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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Noob Brother
i think the hottest thing in my blog now is AQIL!
once i get my body, mind and soul online, as in MSN..
there must ALWAYS be someone who will say this-
"OMG! MALIA! That little boy on your blog is so cute!".
and of course, most of them are girls(:
no wait, let me get this clear.
they are AUNTIES la.
crazy aunties.

and shhhhh.
dont tell anyone ok?

i think my brother is the NOOBEST thing on earth!
he bought a SLR recently.
and when i viewed all pictures taken by him.
well, all i could do was- to smile my laughters away.

i swear my 16 yrs old friend can do much better! (opps)

and yeah, i know he's trying his best..
and it goes back to practicing ok abang?

jia yous bro!
u'll take good photos in time to come.

and finally..

just FYI,

there's so much i want to blog.
but i cant seem to force out everything.

but yeah, just this important note to someone.
someone ive been giving most of my attention to lately..

sometimes i wonder..
if u really meant all those words you said to us.

almost like everyone else,
u want us to be polite when we address/talk to the elders.
ok, not maybe just elders.
but the rule is applied to all..
u want us to answer them in a very nice and well-manered way.
u'll reprimand us if we were to talk to you rudely too.

but hey!
what was that that happened the other day?

well, i think that as an adult, u gotta be aware of ur actions too.
especially when u're looked upon as a leader.
and when there are "kids" around you.

and somehow, i was appalled by the way u reacted.
very shock.
and honestly, i think, she'll be very disappointed if she had seen the way u reacted to what she said.
very very upset.

and at times, it's good if u could give people a chance.
i know u're a great person.
ive no doubt abt tt.
but even the world's renowned has his own flaws.

everyone cant think as fast as you can.
u might be well ahead of them.
but some might get their foot stuck somewhere along the way.

it'll be great if you could answer a person's question with ease and not be away from them trying to control ur anger.
trying ur very best not to make ur fury explode.
and that facial expression of yours..
u look better if u could have scrapped that!

if u're angry or anything, i suggest u let ur feelings known.
isnt it better then to have reacted that way?!

it hurts me somehow.


to another someone.
u might/might not be reading.
but im telling you that all these years that ive known you,
there is no one time that i feel like u respect me.
well, im giving u all the respect that u deserve.
why cant u do the same at all?
i know u care abt me.
i can see.

and OH WELLS, i cant see the use of blogging this crap.
it's getting nowhere.
and this thing will never end.

people will FOREVER think highly of you.
and look at me as if im the blacksheep or something.

may be i tried too hard.
may be not.


but one thing im sure of..

i'll love you guys no matter what.


10:57 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, April 28, 2008
just so you know
crap la.

no more seats available for P. Ramlee the Musical!
category 4 seats-GONE.
only seats priced at $80 & above available.
totally crap man!
mana nak dapat duit?!

and i didnt know dick lee is the composer of the songs in the musical.

heard it's good!
back on popular demand somemore!

i want to watch it puhhlease!

pls father.
lets go together.

and sistic is having a student promo.
$20 for cat 4 seats.

just fyi.

and like ive said, it's no longer available!!!


hooray2, hip hip hooray!


12:35 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, April 27, 2008
i want to be a rockstar
im threading in deep water man!
head going in and out of the water.
someone help me luhhh.

bloob, bloob, bloob.

*engulf by massive wave*


ok, ok.
im in a fix people! needless to say.

i need help with what to choose for my elective module.
a difficult decision to make ya'll.
all three choices isnt what i want to do!

♠IT law.
♠Management in finance and accounting.
and finally, ♠Calculus.

i feel like plunging down one of the flats.
no, not anywhere near my housing estate.
dont worry.

i'll probaby haunt the people who lives in utmost leisure.
especially those rich families living near east coast area.

ok, back to my elective modules.

im effing weak when it comes to maths.
after what ive gotten for o levels.
from constant As straight down to a pathetic C!
history might repeat you know?!

so, in other words, i'll suffer if i take Calculus.
besides that, 40% coursework and 60% base on exams.
how am i ever to fare well for that 60% if i have math-thobia?!

and in future, it does not mean that i'll be working in an IT firm/department.
so, what's the use if i take up IT law.
a lot of memo to do too.

and finally, MAF.
accounting and finance.
im not in favour with those two words.
but it's 100% base on coursework.
which menas-no exams.
but there'll be PROJECTS and tests.

i'll be taking 6modules next semester.
plus a cross-disciplinary subject, i have 7 altogether.

ahhh, stupid.

it's back to square one dope!
7 modules are enough to rob me off my cute little braincells.
loads of them!


and is it true that if i were to enter a local uni, i must at least take business calculus or a-maths?!
so many things to check out man!

k uh, i'll tell you what i choose soon.
deadline is on the 29th btw.


and if i want to be a rockstar, must i be good in maths?!


10:59 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tonight I've fallen and I can't get up
I need your loving hands to come and pick me up
And every night I miss you, I can just look up
And know the stars are ♥
Holding you, holding you, holding you

8:07 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Muhd Aqil
hello you.
guess what i'm doing now?!
well, i'm rotting at home.
waiting for 5pm.
so i can get ready to GO BACK to school.

and to kill time, instead of doing my class assignment, i was editting my budak kecik's picture!
cik de miss you la budak kecik!
and if only you dont have to stay at punggol eh?
i miss bringing you to the parks and playground.

and check out his recent passport picture.

and that's him, emo-ing.
in the lorry.
coz he didnt get to sit at the back with us.

his grandad (my father, just fyi) helping him out with the fishing rod.

super mak nenek sia!

here's something i promised all of you..
here are the pictures when we ladies took him to the barber.

i love the picture below.

how cruel is along? fancy laughing at her own son.

he was shock to see the "ice-cream" on his hair la.

he told the barber that ice-cream are only for us to eat and not mend for hair.


can see him tearing.

and then, he got vain.

we were telling him it was ok and he will look handsome.

he's looking at himself in the mirror btw.
damn vain sia this kid.

and the aftermath of all those messy "ice-cream" session...
see the way he look at the camera?
give me a reason to why i shouldnt miss him at all?!

and guess what?
muhd will sleeping over on friday!
dad will fetch him from sch after friday prayers and muhd's staying over till sunday!
and no people, im not free on saturday.


3:20 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Long break
ok crap.
long break tmr after organisational behaviour lecture.


how's tt?!

and what am i suppose to do?!
help out at one of the CCA booth when im CCA-less?
crap sia.
damn stupid!

and i end at 7 tmr?!
ok, every thursday?
crappier laaaaa.
and i'm friend-less!
idk anyone tt will be attending the lecture.

and i was damn noooob just now.
helmi was nooob-er!
we were trying to print our notes just now.
for mktg.
and we left the sch only for 2 months plus..
but we forgot the know hows to HOW TO USE THE printer!
so, it took us like 15 mins to figure it out.
from making it to 4 slides per page,change it to landscape and whatnots.

we were laughing our fingers off most of the time.

i was too tired to think la.

and argh!!!!
i think life was cursed eversince i saw her at the bustop just now.
ok wait, when she 1st got enrolled to TP actually.
maybe life isnt a curse, but a nightmare when she's ard.

know why?!

i HATE it to the very core when i happily smiled at someone and they ignore you.
even if u made eye contact.
PFFT laaaaaa.
and the aftermath-u have the word REJECTED written across ur pretty face.

i cant believe i was rejected la!
not once.
not twice.
but it was the 5th time!
by her!

i sound like a downright loser eh?!

and sharif!
i think u're cursed too!


11:35 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
2nd day of year 2
yo people!
2nd day of sch was erm, good.
had lessons at 1pm.

jackson's teaching us open technology.
did some forms.
ok, HTML forms.
not those forms u fill in ok?

and after lesson, chilled at jups with sharif, nuruddin and raudah.
felt sorry for that LRM girl.
she got kicked out of a conference by a ______.
u do the filling in(s)
and guess what?
the person has nothing to do with managing the conference.

and after tt, we went home.
and i think life is back to it's hectic self.
showered with a whole huge sum of workload.
many things to juggle in life now.
school and PBL projects.
and more projects.

what's more.
im married!
with 7 children.
it's not easy dammit!

it feels so good to crap btw.

and i sound like a loser.

ahhhhh. whatevurrr.

and we're not done with MIC production either.
figured out that we had to re-delegate our tasks.
jia you team!
lets chiong.

tmr's 1st lesson would be psycho btw.
starts at 9am.
so early in the morning man!
and i have break from 11 till 4pm.

and im so not ready for psycho.
damn scared.
was influenced to take the course.
shudnt have listened to him la!
taufiq is so evil!
made me choose psycho.

but on a lighter note.
many believe that i can fare well and cope with it.

but to me, how can i ever fare well?
ive lost the interest suddenly sia!



10:56 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, April 21, 2008
random like siao
stop and stare?!
ok, crap.

im just being random.
coz it's late and night and i have sch tmr at 1pm.

i want to sleep already.
but i cant.
i feel like singing.
anyone wants to be my singing buddy?!

and what's my agenda of going online again?!!
ohhh yahhh.
now i remember.
and i dont want tell you what.

padan muka.


11:28 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, April 20, 2008
yok rompak minum yakult
watched crime watch just now.
EFFING hilarious.
stupid robbers.
robbed house drink yakult!
i was pratically laughing my fingers off!

how could he flatten the image of a robber?
reputation totally ruined man!
hilariously wicked!!!
and i love it!
best laughter i ever had this month.
apart from laughing my veins off while watching afiq doing his head banging thing during J&H.

btw, accompanied aqil to have his hair cut at simei.
had dinner there too.
with along, adik and kak ngah.
headed home after that and watched the funniest episode of crime watch ever.
shall post aqil's picture here soon.

and tmr marks the most coolest day of my life.
guess what froggies?!!
hell yeah(:

Happy 2nd year to all juniors of TP!


10:38 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Maybe It's just Me
You always think of me that way.
Whenever something bad happens at home.
It has to be my doing.
Nobody else but mine.
You never really cared how i ever felt.
And you were right.
Im useless.
Super darn useless.
Im selfish and all i care in this world is ME.
My life was never about you or others.
It's me me and me.
It's me who never cared about how you feel.
It's me who never think about you.
It's me me and me..
I wonder how i ever made this far.
But somehow i know it's you.
Thanks for your endless prayers for me.


4:25 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, April 19, 2008
TP week 0 orientation
hello froggies!
im back for updates.
been missing in action for a while.
busy with..

* TP week 0 freshmen orientation.

It was insane, havoc, chaos and FUN FUN FUN for the last two days.
Im totally drained out though.
All thanks to the shoutings, cheering, singing and dancing to all types of songs related to school.
Well, i asked for it.
But it was worth my time!
And my freshies are fine.
There are hot ones too.
Caught a glimpse of one or two.
or three?
or four?


and, as usual, needless to say, business school won the war.
olympiad team was strong.
regetta's was STRONGER!

and freak.

i love the way AS did their freaking cool cheer.
with sarongs and cheering to the tune of some classic malay song.

way to go AS.
and that blondie is darn hot in sarong.
saw the way he gelek?
oh yeah!
shud record what they did la.

and one thing for sure, i'll miss all the SLs.
hopefully we have a post-SL gathering yeah?
if any of the main comm reads this, please raise up ur hand and wave at me!

after the whole thing, the leading and guiding thing.
we chilled and hang ard outside an LT before joining the TP-ians at sports hall for J&H.
there was a whole bunch of BIT SLs plus one crazy LRM girl, and 2 cool people from BSG.
ohhhh there was a senior from LAW too.
all i can remember was..
he was trying his very best to explain to us on how to take a picture with a girl.

then went home with the crazy LRM girl.
took 291, showered and BOOM!
totally knocked out.

im planning not to attend religious class tmr.
but again, i will have to.
or else, i will have to face an angry alligator at home.
*snap, snap, snap*

and i can surely wait for school to start!
why must holidays come to an end?!



11:25 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, April 15, 2008
who what huh

i would like to wish LOU a happy 19th birthday.
thanks for being there for caesion!
we love u truckloads.
and we know u're touched.
may all your wishes come true babe!

secondly, he is head over heels for HER.
i think.

library-ing with aqil is simply-CUTE!

ok, bye.


10:20 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, April 13, 2008
Tell me what you want
ok, now, i officially feel so dumb.
fancy trying to add people who dont know me on friendster.
as in they have no idea who in the banana cereal world i am , but i know them laa.
just adding them to widen my circle of friends(:
nothing more.
and when u cant get to add them, u write a note saying that you cant add that person to ur friends list.
stupid or what?!
and someone tell me what is friendster for again?!

and went out with sis-in-law just now.
retail theraphy.
a mini one.
and she bought for me black jeans.
she bought one for herself too.

thanks kak ngah.
and thanks for the company.
appreciate it a lot!

and it's only 10.30pm now.
but for the first time in my life, i feel darn sleepy at this hour already.
come on malia, what happen to "the night is still young darling!"
haha, ok, i swear that was crappy.

im sleepy but i want to watch the match later!

tea party with SLs tmr.
shall have fun!
hell yeah.


10:20 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, April 12, 2008
i cried at the thought when i have to leave the world at such an early age.
like now?!
but people have been cursing me!
comparing me with..
keep telling me im..
i feel like im..
heck if i sounded emo!
im just not ready to face God and that's it.
and stop cursing me will ya?
hate me all you want but just dont curse me to die.


11:23 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, April 11, 2008
Part-time Retard

hahas. i swear i can be an idiot at times.
but it's ok.
that's just life.

erm, lets talk about boys now shall we?
like i have the time man!

i do..but not now!

ok, back to my daily dosage of grooving to miley cyrus' songs.

donovan thinks i sound like a pedophile when i talk abt miley.
oh come on people!
she's only 2 yrs younger dammit.
and she's hawt!

*blow fringe up*

and ohhh2, if u're all geared up for laughters and such.
do visit syam's and faris' blog.
A few flops described by both lads that happened to the other lads from year 2004.

dont get what i mean?
well, it's time u visit their blogs!
have fun lovers!

training at PRSS later and it's 55th POP in the evening!


11:39 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, April 10, 2008
I need Remedy

i was thinking of making a new blogskin for myself lately but im just too LAZY.
(eventhough i have the theme and layouts LAID out.)

lazy lazy lazy lazy me.

fever subsided.
im feeling A-hokeyyy.

and whatever happened to freelance blogskinning man?

guess that i cant get rid of the lazy bug poison in me.

and wanted to watch Street Kings today.
but EVERYONE rejected me.
i mention that before didnt i?
HO wells.

i cant wait for school to start.
but i can definitely wait for lessons to start.
lessons are total bore.
they kill most of our braincells.

but we kiddos are smart.
we dont waste our braincells in class.
we sleep whenever we can.
in lectures? tutorials and lab sessions.

miraculously, we manage to ace our exams.
magic or what?!

so, sleeping during lessons arent problems for me and you anymore!
lets just sleep in tutorials shall we?
like how we always do..
and once tests and exams commence,
we chiong together as a team!

GET it?
as a team?!!!

ok, im not blogging any sense.

and i shall rot myself thru the day.



3:47 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, April 09, 2008
Mood for Movies
hello you all!
currently, im running a temperature.
i hope it wont develop into a very bad fever.

and guess what?!
i have a blue black mark on my BUM!
a huge one okays?!
wth laaa.

and like raudah, im tearing for no reason.
body temp too hot la i think.
but ive mood for a movie tmr..

and ive been sleeping after breakfast..
went out with my bro for breakfast.
saw indra shahdan..
trying to get his daughter to eat her medicine..

after breakfast, which is actually brunch..
thought of watching DVD at rau's place.
but after reading cleo..
i got myself into lalaland.

and i was too tired that i actually had drools on my pillow.

slept from 1 to 6.. damn shiok!
and zomg!
ive put on weight laaaaa!
damn the shrimps and the bananas!

tmr (Thurs): movie with idk who. ive been asking around. but EVERYONE rejected me. oh wells. shall go out alone uhhhhhhhhh. hahaha. idiot.
friday: 55th intake POP.
now: in love with France.

cant wait for tea party with the synergy leaders on the 14th of april.

and i definitely cant wait for Freshmen Orientation on the 17th for business sch tt is.
other schools start early..





10:23 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, April 08, 2008
I fell down
Camp Fe.asting with Part As was _________.
huge PFFT!

and i fell down yesterday, sprained my ankle again.
the same effing way i sprained my ankle during nightwalk.

and i fell down just now too.
right smack on my butt.
and the fall made my little tiny toe bleed till it cant bleed anymore.


must i fall everytime i attend a camp?!

oeiiiiii !!! cut that smile la!



10:18 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, April 06, 2008
Loving Each Single Day
i am soooooo loving each day.
i'm trying hard to be/feel positive now..so, just smile with me will you?
and yes, i'm reporting for camp later at 8pm.
keep in touch.
keep tagging my tagboard ya'll (& like you will)
*dance like a star ★*
i'll be back soon lovers!


5:13 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, April 05, 2008
Continuation oeiiii
ok, im back with my BSC SL 2008 storyyyy.
here it goes.

damn shiok, damn good, damn scary, damn fun and damn painful!
it's the only time u get to see ghosts in business school, almost everywhere.
and we played after 12 midnight..
the ghosts are actually students from design school.

i swear they're good actors!
super good that i mistook then as real ghosts..
haha. ok, whatever malia.
their make up was good too.
but there were certain point of time when i wasnt really scared and dared to approach them as they were soooooooooo human.

there's this one time when these ghosts couple were talking abt _______, whatever they were talking abt la.
and i was infront walking towards them and after the guy ghost notice my presence, he went like: "eh, shit, faster, act ghost." HAHAHAHA!
damn funny la.

and there was one time where there was a bride ghost, when one of the main com was checking my sprained ankle, i saw her happily talking to one of my seniors..
so i thought that ok, she's very human, heng uhhh.
not scared.
but after the visit to the medium's room, we went to her room.
i smiled when i enter la, coz wasnt scared mah?!
then there was a sudden change of mood in her.
WAH!!! i swear i can pee in my pants sia..ok, shorts.
damn scary lah she!

and yes yes, nightwalk was damn pain because i sprained my ankle due to..PUSHINGS la!
it was total chaos when the ghosts tried to touch us.
so, people run around and some, like me, poor me, got pushed and if u're unlucky enough, like me, poor me, u might just get ur poor ankle sprained..

at first i act MACHO. decided to ignore the pain..
walk around, jump over ghosts that were lying on the floor.
was like a pro ghostbuster i tell you...
but there was just this one time when i just CANNOT tahan anymore, i just dropped!
took out my shoes and checked for swells.
Loulin, my sweeeeeeet FA rushed to me and help.
and not forgetting Myrine's FA: Ryan.
so kind ppl..
but despite the pain, i went back on my feet for more fun and spooks!
so, there u have a limping malia.
ppl can mistake me for a ghost already.

basically during nightwalk, we had to go around and gather clues to solve a mystery.
ok, maybe not a mystery but just provide answers to these questions:
-Who killed Simon.
-Who killed Christine.
-Why were they killed and How.

well, another nightwalking experience which i can never ever forget!

after nightwalk, they revealed the people who acted ghosts.
saw one cute guy..*applause*
another one of my eyecandy perhaps?

after nightwalk, showered and chilled outside sports hall with ruixin, audrina, arvind, wahid and chin wee. talk abt camp and then, i was off to lalaland(:

woke up the next morning and went home..
i ahd something important to attend to and i know i missed out a lot for day 3.

but guess what?!
my group: CAESION was 3rd!!! I cant believe we got third!
My groupmates must have really work hard to get to the top.
From 3rd from the bottom-up, to 3rd from up!
GOODJOB everyone!

And with that, i must thank all BSC's comittee for such a wonderful camp!
-main com
-logg com
-prog com

to LOULIN, my sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet FA, u're a great facilitator and thank you for being a part of us!

and yes, to our two favourites; OH MY and GOODNESS! (Din and Maybelle respectively)
thank you so much for this fun-filled camp.

i definitely cant wait for tea party!

SLs oeiii !
Business oeiii !
TP oeiii !


11:23 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, April 04, 2008
Malia Oei
ok, let me share with u..a new experience of mine: camping in business school.
it was the 1st time i slept in a classroom in business school.
that was the first night.

and we played trampoly on the 1st day.
somewhat alike to monopoly, it's only that everything was as at a larger scale and the board pieces are ALIVE!
and we play it to get materials for our flag.

Oh2, my group name was Caesion.
i dont know what it means.
ok. fine! i forgot.
and i shall google for it when i have time.

played brave heart after that.
stations game.
we just had to do task at the stations, and nope, nothing like amazing race though.
and the station i love the most is shampoo-ing each other's hair to collect foam!
i know it doesnt sound anywhere near or anything like brave heart..
but the tasks at other stations really make us think twice to perform it.
for example-we had to dunk our heads into a mixture of;

- soursop cordial, maple syrup, decolourised MnMs, soaked tissues, noodles and soggy whatever crap la that when u add it
altogether, it looks like puke!
and we had to get things out from the mixture using only our mouth!

so, as u can see,
after the shampoo station onwards,
we got wet and dirty.
but we love it.

we slept at 3 and had mac for supper before we sleep.

and now, for day 2.
woke up early in the morning to have breakfast.
and breakfast was buffet for us!
it's only that we have to go around the WHOLE campus to get food.

had watermelon at Applied science.
fried bee hoon at Design.
GULA biscuits at Business.

2nd day was about cheers, cheers and more cheers!!!
i love our food cheer!!!
and i dont want to tell u how it goes like.
ok, like u care!

after that, we played scrolls hunting!
we had to hunt for scrolls all around the campus.
darn FUN!
and we were given only 100 pictures that will lead us to the scrolls.
and we had to do a skit base on the words written on the scrolls.

after dinner, each group presented their skit.
i love all of our skits!
all groups did a gooooood job!

after that, we had battle of the sexes!
muhd makes a good emcee during the game.
he was equipped with the know-hows to wake us sleepyheads.
with his cheers and the nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah dance.
some of us were dozing straight into lalaland halfway.
because we were too tired!

ok, back.
battle of the sexes was good.
guys won.
wait, let me get this clear.
they won us ladies by only a few points.

had language games, in which the girls won.
proves that we're better in language and not forgetting in coordination too.
so, that settles the question of: if women are better drivers.
and just in case u dont get the answer..yes, women are better drivers.

guys only won any games that involve the word-disgusting.
they won the game in which they had to make watermelon juices with only their mouth.
they won in eating lemon the fastest..
and not forgetting this: they collected the most foam when they brush their teeth.
and zomg!
dont ask me what happen to the foam after that..i feel like puking already.

after that, we had our nightwalk!!!
nightwalk was darn darn darn darn good.
ok, i shall blog about nightwalk in the next entry.
we slept in the sports hall the 2nd night
and went back home on the 3rd day's morning.
had shift my attention entirely on something important.
another important thing(:

and NOW, i think i should stop already.
im lucky if any of you manage to read this long-winded entry of mine till the very end.
cheers for doing that.
now, i shall go online and chat!

and ouh2, decorated the NCC girls room just now.
tidy it up a bit and hanged a picture or two.
check these pictures out..

till the next time gorgeousES, (is there such words?? haha.)
hawt malia is out!



9:15 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, April 03, 2008
Simpang-ing again
synergy leader camp was fun!
darn gooood!
i love the night walk.
shall blog more soon.
and i was too tired to blog the past few days.
just got back too.
had dinner at simpang with khai, bas, rau and ameer.
had great laughs la.
khai and his mandai joke.
ameer and his LRT.
yra finished her food!!! YEAY!
raudah ate only taugeh! (as claimed by khai)
and i almost died after i bumped into a huge dog!
but i saw that cute mad jack waiter.
and thank you khai for the treat.
shall see these glamourous dudes and dudettes during CF3 soon.
for now, i wanna sleep.
and posting for CF3 is out.
it's so uncool!
hate it.


11:43 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥