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Sunday, August 31, 2008
Kepada rakan-rakan dan saudara mara Islam yang akan menjalankan ibadah puasa,
Semoga Allah memberkati ibadahmu. Dan semoga kamu diberi tenaga dan kesabaran untuk menunaikan rukun islam ketiga. Insya'allah.

To all muslim friends, have fun fasting!
I bet we all will(:

And iftar outside anyone?
Call me.

OH MAN, I hate that i love holidays.


6:26 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Part 1
Hello all.
Had all the intention to blog a lot on my birthday.
BUT i was too busy mugging.
And for now, what's good is that EXAMS are over.
one load of my shoulder.

but what's not good is that, holidays are here.
and that means-to ROT at home.

ok, what's with me.
i complain when there's holidays.
complain more when there's no break.


but i seriously suggest that students go to school during breaks but not to study though.

ok, LAME la malia.

and thanks to all my friends and families for all those lovely lovely and thoughtful birthday greetings.

ThankYOU raudah, amira, shima, khai, anisah, audrina, ameer hassan, ruixin, wilson, chin wee, iffah, peiying, nuruddin, aliha, anthony, izza, atiqah nasir, suryatini, szeyinn, amelia, nura, choowang, arvind, iza, soon xiang, jeff, jessie, zul parker, basirah and jasmine for texting me!

sorry if ive missed out any of u gorgeous people out.

ThankYOU to all my family members.


ThankYOU to those who wished me via friendster, on my tagboard, emails and multiply!
I can never thank anyone of you enough.

Thanks to those who wished me via msn itself.

Well, on my birthday,
instead of having jason mraz to date me,
someone else asked me out!

she cant decide.

ILU la izza!
and thx!

thx thx thx!

When i got home, noone was ard except mother.
She was preparing chicken rice for me.

After dinner, i was in my room mugging.
exams period mah?

ok2, i was actually about to take a nap because i was having a horrible headache.
I had my earpiece in my ears and was blasting the music.

i was about to shout a song before i close my eyes(i know it was stupid la, but i was doing my own stupid thing)

WHEN!!!! ,

MY SIL, SIS and MOTHER came into my room,
and they were singing on top of their voices a birthday song for me.
AND SIL baked brownies with pretty icing for me!

total UNGLAM-orous.

ok, tt was beside the point.

AND the point is, I WAS TOUCHED!!!

I didnt expect that la.

Thanks mother for the polo tee and thx for the chicken rice that u cooked for me!
Thx SIL for the blouse, thx!
Thanks adik for the hooodie.
You bought me a red hawt one!

and thx for all the prezzies here!
they're AWESOME!!

Thanks peiying for the big big big huge huge huge and pretty birthday card and the COLOURFUL markers.
Thanks Nura for the notebooks.
Thanks teckwee and Szeyinn for the body shop perfumes.
Thanks saliha, cheyenne, hamimah, taufiq and peiying for the cupcakes!
Thanks for making my wish come true!

Thank you all!


ok, part two coming up, next.



1:18 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Hello gorgeous.
I'm finally legal.

Thanks everyone.
Really, thanks.

Lotsa Love, Me♥


11:47 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Many Thanks
To all my lovely lovely lovelyyyy BIT coursemates.
You people rock my socks.
Thank you for the bday gift.
and the cake.

whoever bought the cake..it's yummy.
whoever bought the gifts..I LOVE THEM all.

And thx for celebrating my bday.

To wahid, deirdre and xiang kuan,
HAVE A HAPPY HAPPY birthday to all of u too!

Pictures of all of us are with audrina.
will post them soon.

once again, thx all!



11:29 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, August 25, 2008
HELLO world.
I'm sleepy.

My braincells are depleting.
Study marathon is killing me.

I'm hanging on and I'll fight on.

Good luck too all.
All the best.

Oh, have i mentioned about the study marathon?

I studied from 11am in the morning till 1am yesterday.
Had breaks in between.

I slept, woke up at 4am to study till 6am.
Slept, woke up to go to school to do final revision.

Attempted OB paper at 9.30am.

in the lib.

Till 7pm.
Had to sit for marketing paper.

Paper duration - 2hours.
FINALLY ended at 9pm.

AND in short, i almost DIED.
This is Aqil with his Grandad.
A very very spontaneous pose.
And he's helping to wash the balcony.
LOVE him.
A lot.

And this picture- shall be the thing that motivates SHIMA to study.


11:59 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, August 24, 2008
Mraz, Date ME!
look what u've made me!
im going crazy because of study.

i want to spin like how the world spins around and around and around.
join me.

hi mraz.
pls date me on my bday.


7:08 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, August 23, 2008
Hello there.

Malia is lacking mental and physical alertness.
Beware for she can turn herself into a lightgreen substance that will just eat ur flesh and let u rot at the corner of the aging earth.
and yes, thou shalt not be lazy.

come on.

and ohhh pretty boyfriend.
thx for treating me to Pizza Hut.
and dinner was very random.
but company was AWESOME.

thx dudes.
thx dudette.


1:02 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, August 20, 2008
STUPIDITY, so what?
due to the thickness of my skull, nothing is penetrating through it.
not even a single freaking thing.
i dont know what's the point of mugging.
when there's no mood to mug.

nevertheless, i did notes for a module.
so, hooray to that!

been "mugging" with friends at bizpark.
ok, in school's canteen.

and one freaking incident that im afraid that will be stuck forever in my freaking memory that pulled down my SAHAM to the very core of the earth would be a retro nyonya SCREAMING her chingg cheong chiannggs at me & shima!

now no more saham uh!

i was god damn malu please!

and EVERYONE in the canteen was looking at me-because i was standing and trying to push the balak table ALONE(i was being nice to shima la! i thought of not helping, in the end SOMEONE had to pangseh me and decided to sit down!!!!!!) and shima(the someone) made me face her screamings ALONE too when she was the mastermind of THE great idea- to join the tables..

shima: ehhhh! join table uh.
malia: boleh ke?(can meh?)
shima: *berkata-kata sambil berjenaka* haha! sekola kita per.(*jokingly said* haha! our school what?)
malia: sebarang uh.(anything uh)

then we shifted the table right on the spot!

and along came sexy nyonya..
and she blowed our mind awayyyyyy- negatively!

at that moment i felt like i could just melt and evaporate.
i'll let the wind do the rest-carry me away to remote place.

and and and at that time when everyone was looking. shima was sitting down pushing the table away with her feet praying that noone is looking at her!!!!!!!! hahaha! idiot!

haiyah!!!! stupid pembawa balak table! (stupid table which brings bad luck!!!)

so paiseyy uh gila!

and NYONYA! u made me look stupid infront business students!

but no, no reasons to be mad at u.

i'm fine!

lets drink kopi peng one day eh nyonya!
i treat uuuuu.


but next time be nicer ok aunty, dont scream.
people staring at ME you know?

*glares at shima*


im infamous!
thanks ehhhhh.

now, good luck bitch! good luck!

i'm soooo ready for more death stares!

and i'm stupid, so what?


11:09 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, August 18, 2008
Can i get A

ok, i'm not studying my arseyy off.
and i know it's not good.

but on a random note,

i know my friends love me.
and i love them

and shimaaaa! can i get a what what in the ____?


11:09 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, August 17, 2008
6 random things
me and sis.

Before i rush off to my aunt's place for a family gathering,
i just want to say that..
1) i know i should add more things on my wants list(HAHAHAHA!).
2) i know i hate my ara.bic te.acher for he shouted at us and
called us idiots.
3)i know that i wished i can whack him with rihanna's umbrella but her ella is too hawt for him.
4) i know my friends hate him too
5)i know that i am not studying and i should get my hands on
those books NOW
6)i know that i love youuuuuu.


2:23 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

Zuko says:
one day, i was at
bizpark playing psp. then got this fella came down, my friend ah, her eyes were
red, i thought nothing so i continued playing, she sat down then suddenly burst
out crying. i was like WHAT THE ****, i really said that. then she stopped and
started laughing, then i really :-O. like HOLY MOTHER OF ALL *****. then she cry
again. then i died.
Zuko says:
then i asked what
happened, she said smth about her friend, and she feels bad for her. so she
decided to cry for her
Zuko says:


12:05 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, August 16, 2008
Karmic says:
do u say that to all guys that confess to u
Karmic says:
random guy : malia! i love u alot
Karmic says:
malia: OMG LOSER!!
MALIA says:
MALIA says:
Karmic says:


10:40 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, August 14, 2008
Bad Case Of Love
Hello World.

Never in my life ive ever felt down down down.
Im in low spirits and i never knew that i would miss someone this much!
I cant sleep and my heart sinks right to the core of the earth whenever i think about this!
this is BAD BAD BAD!
Super devastated-because of the same person.
AND I thought he was worthed waiting for..BUT..

ok! enough.
before i start my normal rambles on the going-ons in my life..
here's a rather "ADORABLE, oh please" and "not so spastic" picture of mine!

ok, u've seen enough..
now say to the picture-BYEBYE gorgeous!

MONDAY 110808
Self declared no school for myself.
And cousin called me up to meet up.
She wasnt feeling good and needed a break from all the things that is driving her insane.
Being a good good gooooood cousin, i acompanied her and tried to make her not think of anything that is driving......haiyah! u know what la.

We lunched, met my younger sis.
My younger sis went off-mugging for her n-level prelims.
Went cycling around pasir ris with cousin.
And headed down to downtown right after all our energy were drained.
Met sis(who was busy mugging!) and headed to simei to have our dinner..

Oh oh, met hanlin, hizam, wahid and arvind at downtown too.
They were having dinner.

Pictures: CREDITS to Cousin Amalina and ME!


That- A WONDER i must say!

This- THE MORON i love!

TUESDAY 120808
Shimaaaaa asked me out! Not on a date..but to MUG.
And as usual! I was crapping and shima(eventhough studying) was accomodating to all my nonsense!

And she even doodled on my notes that i'm not studying.
But i cant help but to be so noisy and babble about almost everything around me.
Even about this very good looking guy who shima claimed has centre-parting hair! -.-'
AND NO. it's just her perception which is totally wrong people!

And thanks for the songs shima! let exchange them again soon!
and yes, lets study again tgt soon!

DOODLINGS-and it's not just this!

OH YES! and we coincidentally wore the same polo teeee!

EAST HEROES wannabes!

Went to chill at stadium right after stat's revision lecture.
watched soccer.
And headed home right after that.
Walked pass the hall and.....

TP is sooooooo ready for exams.
BUT WAIT! where's the chairs?!

Went to meet elder sis(Along) and younger sis(Adik) after my last lesson-OB lecture.
We went to simei to have our lunch.
Along's treat..
So, we decided to eat at sakura but realized it was "replaced" by another shop..
AND haha!
i forgot the restaurant's name.

Food was awesome.
superbly delicious!
We walked around simei.
Along needs to find her stuffs for the Bangkok's trip with her colleagues.

AND, she'll be departing tmr, in the wee hours of the morning.
and have fun tooooo!

Adik..in her uniform.

Along and muaaa.

Along and her purse. -.-'


AND SUPER AQIL is here to save my world!!!

Me and my younger sis decided to follow along back home so that we can see Aqil.

And look..i didnt know how much he had grown until today!

Until i saw how small and quiet Shima's nephew is..



11:11 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Do that again
I cant breathe when i look at you.
I stutter when i talk to you.
My knees turn weak when you smile at me.
I go crazy when you wave at me.


2:18 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, August 10, 2008
there u have US!
BIT oiiii !


11:09 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tukang Masak
AND sooooooooo, Singapore celebrated its 43rd Birthday yesterday!
Hooray to that! And dont ask me why but im not as excited this year..
Lost it. I think we've lost the high-spirit kind of aura.
I just feel like it. Maybe i'm wrong. I dont know.
But whatever it is! SINGAPORE is my home and it'll always be my home!

Missed out lotsa fun yesterday too.
My friends met up to watch the fireworks.
I cant..
because i had to attend a family gathering..

Nevertheless, i had lotsa fun with my relatives and family too.
Despite of just viewing the fireworks display from afar(we were on the 23rd floor of bedok south, block 14)
We were shouting and making a lot of noise.
And the residents of the block was actually irritated by our monkey business.

What was really "COOL" was that some of my family members got trapped in the lift.
Aqil, dad, sis and bro in law was in the lift too.
haha! take it as if we were cursed for making lots of noise...

My other cousins, my elder sis and i were laughing hard when we were calling for the lift maintenance team to rescue the people trapped. HAHA! And u shud have seen all those pathetic faces in the lift. SO CUTE! And it wasnt long till they were rescued out.

Ohhhhhh, Saw the airshow on Tv....

Being able to pilot a plane at 1000km/hour is EFFING SMOKING DOPE!
it'll take me minutes to get to Bangkok please!

and did u watch the opening ceremony for Beijing Olympics 08?
OMG of bananas! it's EFFING dope.
D-O-P-E = dope.

Oh, friday's gathering was uber fun too!
And being patriotic AS USUAL..
we took a group picture with our flag.
Will post the pictures real soon.

For now, i'm still considering..
whether to watch the floorball match at tamp's satdium..
Mr Abdillah's team will be playing against Tp's wolves..

So, who should i support if i were to go?

And like YOU care who....

*claps claps*

ok, back to my L-A-U-N-D-R-Y.

and RAUDAH! we rock!
lets get rid of Mastas!!!
We can start off by using Aqil as our sniper!(thanks khai.)

yeay to aqil!

presenting..nathan's hartono jazzy version of where i belong once sang by tanya chua..

once again..



4:43 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, August 08, 2008
Jealousy And Such

LOOK! they're having loads of fun! And i should have been there =(

If only i got an A1 for eng.
If only i put my best foot forward during the interview.
If only i was better..
If only....HAIYAH!

IM AN EFFING CMM reject puhlease. double the huatttnesss. and double the jealousy.

and i see people i know in this vid!

i see dawn.(psych grpmate)
i see denise.(french tutorial mate)
i see weidong.(olympiad and james' goood friend)
i see iman heng(olympiad)

erm..who else did i missed out...

i see...

OH MY GOD! is that syariff from sleeq?!

and this vid is still fresh..POSTED 2 days ago..


1:02 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, August 07, 2008
Hello. I was like a walking dead just now. If i can be rolled to school, i would definitely love it if someone could have all the initiatives in the world to roll me. From home to school. From one end of the campus, to another.

Morning lessons are most dreaded just now. I was falling asleep most of the time. Trying very hard to keep my preeeety eyes open. PLUS, I wasnt even listening. TOO SLEEPY. TOO TIRED. TOO LAZY. BUT thanks to hizam's wallet, i wasnt feeling as groggy. COZ his wallet is wooohoooo! COOL! NOTE: the invisible ".."

And i talked a lot today! Someone pls tell me it's good for health.

I plan to change my blog's skin real real soon. And psych presentation is finally O-V-E-R and yes, i'm happy. Plus one last presentation tmr and 3 more exams paper left before sem 2.1 is over. But to think about it again, i realize that whatever i've gone through in poly is real short. It feels like it's only yesterday that i got myself enrolled in TP. It feels like it's only yesterday that i first say hello to all my friends.

Ok, skip all those emotional thing. And speaking of being emotional, im in a serious "i-miss-you" mode. I miss quite a number of people. I think they know who they are...it's needless to say..

Today is Anthony's 19th birthday. I'm really sorry that i couldnt make it to your bday celebration. I hope u enjoyed urself. May God bless you dude.

And this question has been frequently asked today..WHY ARE GIRLS PETTY? Well, noone doesnt really know the concrete answer to that. I suggest you try to be in girls' shoes.. maybe then you'll understand.. Maybe then u'll stop asking around why.

And i was labelled petty - twice, just now. :(

What was worse was that i was being mocked at just now :( WELL, WHO LOVES UNGLAM SHOTS OF YOURSELF anyways? And from today onwards, i reckon that NO any ordinary person should ever goooooof infront of cameras or else...u'll be jeopardizing your career in future(as a model esp). HAHA! ok, crap..i know im not making any sense at all. so, all these make me senseless. but, i seriously hate unglam shots.

ok, enough of unglam shots and back to LIFE. like real life LIFE. tomorrow is Pasir Ris Sec speech day. Good luck to GOH and the NCC contingents. Have Fun and nothing but more and more FUN! For fun is love.

I joined I-guides. Again, this year. Hope it'll be double the fun. Eventhough the normal people arent around. Which is sad, but i can still cope with it. I'm sure i'll have fun i guiding. For i guiding is LOVE remember? ahhhhhhh....now u remember!

And again, like any other time that i ramble a lot, i think today's entry is a lil..longer than the usual. which makes it rather unusual. NO? haha. ok! I hope it'll be a fun-filled day tmr. No flaws and no mood swings. And with all kind of stressors around me nowadays, i feel like im suffering from bipolar disorder. Like one minute u're all so hyper, high and happy, another minute, u're down, blue and sad. DAMN SCARY! i know.

Bipolar disorder..EEE! touch wood and more wood!

*AND LATECOMERS WILL BE PUNISHED? like huaaaaaat? i think i'll rather give it a pass. if you know what i mean..


11:24 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, August 06, 2008
Good Times
i cant wait.

i cant wait for presentations to be over.
and once done with presentations.
i'll get back on track to muggggg my asssssssss off for End of Sem exams!

after end of sem exams..
i shall jump for joy and rot at home in the month of ramadhan(fasting month)

after the month of ramadhan, i'll celebrate eid.
which i hope..it'll gonna be real fun.
coz i think it'll be the last yr i receive GREEN packets.
and i really hope it wont be as mundane.

for raya seems to be not special to me eversince donkey yrs ago.

but Thank God, i can still celebrate eid with my dear dear family.

i know i shudnt think about eid for RAMADHAN isnt even here.
and i should be welcoming RAMADHAN with open arms.
real soon.

and two more presentations.
three more papers.

and good to go.

jump for joy and CELEBRATE!

ce.....lebrate good times! COME ON!


12:00 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, August 05, 2008
The Lima
The Lima isnt that bad afterall! I think i'll make them my fav! Not like any other ordinary blablabla. They're just A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Check them out. And i love the way they sing Gemilang. Just like how my idol sings it. Ok, back to work and blablabla.


1:39 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, August 04, 2008
She's a BAD girl
had a date..
guess with who..

i had a date with basirah.
after a session of killing my braincells.
i think i shud stop saying it.
must find a new way to say that.

ok, after killing my braincells..with all those codes..
ive decided to take a break by crapping with my freinds.
they cudnt join.
damn sad.

and yeah..
our date was actually a group date.
but turned out to be a date.
just a date.
a real date.
like date?
get it? no?

too bad.

and we went simpang for our date.

i was hoping to see..
someone whom i can date in future..

life is full of BUTs la.

and basirah loves me.
i love her.
and she loves balla luna!


and khai..

i cant help but to notice u..
noticing me.. from across the room I can see it and can't stop myself from looking and noticing you, noticing me,

Watch out You've seen my type before..
I'm a real bad girl, You've seen mytype before..

eh u guys shud listen to this song.
damn addictive.


11:47 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, August 03, 2008
skip a beat
someone please.
inform nathan hartono..
that i ADORE him.
and bye singfest.


9:57 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, August 02, 2008
Now, I'm Abnormal
i am so jealous of subcom!
they are happily cheering their asses off and OMG! nightwalk.
i want to join nightwalk pls.
and i should have joined business sub comm la!

i am so jealous.

ouh, i didnt manage to finish psych paper.
duration was too short.
ok, fine! i didnt manage my time properly.
was happily flipping the book in search of answers.

and guess what?!
i did something stupid.

to psych lecturer jeff.
i know u will never come across my entry but..

i am really sorry!
ok, i tell u why people.

i feel super bimbo man!
and fine! laugh all u want ok?

im apologizing to jeff because..

there is this one question asked in the test..
what im about to type may not be exactly how the qn is set..
it goes like this...

Qn: Jeff, your psych lecturer may have some abnormality.
Identify one(give an example of abnormilty)(EXPLAIN) and define the abnormility stated.

so, being the dumbass..
i answered this..

Ans: He is a psychopath who goes around killing people. This abnormility can be defined as a legal concept.

ok, im telling u..the definition and the scenario that i gave was correctly linked!
BUT! what the fuck!

the qn didnt specifically state what kind of example i should give..
SO, BEING A DUMBASS!!!!!! *coma* i labeled my lecturer a psychopath *more exclamation marks*
poor jeff!
but i didnt know!!!
i didnt know that we cant just state a "fake" example.

JEREMY, my friend said that we must state a real example.
an example based on the person.

so, to cut things short, or to make u understand what the fuck is going on..
i should answer like this...

Model Ans: Jeff is seen as abnormal because he is not asian(He is fair skin)(AND BTW, he's angmoh) when he is teaching in the LT. This abnormality can be defined as a deviation from the ideal(majority standard).

and my answer was.................................................URGH!!
ok, im engulfed by paranoia here! im really scared that i'll fail because of that.
im afraid i'll be penalized or being called up by the school.
OR WORSE..get involve with the authority!

I'm really sorry jeff!

how stupid can i get?! but i really was in a rush and all that didnt come across my mind!
u rock.
u are screwed.
the end.

and this..situation is yet, another stressor!
welcome to my life.


9:45 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, August 01, 2008
out of control. no?
marketing report - done
org behaviour report - done
open technology blog ala friendster style - halfway (submission day: next wed)
psychology video - 50% done (submission day: next wed)

im going OUT of control!

What time is it?
The time of our lives

What time is it?
School's out, scream and shout!

and im in need of love love love..
open up your mind and see like me
open up your plans and damn you're free
look into your heart and you'll find love love love love ♥

life is like a lion...
it roars.

and pscychology test tmr at 11.

bon chance to me!


11:53 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥