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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
3 more
had Principles Of Management presentation this morning.
had fun presenting our skit.
it was very funny.
many other groups' skit was funny too.
im loving my class more and more everyday!
and here are a few pictures snapped.

needless to say- the gays in my class. forever together.

james is a bad guy and a very bad gay too.

sexy james-not.

good guys gone gays.
what did i tell you?
gay wannabe.
next TP top model.

short, tall, tallest.

KILL taufiq, smile and RUN!
after i've changed. and waiting for our DBIS tutor.
at IT school.


taken by jeffery.
man hunt?!

and just now, i nearly died!
the stupid old keyboard of mine went berserk
and it cannot work!
i went totally maniacal and CRIED and cried with the thought that i actually have many things to be done by tonight.
till i did a few things which im so lazy to type.
and voila!
im typing my way through.
ok, clap hands for me now.
and God, please give me strength to carry on.

*3 more presentations and i'm done.


12:49 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, January 27, 2008
Bored like siao
i'm super bored.
and im procrasinating my projects and assignments.
im suppose to go out and meet my fellow POM mates.
but taufiq's down with fever.
saliha-about to get sick.
dewei-he's the only one left standing, tall.
not forgetting me, last lady still standing upright, but still short.
and so, we decided to call it off.
and madrasah was ok just now.
found out my other group members in the JOURNALIST team.
waaah sey.
and the above picture-a result of sheer boredom.
`i can go crazy


4:41 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, January 26, 2008
Dont ask WHY

BOOOOYAAAH everyone!

went to school early in the morning to start my brain working on SQL.
i swear database is damn crappy and it can turn ur brains upside down-and yes, the sunny side up way.
and after we're sick of SQL, thought that we can just hang out in school..
but we were as hungry as a erm, a hungry lion(?)
we then decided to eat at ljs.
had the usual-treasure meal.
and then , we plan to watch The Mist.

and after that movie, i realize that all the movies ive watched so far has one thing in common..
a very very very unsettled ending!
Wanna know what i mean? Go catch the movie..

But I think Stephan King is cool, man!
He has a brilliant brain and for coming out with such a brilliant story with ehem, a not so brilliant ending(opps) though, i seriously think he's one of the cooooolest author!

I reccommend that all of u watch the mist..

coz to me, it's a story that teaches you to be brave and patient at the same time.
if you're patient, things will go as planned and everything will be fine(:

and i miss THE something..


and my tee says- I am... a very2 sad kid.


11:42 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, January 25, 2008
Spot them if you can

Melbourne High School Chorale

Gorgeous boys singing their hearts out.

here's Your Song by MHS Chorale(:


And i can see hot Talon conducting!


11:41 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Screwed it all
15% of my BUSINESS ACCOUNTING grade is going down the drain!
it was Easy, very easy..to Fail!


10:48 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, January 24, 2008
Baby come back
i lost my FAVOURITE black ERASER!

if i ever found out the person who kidnapped my dear eraser,
i'm going to whack you with THREE umbrellas!



2:15 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, January 23, 2008
i dont care
i know it's for my own good, mother.
but i am not dumb.
and i wont be as STUPID to look STUPID to show off my butt
i dont show off butt cracks at school..
i just dont.
but mother, you can actually say, sit properly or something.
NOT-not allowing me to wear my most comfy shorts!


8:37 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
i want to sleep after winning captain's ball match
HOW COOL IS THIS PICTURE? somebody tell me.
and the way farna looks at us makes it look so `perfect.
and ouh, spot me.
if u guess that im that sexy lady.
and i want to eat popeye!
someone go with me!

if you dont mind how i look that is..
*whacks self with umbrella*


12:07 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, January 21, 2008
I hope

Lets all pray for a miracle.

For I hope that he'll open his eyes tonight.
And be fine tmr.
Be happy and feel ok.
And carry on with his life, make his parents proud like he always
And score well in his A levels.
Get enrolled in a prestiogious university.
Get a perfect job for himself.
Settle down with his family.

And then, rest in peace when he is really done with life.

Not now.
Not now.



10:43 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Reached the end of GoldenPath
Today marks the end of the 30 episodes drama.
I think Jinlong should just squeeze the trigger and kill Kaijie in the first place.
BANG! and i'll be happy!

After so much suffering, after losing his sister, his wife.
Jinlong should just put an end to Kaijies's life.
What's more, Kaijie tried to kill his own wife!

And why?! I ask WHY?!! must Jinlong kill himself.

and i wonder if there are hypocrites and corrupted police officers in singapore like Kaijie.

but one thing im happy abt the show-Kaijie MATI!! kena stab! wooohooo!


9:45 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
to you gurlfren, to you
i miss you girl.
i really do.

i wish that we all could be as happy as before.

but i know, u can never ALWAYS be ours.

im glad u're doing fine.
and i'm glad u're happy with your current company of friends.

they're lucky to have u by their side.

for now,
take care.


8:21 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
im might be your young girl
Ooh, I got them going crazy you see
Uh ooh, head over heels for me
Uh ooh, weak in the knees for me boy
Uh ooh, 'cause you are so damn

The song is stuck in my head ya'll!


7:50 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
mad dog

im feeling all super irritated plus agitated.

ive a confession, i really hate it when someone call me a boss.
they make me sound so bossy.
i mean, i dont mind if they call me a boss if i am really a freaking boss.
but not during the fucking grp meeting man!

and the reason to why u call me a boss?
coz i do the fucking talking?
and keeps giving ideas?
and talk talk talk talk non-stop?

and when u dont like the idea, u'll give me a darn black face.
i hate those stupid looks.

but when i made u taste ur OWN medicine,
u'll say i dont contribute..

my goodness, if i hadnt start talking or lift up these gorgeous lips of mine,we wouldnt start la.
and EVERYTIME, like EVERYTIME, u expect me to speak up FIRST.
speak of what is to be done and give u 101 stupid reasons to why we have the meeting.

if i hadnt spoken, we wouldnt start work.
and, u have the boldness to actually call me a boss?!

*growls like a dog*

if i am a beast, i would already kill you on the freaking spot!
but i shall let you go base on the fact that u look good.
or at most, i'll not disfigure ur face!

and now, i just HOPE, really HOPE, that the next time we would meet,
anyone of YOU do the effing talking and generate nice and cool god damn IDEAS!
and not just do empty talking and expect people to answer your oh so helping questions.

ok, if u do have questions, ask ur freaking self 1st..not just blurt it out for the sake of talking?!

thank you.

in contrast to what ive stated, i still love you(s) anyway!
-if not much, a little of love does no harm right?


i just have to let my anger out.
and i dont want friendships to break with what ive mentioned above(:
peace out.


5:55 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, January 14, 2008
TP oeiiiii!
What u're reading now are..
Updates on Tp Open House.
3 days of i-guiding.

First Day of Open House(OH) 2008
Had to wake up super early in the morning.
Reported at SAAR and as usual, me and rau was late.
We never did cared abt the time anyways.
I was posted to be a bus guide.
Was super fun.
Went to Coral Sec with my partner-Chun.
i forgot to take a picture with him.
But i swear, he's a nice guy!

Below are some pictures taken during Day 1.

While i was waiting for Chun, this weird machine caught my eyes..

Hey! Wait a minute!
Why is the one that caught raudah's attention alive?!
Mine is so DEAD!

Oh well, i shall stop whining and be happy in the middle of the road!

and here's a nostalgic picture of us, at INT block..

here's us again.

and again(:

Second Day of OH 2008
Second day of OH is even FUN-ner.
Eventhough it was very hot that day,
it was worth to be stored in my heart as sweet memories.
I was jobless that day and decided to join the welcoming party at IT school.
was super fun-coz i got the chance to cheer and meet many new people!

that's me sitting on top of the mini mountain of bags.

that's us! wooohooo.

and while i was busily and happily welcoming the secondary students at IT school,
Business school was also busy with their very own Business' Top Model Show.
and dont you think the guy with long hair is just oh-so-GORGEOUS?

but it was cool enough for him to dressed up as a lady.
or wait, is he just dressing up?!
well, i wonder.

and like always, TP's MASS DANCE!
and ouh, i love the chicken dance too!
and the TEAM temasek song too!
Third and last day of OH 2008
The last day of OH, i remebered i had to wake up extra early on that day.
Coz i had to helped out at BOL seminar.
It was ok and after helping out at the seminar for both parents and school levers, many of us joined the i-guides at the main bridge.
To yes, WELCOME the people!
and it's our forte eh rau?!
to cheer our hearts out!
Eventhough it was raining, it did not stopped any of us to compete with the noise produced by the rain.

We really had fun.

TCC-almost full(:

The above picture, it's mark and his bleeding heart.

Huan Wei- Sleeping soundly in the middle of seminar.

and that's us at the main bridge(:

And jam and hop was-erm, a bit not so happening.

but the performances put up by the TP students were all fantabulous! (a combi of fantastic and fabulous??)

and like ive said, i did have fun with my friends around!
saw a couple of my eye candies!
saw them dancing their souls out.


OH 2008 Aftermath
I dont know what else to say but OH had been a blast and i would like to do i-guiding again(: I'm having post OH feelings and im happy that me and my friends got to make OH 2008 a success! cheers to us.

and i love i-guiding!!!

and i am loving it!

OHHH beautiful CRAPS.


10:25 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, January 13, 2008
Take his fever away
Aqil came just now to visit us all.
but there's only me at home.
pity that cute lil boy.
and love him a lot.
and he's sick.
having fever.
do pray that he'll have a speedy recovery.
thank you.


4:45 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, January 08, 2008
chilling @ sports complex
im pissed.
something's wrong with my internet.
and it took me 25mins to log in into blogger!
i think it must be the internet connection.
and due to the HEAVY rain.
so, it's not as easy to access. i think.

and i think khai should really get the award of; intruder of TP of the year.
well, he admitted that he is.
just as i was about to go home,
received his msg saying that he intruded tp again.
and he was here again, looking very pretty.
as usual..
and there u have him..

dancing like a malay dancer and omg,
those hands grabbing his arm..
i wonder whose..

and he was here to watch of course, rugby matches.
and we had an ite sweating their hearts out, playing against SP.
which eventually, SP won the match.
and the second match,
which the picture u just saw, was TP against RP.
and sad to say, TP lost.
but, it was a fair game for each matches.

and i just had to call these two people ; anis and shima, to join me and khai and company.
had fun with them and even though i cant really watch the match,
i enjoyed their company(:
thanks ladies

khai brought along his buddies..

we have ain and firman.
and guess what?! firman happens to be the cousin of one of my eye candy. *glances at zul*
(and zul parker will go something like-gula2 mata lagi!)

and yeah, you've guessed it right.
those hands belong to friman. (refering to 1st pic)

so, basically, had fun today,
shook of the stress outta me a lil.
laughed and laughed.
and, will be looking forward to watch other matches with more and fun people.

and anw, below are pictures taken on sunday(:

aqil at mr. teh tarik.
went there with ibu, along, bro in law and aqil!

after that, along spent time at our place to do puzzles!
and it took us quite some time to solve it as it's huge.
it's a puzzle of tintin on an elephant and solving the elephant is diff!
as the puzzle is of the same colour!

and here's aqil, playing his new tank that dad bought for him..
on the completed puzzle.

the completed puzzle is huge(:

and that's `me xD

and we definitely had fun!


11:59 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, January 07, 2008
It feels like not so good
i'm in a missing people mode.

to my crazy and noisy and all the cool words here ____ COUSIN, Amalina.
if u're here, im telling you that i miss you a lot!
i miss those days u stay with me!
eventhough it's short,
my family had a GREAT time accomodating you!
i miss the noise pollution u've generated!
and, eventhough there's nicer pics of us,
this pic just best describe how we are when we get together.
happy and gay it is!
we get all crazy and whacky and will rock the hell outta each other!
ive not seen u for weeks la!
and have quality boyfriends' time!
i miss you BASIRAH ra ra ra ra!

and of course, i miss those DAYS at the students' lounge.
where i have no worries gazing at his cute face.
and watch his every moves from a safe place..

oh wells..
and lets just say it's history now.
sweet memories of 2007


10:52 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥