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Saturday, May 31, 2008
And you dont know what's on my mind
went out studying at T3 just now.
there was peiying, judith, james, teck wee and me.
cracking our brains.
and idk how to study marketing.

tried the macD's newest meal in R.O.S(republic of singapore)-the spicy mcnuggets.
it's new and it's NICE!
people should try.

well, it's the normal juicy nuggets.
it's only that they are well, SPICIER la.

ok, i make such a bad promoter!

went home at 6.
did my psychology quiz..
and imma start mugging later.
burning the midnight oil as USUAL.

saw farah k just now too!
im so happy i get to see her.
and she's studying with her guy.
it's been so long since i last saw her.
definitely miss all the fun we ever had!

now, im super sleepy, and i want to sleep.
but i gotta studyyyy.
somebody save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


and i think im accidentally in LOVE with you.
with you.
with you.
with you.
with you.....

And oh, I'm into you and
Boy no one else would do
With every kiss and every hug
You make me fall in love
And now I know I can't be the only one
I bet there's hearts all over the world tonight
With the love of their life who feel
What I feel when I'm with you, with you, with you, with you, with you... BOY
With you, with you, with you, with you, with you... OHHH BOY~

I love SPICY McNuggets ♥

and ohhh, ytd's manisfestasi (drama at TPJC) was AWESOME!
will update soon. im waiting for pictures(:


8:59 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, May 29, 2008
Smile, followed by
i cant believe that i'm staying back till late at night to do OTBS . so cold and lonely. ok CRAP!

i swear im crapping. there's many others here laaa. the rest, well, im sure they are fnishing their work too, probably in E-business lab. I just cant wait to get this individual project done and over with. Once done-I'll be.....ARGH! i cant be happy! i have to study for mid-sem TESTS! OHHHHHH! THIS IS DOUBLE THE CRAP!

Ok, while im typing this, i have the two craziest person around at this point of time beside me! They are none other than cheyenne and taufiq! And yeah, they probably get that "CRAZY" trait planted right into them maybe because..they have been CLASSMATES for 4 years. I bet they tried too hard to tolerate each other's nonsense. That might be the reason why they're crazyyy. HAHAHAHAHA!

Both of them are busy hunting for HOT and GORGEOUS guys from their sec school. ok, maybe not both. I actually meant-just cheyenne. We're just putting up with her-MALIA!!!!! come come come! i show u this hot malay guy..VERY hot la!

That's not all-she even say..malia, u shud treat me nicer..coz i know A LOOOOOTTTTT of hot malay guys!


she's definitely a detector machine when it comes to hot MALAY(dont ask me why i caps the word) guys!

one that does not go beeb beeb beeb. but...well, you know how she reacts!

and she's suddenly sad now..

well, CHEER up babe!

life is just full of ups and downs. it's not easy when u face problems. i know, coz i have problems too. but face them with utmost composure and try to talk things through. i know it's difficult, but i believe that problems are actually blessings in disguise. you just gotta learn from the mistakes made.

hey babe, listen up..

smile, and yes, the WHOLE world will smile with you.



7:43 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
hey there. i know i ought to sleep given that my health does not permit me to stay up till so late. but @#$%^&*! what can i do?! I'm not done with the freaking converter. So many errors. So many things to add in! I just cant help but to tell the whole world that life isnt as easy as anyone thought! ok, like DURGH! but look at mine. im SO SO SO SO screwed! my life is so super DULL and mundane. it's the same thing over and over again! I feel so dumb man! I cant even amend the mistakes made and have to wait for my friends to spot them for me! I feel damn dumb CAN?! and what's with BIT students' life sia?! EVERYDAY I'll be with my desktop, macromedia and PHP! all that for me...ok, who am i to complain?!! life is CONSIDERED ok to me for some. oh well, i shall be thankful! PFFT. AND great! mid-sem TESTS are only next week! and ive not start MUGGING man! i need a break. and OMG! the phlegm secreted in my respiratory passages is torturing me! I cant BREATHE! if i can write a letter to The World, i'd say- SPIN SLOWER. wait for me to catch up. coz i love KETCHUP!.haha. get it? no? ok, whatever. bye.


1:16 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, May 26, 2008
hey you.
i'm having a fever.
call me and ask how im doing please!


11:59 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, May 25, 2008
2 Tickets Going ONCE
This entry isn't for the faint at heart.
Read on at your own risk.
For Malia is doing her camwhore alone thing again!

Hello to All.

First thing 1st.

Today is the 25th of May(:
It's Teck Wee's birthday.
Well, to you dude, have a great year ahead and may all your wishes come true!

2ndly, It'll be Aqil's birthday tmr.
And nope, no birthday party this time.
My sis and bro in law are caught up with work.
I bet they'll have a belated celebration for him.
Well, even if there's no celebration.
I know that little gorgeous guy knows that we love him all the same.
Right baby?!

3rdly, had religious school exams just now.
History and analyzing the relevation of the Quran.
Well, as usual, studied last minute.
And thank god! It was an open book test for history.
I wouldnt be able to answer all those questions without any aid.

After the torturing of braincells sessions,
went to have breakfast at simpang.
Got home after having breakfast with izza, sharif and cik din.

And the weather today was playing tricks on us.
One minute it was raining, and another, we have the sun shining down on us(:

It was scheduled that my OB grpmates and I meet to proceed with our progress report.
However, i was held back by my plan of meeting my cousin.
Well, ive promised her and she needed some tutoring with her work.
So, my grp leader told me that we can meet up on monday instead.
Thanks for your understanding pretty people!

We cousins are suppose to meet outside.
However, i was once again,

So, i made her travel to my place and had the tutoring session at my place.
And of course, like all my family members, we really enjoyed Amalina's company.
All her endless jokes..
Man, i love her!

Taught my sis a sum or two too(:
Was practically refreshing every bit of my memory.
Squeezing my brain juices even more.

Managed to finish my psych quiz.
Looking forward to the next quiz.

I have not yet attempt the Org Behaviour Quiz.
Will do it real soon.

And im left with only a week to finish up the unit converter.
And im far from done-WITH THE DESIGNING.


Well, just in the mood to blog a long entry today.
And i'm glad u took all the time in the world to read it.

and i know i owe you an entry about izza going all HYPER!


will be watching van helsing till late later.
a movie i wouldnt want to miss(:
although i watched it a gazillion times!

And now, im in the i miss people mood!
i miss a lot of people.
like you!
and you!
and him.
and her.

i miss almost everyone la!

and ohhhh2!
This coming friday-an event at TPJC.
really looking forward to it!
cant wait to watch the dramaaaaaa.

i have 2 extra tickets.
anyone wants to tag along?!!

if you want to,
pls ring me.

Im an IDIOT!
i know..

Labels: ,

9:50 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, May 20, 2008
A day out with...
had dinner at pizza hut right after school today(:
with someone.
and yeah, it was kind of like a date.
ok, read on.
u'll know who okays?
well, we had lots of fun.
chatted, laughed and exchanged jokes.
we even took pictures of each other.
we had quality time together.
super fun(:
it's like a whole new experience which i never wanted it to last.
i really hope we could do this again yeah?
the couple meal we shared definitely was worth our money.
and the platter.
like ive said, i enjoyed the person's company.
to that person, thanks for the fun we had just now.
and guess who i went to pizza hut with?
sorry for the suspense la.
didnt mean to.
and u might be thinking-
but yeah, i certainly had fun.
and yes, i will not forget the part when we walk from school to TM.
we had a great long talk man!
thanks for the great time cheyenne!
above are the pictures taken.
we still had a lot more.
but, cheyenne's com was... idk la.
whatever happened to her com man.
*swears and curse*
but she just cant pass the pictures to me la.
and below are the pictures taken during orientation.
richard is so cute right?
he looks like a samurai during mass game.

Had a little camwhoring session with dear sherene at the side.
love sherene la!
And below: a collage of pictures taken during campus care network day.
a whole batch of BIT juniors(:
we are LOVE <3

and that is all i have today.

to someone, take things easy yah?
sometimes, it's not worth our tears to cry over someone.
and u cannot assume till u hear the words from the person himself.

look on the bright side.
im sure things will be better.
well, time has its way.

for now, relax and enjoy the company of people ard you.
cheer up.

and love ya! (:


11:18 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, May 19, 2008
so kecoh!
life isnt as great for now.
and i want to change my blogskin!
like ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!
coz it's FUGLYYY!

and im currently doing php now.
but somehow i cant put the codes together.

i just cant wait for individual project for open technology to be over.
and i definitely need help here!
and i need help FAST!
coz i cant put the codes together and dateline is end of this month!

and ytd, had fun camwhoring during marketing project.

PLEASE remind me to blog abt izza's most chaotic moment at simpang!

and once i got back from project meeting.
went to watch a movie at tamp's GV with bro, SIL and sis.
watched congkak.
needless to mention, the theatre was FULL of malays.
mak ciks, pak ciks, mats & minahs were all there.
u just name them.
bu there were non-malays who watched too.

well, the story isnt that scary.
coz the one who acts as the ghost is an actress we know.
so, no feeling uh when i see her face.

but the make up was superb.
seems real.
like the ghost caught on tape at a cemetry in indon!

but the sound effects scared us most of the time.
and guess what?
we got the seats DIRECTLY under the speakers!
and nope(:
there wasnt an english name for congkak.


1:31 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, May 17, 2008
know what's on my mind now?
haha! of course you dont.
well, all these while ive been wasting my time...
trying to figure out if ive made the wrong move in life.

to someone.
maybe being close to you is a bad thing.
or maybe it's a blessing in disguise.
but i think, things are getting out of hands now.
really very very wayyy out of hands!
i dont know how to stop this crap.
but i'll think of a way.
if not now, i'll think of it soon.
or i can just hang on till it's over i guess.
till EVERYTHING of that kind is OVER. (<--u gotta use ur imagination here)

but that's where my doubt comes in- until when can i endure it?

everytime im ard u i try to put on a smile.
but in my heart.
i feel like screaming.
scream out loud for- HELP!!!!!!!

it's not that u're a bad person.
u're nice.
but people got their own limitations to everything.
but it doesnt seems like it for you.

and on the other hand.
ive been feeling rather..
well, disheartened.

i thought that we could be working on a great friendship.
but i was wrong.
how could u break my ohhh so delicate heart?!!
im soooooo discouraged already!!!

i just have to accept the fact that you..
well, cheyenne knows best la.
right cheyenne?

how cud he do this to me right?!!!

*roll on the chilled floor, laughing my ass off my hot body*

and since HE IS soooo good looking.
i shall spare him.
let him be happy with his CUPS of tea.


10:51 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, May 16, 2008
ok, life is totally screwed.
well, not really.
but it sure stinks now.
i think in life, u're meant to be forgotten by ur frns.
ok, ur so called frns.
ohh wells, that's JUST life.
im just disappointed.
but didnt cared much anyway.
coz i know it was bound to happen.
but one thing for sure-to tt someone u're already a part of me(:
and i really treasured the moments we've spent together.
and next-CCN day was a success.
all of us did a very GOOD JOB.
and in the name of-love!
eventhough i was missing most of the time,
and didnt help much, i still think that CCN day wasnt a waste of my time.
CCN day is like a great bonding session with frens too!
bought a few stuffs ard sch.
and went to a mini session of jam and hop.
and and and.
wth, we didnt dance la.
and like what they always sing- we only STOPPED AND STARED!
and then it was SL appreciation dinner right after that.
SLs gathered and unite!
had fun looking at one of my eyecandyyy.
so hawt!
BIT SLs planned to watch a movie.
but sadly, i cant join.
due to crappy reason la.
i shall let you fill up the blanks.
then, went to chill with raudah and amira at as-salihin.
went home soon after we finished our food(:
and nope, ive got no pictures of BIT orientation yet.
No pictures of CCN day either.
shall blog it soon(:
and i thank God everyday for His blessings.


11:13 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, May 15, 2008
Poor Guy


5:57 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Unit convertable crap.
my name is malia.
what's yours?

and i'm tired.
i'm showered with the blessings of-PROJECTS!

group meetings..
group meetings..
group meetings..

but it seems like we're not moving ahead at all.

and gawd.
i have to use PHP(another form of javascript) to form a unit converter!

and it sure does take up A LOT of my time!

i hate school for now.

but it's CCN day tmr.

more excitement going on i reckon!

till then.
my name is malia.
what is yours?



5:45 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Blink Tag html - http://www.blinkingtextlive.com

I was bloghopping.
and then i came across this poster!
cool or what?!
and i can see aisya; 1st person from left and shah; 3rd person from left!

The more i should go and give them my UNDIVIDED support right?

and anyone wants to tag along?
like ive said.
i heard it's GOOOOD!
if u plan to, u can go with me.
pls contact me yeah?

and poster; courtesy of syazwan from TPJC(:


11:52 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, May 12, 2008
I love school
Hey there people.
Life is back to hectic mode.
I get tired easily nowadays.
And i feel so good coz i'm not lazy when it comes to home assignments now!
I actually took the time to do my tutorials!
I cant believe it either.
But i think it's a good start to getting a better GPA for year 2.

CCN day is just around the corner.
And my class rep is working his ass off for it.
Now he knows how a class rep feels when the class doesnt contribute(:
Coz from what i can see, which is certainly unfair for him..
The class aint helping him man.
And so, i shall be nice.

Business IT orientation last friday was also a blast!
Im glad the freshies had fun and were enjoying each other's company!
And eventhough there were rooms for improvement,
I must say my thank yous to all those who had been part of this orientation.
Thank You for making this year's orientation an AWESOME one!

and i think my wisdom tooth is GROWING!
pushing its way out of my beautiful gum!
The pain is UNBEARABLE at times.
But im a strong girl.
I can endure it!

AND im going TPJC's manifestasi 2008.
Anyone wants to tag along?!
I heard it's good!
And tix is only $5.
It'll be on the 30th may..

and now,

I'm imagining life without you.
And your life without me.

Imagination number two seems and sounds better to me.

Coz what is life without you man?!

I'd rather die.


11:13 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, May 11, 2008
Wishing you great days ahead
Wasnt what i wanted the day to be like.
Thought that mother will enjoy her day in peace.
But somehow, this idiot had to throw all her craps to mother.

Dear ibu,
I hope you do visit my blog.
But i doubt in this blue plus green world,
you would ever do it(:

I'm really sorry that i hurt you.
I didnt mean to.
I know i always say sorry.
And that you hate it.
But it's the only thing i can do to mend your heart.
Hopefully it will.
And yes, i regret saying all those things to you.

But i gotta let my feelings known.
I sounded like a bitch, yes.
But all those feelings.
They have been in me for too long.

I'm sorry to have ruined your day ibu.
I'm sorry to have hurt you.

But i hope u love the card i made for you.

Here's me wishing u a great mother's day.
Not only today.

But may u always have a great day tmr, the day after and forever.



9:47 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Stop Me Now

I've got a confession.
Straight from my hollow heart that's beating without a purpose.
But then again, you'll never get the point.
So, what's the use of having made a confession.

5:36 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, May 10, 2008
Random Entry
this is a random entry.
i repeat.
it's a random entry.
thank you.

and oi portuguese guy from TP.
you are hawt!

*jumps with joy*
and above: a picture of aqil.
captured by my bro.
he got skills ya'll.


10:57 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, May 04, 2008
Thank You Cards Galore
And Thank You to all who gave me thank you cards.
Appreciate it a lot!
Thank You very much and may God bless our new found friendship!

And ignore the 'flirt' word.
I'm not one.
well, it's up to you to decide.
but it's just something Izza gave me.
ok, i wanted it.
coz it's the last sticker she had(:

so, i decided to have it- for letting it be a part of my precious memories.


9:21 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thanks To
Hello there.

It was award presentation and appreciation day for MIC just now. Sadly, that was kinda the last day we sec 4s sat together as a cahort. :( well, exams dont count.

Sad right?

But like they always say, good things will AWAYS come to an end.
And yet, i feel like it was only the start of something new.
It was like as if, it was only ytd that i got to know the whole bunch of GREAT people (:

From managers, asstnt managers, team members of all groups, asatizahs, not forgetting our ever supportive principal, Puan Faizah to all the saff personnels, i must say that there was no one who DID NOT put in their best foot forward to contribute to this HUGE success.

I can never thank anyone enough for such great experience. And I am so glad that we journalists managed to hang on till the very last! I'm happy that we got this far as a team and got to out up our very own production!

Someone do tell me why oh why we won the award- "THE MOST UNITED TEAM".

Well my fellow journalists friends, thank you for ur contribution!
Without ur presence, life will bedull.
And I'm gald that i was able to work with each and everyone of you.
Thank You team!
Everyone of you did a great job!
I love love love you all so so so much!

And like EVERYONE is saying- it's so hard to let go of all good things and freindships!
I'm loving all of my firneds more and more each day!
I can never forget ALL the things we went through together.
From A-Z.
simply said.

I love the way when we all stood by each other and never failed to motivate one another to move ahead. We're quite pro in that field i must concede.

And i really love the way we work.
Helping one another like there's no tmr.
Ok, fine, no link.
But you get my point.

Well, I'm just glad that i got to know a lot of cool, hot, sexy, fun, gorgeous, sweet, cheeky, funny, noisy, crazy, whacky and AWESOME people like all of you.

Thanks to MIC-

*We get to know each other.
*We get every opportunity in the world to work with one another
*My life is getting more and more interesting with new friends around
*I learnt a lot about the things around me, in me, within me and yes, i got closer to someone who has been watching over me all these years. Someone who never fails to give me guidance to the right path.
*I wouldnt be where I am today

And lastly, thanks to MIC,
I dont have to 'stick' with Izza only when i go for weekly classes @ perdaus.


Tell me I'm MEAN!

Oh babe, listen up.
Im telling you that You're the greatest madrasah buddy anyone could ever had okays?!
I'm lucky to have you by my side- ALWAYS!
And count urself lucky too!
Just coz...
You fill in the blanks!

And yes, BESTEST camp memory!
I'm sure you'll smile everytime you lipat/gulung/fold mats.
With ahem2 in your mind.

I cant wait for all of us to get together again and have fun fun fun!

I want all those late nights on the phone discussing.
I want all those late nights msn-ing.
I want all those time when we hang out at starbucks.
I also want those time we kiam in the mosque, waiting very patiently for night walk!

I want all those precious time when we we are happily TOGETHER!

I want it now(:


Being involve in such great event like MIC is the best part of my 4 years in perdaus!

Sddly, we all gotta move on with life.

Hope we will all not forget the fun we had, the pain we went through and the moments we were all together. Insya'allah.

Thank You once again to all who had been a part of this great journey.

May God bless all of you.


Lotsa ,
Malia the hawtest.


8:43 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, May 03, 2008
I'm in over my head


9:42 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥