aqil tagged along too. Love having him ard! His babblings rule my world. For he says the most darnest things which are soooooooooooo funny and cute! And u tend to STRESS DOWN when u laugh. He has always been entertaining. Ah, love that boy.

Today's training -Brushed up on short passes with left feet. I cant place balls or do anything that has gotta do with power kicks. Ah nuts. Coach mooch made us run like not that mad laaa but okay uh, i got perspire. Wasnt prepared to run as much for today anyways. It was fun while training lasted despite the pathetic amt of ppl who turned up. But who cares, we definitely enjoyed each other's company. We learnt a lot didnt we girls? And the wind; damn strong. Feeling2 play soccer like star. HAHAHAHA!

School - DM DM DM DM - Data Mining is haunting me even in my sleeps. UT UT UT UT - Understanding theatre play; hanging scripts. Ah best uh. Performance's next week. Comm skills role play, another bummer, but i like coz i have to act secretary in a business meeting like awesome like that act grown up and like im not haha bodoh. PBL - never been fun. Role play is darn new. New way to teach. Power up! And yeah balls, u guessed it right, we havent prepare scripts for the role play either. SIP - Ive to choose 3 companies to send my resume to. Gawd, help. Im so not ready for SIP.

I miss my baby girl. Im in need of a cuddling session with her. Cant wait for CNY definitely. And whatever happend to my eyecandy #5?!!!!!!!!


11:02 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, January 15, 2009
New youuu
Welcome to the world little one. ILU. And atok, get well soon so u can come over to singapore to see the newborn. ILU too ♥


11:59 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, January 14, 2009
thumb d
i lost my thumbdrive. GG.


10:59 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Sem's a biatch
This is horrible. This sem, total biatch! Im so tired. So many things to do and the lava's inside of me can erupt just any time now. Im not cooperating, neither are they. Good game as i call it. And my bro thinks im ignoring him. Just because i answered him "$18, best denki" when he enquired about my pretty pretty earpiece. Sorry bro. Hope u'll read this. Been pretty lagged in the brain nowadays u see. Really sorry. And i wont do it to you again lest u ask me about things at the wrong timing again. Hahaha! And my sincere2 apologies to people whom messages i dont reply. My fingers are tired, i suggest you call if you really really really want to talk to me like im a celeb like tt, ok, kill me alr. Data mining's a bitch and im not even halfway reading the project specifications. HAHA. power, much. Told myself i should attain good grades this sem but looks like this sem is high on biatch mode. And what?! Im suppose to choose another elective module for yr 3 alr?! Like im free like that..


12:28 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, January 12, 2009
Crossing Entries

Hi guys! I might not update my journal in multiply. All these while, I've cross-post all my entries from blogger. Great obervation on your part if you noticed. If u feel like reading more of my rantings, random babblings and nothing-to-do-so-i'll-blog entries, do drop by at this link - http://iqsamahaliruadin.blogspot.com/ and PLEASE, do say HELLO :D Thanks gorgeous people. And this site will be used to upload pictures of my own. Love Love Love you guys. Xoxo. And ALONG! if u're reading this, i want a lomo cameraaaaa! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :)

6:45 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, January 11, 2009
Paper Shredder
I'll be the paper to your shredder.


3:38 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, January 10, 2009
Cross the Balls
Dear World, I am so sad because I cant freaking cross the ball to the opposite of the world! I am so sad that things are getting way out of hand and that everyone supports their brilliant idea with childish reasons! And I am freaking bored. I can't believe i'm not attending this year's open house Jam and Hop session. And i love the geek in the picture below!

That's hot stuff in geek's specs.
And i think he rocks for he is awesome.


4:26 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, January 09, 2009
my room is messier than ever, i still cannot study in my room no matter how hard i tried, dad's snores are soooooooooo cute that i can make a fanclub for his snores, my PC is cuter, i am an angry person nowadays, and holy cow of yours! guess what?! im not listening to music as often as i used to, i am so confuse, i need updates about what comes next, i still want a new watch, my tummy's aching, body's hurting like ive been hacked by a baseball bat by the toughest human on earth, my grandad is sneezing, im suppose to draft out a reflection journal for PBL but words dont seem to flow, t p open house 0 9 needs me (hahahaha!, wah big uh malia?), got 2nd for biz shield's captain's ball tournament, dope bar-ing with UT's grpmates, i want to eat cotton candy, chicken ramen and i want to scream out loud.


12:58 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, January 04, 2009
Last of the last
OKAY! That is it! It got on my last cute still available virgin nerve! I am thisssssssssssssss close to hack it to death with a hammer. Period period period

You tell me what comes next.

And what's patience? huh?


12:04 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, January 03, 2009
A Little Vulgar, Bear With It
Training was POWER.
Learnt a lot.
Laughed a lot.
And was the victim of _______ and a lot of time!!!
Was made to run.
I love my GIRLS.
AND My coach rocks!

But i kinda hate today.

I hate it when i talk to people but they totally ignore u.
Like when u ask a question, they look damn IDK WHAT! and reply u a short, "YAHH!!!"
Or worse, when u talk to someone, they pull a blardy long, black face, and reply rudely as if you owe them the whole freaking wide world.
got pms, take it on yourself uh.
not others.
go get angry with the people who made u tired then.
what are the other human around u?
living things with no feelings?
I'm tired too.
If i can do it with a smile, why cant u?!!
Make me feel bad, feel sad, feel stupid all the same time.
This isnt the freaking 1st time.
If im thisssssssssssssssssssssssss effin bad, i'll surely make u taste ur own bitter medicine uh!
HEARTPAIN uh shit.

haha, alright.
ive let it all out.
and i havent done this for such a long time.
and ive been keeping it all well inside of me.

i really think i do need to travel into the space where i can scream and shout till my heart is content and happy and free from all grudges and fury. WITHOUT, worrying others might think u're nuts and being rather unbecoming.

coz even if you voice out ur opinion to the person involve in the squabble, they'll totally ignore you, because like myself and yourself and everyone else, everyone are born with that mini percentage of egoooooo in them! and after laying out your points, u'll end up fighting more, and more and more and the freaking argument won't freaking end. FUCK! why is the world like tt?!

and why cant the person who did the above thing to me like a lot of times not realise it and stop it?!!! it pains me. and no, stop saying i should tell the person! I freeaking can't do it! coz i know it'll lead to a fight which will drag and i have to put up with it, get angry, have some of my cute braincells killed and cry because im angry!

I know i'm like pork calling pig non-halal. BECAUSE sadly, and ironically, me myself and i have done this shit before, and i'll feel bad for doing it. I do it when im extreme hot in the inside. And it's not that i do this as much as the former. I dont it often and i can seriously said, im not used to it.

Why cant everybody just give in and be nice to each other?
Why must there be anger, frust and hatred?
Why people malas nak layan each other?

Why must God put me into such a test?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, this is bad, who am i to question God?

And for that, i shall just stone my anger and sadness away.

And my PC is sooooo effing screwed and old, it dont want me to do my project.
But i love it for what it is.

ahhh, shuddup.


4:20 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Rose Petals

When your science teacher smashed a frozen rose with a hammer, did you warm the petals to bring them back to life?

I do! I warm them by not placing them near a fireplace or some source with fire. Instead, i'll let the microwave oven's heatwave do the job. By the next second u'd knew that those petals are as warm as popcorn. Freshly popped from the popping machine. POP POP POP. and HEY! whatever happened to DIRTY POP?! i thought they're music for the kings....(?)



12:21 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, January 02, 2009
A very cute, vibrantly coloured website. GO SEE IT!

and school's okay.
i hope everything will be as okay.



11:48 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥