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Monday, December 31, 2007
New One in already
ive changed my blogskin ya'll

i know it looks a bit..not too nice.
but i like the way it is.
and i know, you cant seem to see the yellow coloured words in the previousentries right?
well, pardon me.
u gotta do whatever it takes to read alright?
squint, highlight, rub till a genie comes out..
whatever that makes u happy aights?

and yes, tmr, after school, im gonna meet the EASTIANS for a mini bbq session.
and after that? perhaps to meet my bro and sis-in-law for a little celebration to usher in the new year..

shall update soon.
toodles for now(:


2:04 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, December 29, 2007
Mission not accomplished
Guess my many objectives for staying at home ytd wasnt fulfilled!
i've planned to do these few things:-
  1. clean up shelves
  2. tidy up vacant bed
  3. finish up micro's article
  4. check out what is to be done for sas
  5. scrub havaianas
  6. wash shoes
  7. watch gng's last episode
  8. create a new blogskin for myself

i only accomplished a few. tsk2.

bad MALIA.

bad bad bad MALIA. *whacks self with umbrella*

and as usual, im procrasinating!


12:33 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, December 28, 2007
skin out

and i think i should change my blog skin pretty soooooon!


4:45 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Expedition to wonderland
i miss overseas expedition!
i can still remember the expedition i went during sec 3.
to Paka, Terengganu.
i can still remember how hard we were trained to attend the expedition.
those were just the beautiful days! (well, not so.)
i miss the company, miss the scenery.
miss the instructors and teachers.
and miss my expedition mates!
and not forgetting, i miss the scary2 night walk too.
we had to walk pass a chinese cemetery mind you!
anyone wants to go on an adventure?
count me in!

and watched i am legend with nozhat ytd.
had a fun time together.
miss that gendeng laaas!
well, about the movie.
somewhat alike to the cartoon series on disney channel; martin mystery.
zombie, blood sucking vampires which they call the hives.
but it's just that..it's real and not cartoon.
the plot of movie is all cool.
starting and climax is superb..
but not until the last part.
it kinds of disappoint me.
ok, and zhat too..
or, correction..MOST OF US!
but overall..
it's SHIOK!
shocking scenes.
just bring along ur hoody if u wanna watch.
it comes in handy for nozhat!



4:07 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, December 27, 2007
im begging you, im begging you, im begging you..to be my ESCAPE.


9:53 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Say Thank You
i wanna take this opportunity to thank bro and sis-in-law
for the new pair of running shoes that i really2 need for school(:

and ''no shoes'' shall not be the reason why i dont jog anymore.

and not forgetting the xmas eve treat..
pizza hut!!! and the tasty ben and jerry's ice cream!!!



5:21 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Atas Nama Cinta
just now, i logged in to friendster.
and i decided to revisit the past.
ok, my past...
and i came across this entry on my friendster's blog..

Apa itu cinta?
Pertama sekali, cinta itu adalah perkara yang tersangatlah
Cinta boleh terbahagikan kepada banyak perkara.
Cinta pada Tuhan.
Pada ibubapa.
Pada sahabat.
Pada dunia.
Pada akhirat
Dan pada insan bakal manjadi raja/maharani di hati.
Cinta itu datang dan pergi.
Jadi tak usahlah kita bermuram apabila kehilangan
seseorang yang amat dicintai.
Tetapi cinta juga boleh menegarkan hati
[eg. Kids?? They dont have confidence so, parents will shower them
with love, n the love showered are their only hopes for them to go on.][mind u,
ure no longer a kid]
Ok back.
Now. We talk about love between man and
woman eh.
we go deeper.
Cinta juga tidak boleh dipaksa. [It comes naturally
Dan apabila seseorang yang amat kita cintai hadir, langit yang gelap
akan bertukar menjadi biru.
Apabila seseorang itu dilamun cinta, bibirnya
tidak akan putus memuja orang yang dicintai.
Di sekolah, haha! Murid2 pula
akan menulis cinta atau meluahkan perasaannya di meja orang yang dicintai.[telah
terjadi tau]
Namun apabila dua orang baru berkenalan, ragu dan malu akan
menghantui diri masing2. [hurhur. Betul per!? Try arh. Jumpa some1 that u dnoe n
bebual lah krg panjang lebar.sesiapa yang tak tahu malu tu.sebaranglah eh.=)]
Selepas berkenalan dan menjadi rapat, cinta akan mula berputik dan mula
dibaja hari demi hari.
Dalam proses sedang bercinta, sesorang daripada
pasangan umpama awan yang sering memberi teduhan di terbit mentari kepada yang
lagi satu.
Disitu lah tahap lahirnya lagu rindu.[haha...kak siti!!!lagu
Ucapan2 seperti ‘i love you’ kerap digunakan.[simple yet
Dan sekiranya seseorang daripada pasangan berjauhan, cinta mula
Tetapi, jika tersalah pilih pasangan hidup, habis lah jawabnya.
Cinta tidak membutakan tetapi kita yang buta!!!
Khusyuk kamu baca yah?
Kk, kita sambung...
Perkahwinan adalah produk
cinta yang sejati dan kekal.
[siapa protest?]
Kita merancang semua ini tetapi
hanya yang Esa menentukannya.
So, tidak elok kita bimbang dan hampa jika
cinta tidak kesampaian.
[kita tidak boleh menentang takdir]
Namun, setiap
di dunia ini mesti pernah merasakan cinta.[i bet and believe so.evry1 must
have been loved at least once.]

and i think it's something i wrote when i was in sec 4?! haha.
cinta sey..
and my cousin actually ask in her comment..who is my maharaja.
and i swear my brother will be more than happy to answer that for me!
and he'll tell u my scandal too!
and she also said that my malay is power!
omg, i really wish that my malay will be as powerful la!
i seriously need to buck up my malay!
it's so damn karat now!!!
buat malu jer sey..
nama sahaja melayu itu bahasa ibunda..
tetapi bertutur pun teragak2.
and no, i dont need malay teachers to guide me anymore.
hendak tahu mengapa?!
i takut sejarah berulang lagi..
and ive highlighted the phrases which sounds pretty interesting to me in the so called "sajak" i wrote.
go check out again(:
if u want to..
*slaps self*


12:58 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, December 23, 2007
I just cant explain
just got back from afgahn.
when to follow sis to saloon.
ate at rasa 21.
bought ibu banana fritters..
returned home.
im so bored and i want to sing..
*sing out loud*
-end of song-
these are the pictures im supposed to upload the other day..
Seduction of tha man by raudah ya'll xD

retards laaa.

peace out and scream!!!

raudah said the colour of the tiles look like her pee.

and as promised..muhd hamzah and nurun najaah(:
come back safely guys!
and dont forget to send me an arab from dubai.
yes, to be wrapped nicely with coloured ribbons!


5:08 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, December 22, 2007
Girls And Stars
i think i can go crazy reading blogs of starstruck people!
i mean, whassup with people(girls esp) being captivated by hot, hot, hot, and yes, nothing but HOT and erm, going to be famous stars(i think) and wanting them to be ur erm, soulmate laaa.

it's just so funny!

let me tell u what i just did, to kill sheer boredom.
i went to google on a few very2 young newcomers of the media industry.
just out of curiosity..
i wonder how life of singapore stars, ok, celebs are like.
googled on both syariff and aliff?!
noriff danial ashriq?
aliff aziz?
and many many more.

and so, i was very very very surprised at how things can get a lil out of hand.
girls went more than just gogogaga over them ok?!
from writing to poems of how much THE GIRLS like him/them..
to showing off pictures taken with him?
to declaring that she wants him to be her ultimate guyfriend?
and fantasizing him by expressing love on her blog?
girls, u just slapped my funny bone hard!
and keep praying that ur idol will come across ur blog and ask u out ok?
and chances are-i let u to fill in the blanks(:

and it's sad(well, not so) to say..
they are really addicted to their fav celeb!
i can 100% safely say that it's worse than getting addicted to cocaine!

and my one advice to these cute cute cute(not) little girls..is..
there's life ahead of youuuuuu. (well, i believe so, if u dont have one, GO GET A LIFE cuties)



11:56 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, December 21, 2007
Last night
updates of what happened along this week..
more pictures are supposed to be uploaded.
but im lazy to upload one by one.
so, i shall just blog only these few first.
more to come soon(:

Chocolate cake with tobelrone. yum2.

The above are pictures of us sending busu off.
and mak cik treating us to popeye..
i cant get najaah and hamzah's pic to be uploaded.
server down i guess.
but will sure post their pics..

prss' pond. so fugly. with algae growing all over the place.
and i swear..the new school building is only opened for less than 2 months!
and we have algae already?

i cant believe these cute fishes can actually survive in that algae-ish
kind of environment. haha! God bless the fishes!

me and rau, fooling around on the floating platform(BEDEK)
of the pond.


and the pictures below,
are just some pictures i took during hari raya haji.
did not take a family picture.
everyone was everywhere..

and..be afraid of malia..be very afraid..

alah ibu, kahwinkan kita!
ok, no link..

adik and me(:

mr deejay is phunking with my heart!
i cant hear a sound!
turn the music up will you?! i wanna joget zapin!
(macam faham)

and this is something ive promised you guys.
the perfect match.
the angah angaus.
hahaha :D
May God bless their marriage and may they lead a happy life together.
and yes, i cant wait to hear their very own bundle of joy's late NIGHTS cries for MILK soon xD


8:12 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Selamat Hari Raya
Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all Muslims.
Like saliha, i can hear the kambings aka sheeps sobbing too.


6:45 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
The Darkside


6:31 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Stanford, not Raffles
just got back from packing day.
and stanford's the cutest thing ive ever seen today.
he's just so cute laaas!
and why must he leave school so soon?!
why must God make him be in yr 3?!
no more eye candy!


5:45 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, December 17, 2007
Singing Champions
SINGAPORE, Tampines: A normal, ordinary, sleepy, teenage girl got
dumbstruck upon hearing the results of the first ever Asian Idol competition
held on Sunday.

When it was announced that Singapore's Hady Mirza was titled the first
Asian Idol, she woke up from her sleepy state, appalled. When a reporter asked
how she felt, without the slightest hesitation, she said she was negatively


What the hell sey malia..
oh wells, Congratulations to our, ok, your very own Hady Mirza people!
Count me out please.
Honestly, I think, he shouldnt be crowned as the Asian Idol.
But what the heck, Singapore's a rich country anyways..
We have the rich and not so famous to splurge every 60 cents they have on him(:
Again, count me out.
Im not rich, but famous.
Well, I'd rather give my votes to both Mike and Jac xD
oppps =/ i apologies with what ive just said.
But everyone has their own way of thinking right?

And i still think that Hady did not really give his best shot.
He can do far better than what he did the other day!
And excuse me, none, like really, NONE of the judges actually claim that Singapore would bag the title home.
So, tell me again, why i should not be surprised?!
And why wasnt taufik sent to represent us?

What's done is totally done yeah?
The six of them are all winners anyway.
They each got to represent their own country.
And i bet they are all proud with what they've done.
so, yeah, thumbs up for all 6 of them!

and ouh, went out with mother, mak cik and younger sis ytd.
sent busu and family off.
they'll be gg overseas to chill(:

and mak cik treated us to popeyes'
will upload the pics yeah?
and thank you mak cik(:


12:41 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, December 16, 2007
So cute laas

or ridhuan?


1:55 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Happy and Gay
yesterday-had a blast!
in the morning, and i really mean it-the MORNING word.
had east district meeting!
it started a bit more than the time set.
but it's ok, worth waiting for.
and as raudah had mentioned-both of us OVERSLEPT!
thanks to fang xiang whose call woke me up.
if not, the eastian wont get to see my oh so lovely face!

so cabbed there..yes, from tampines, and the pak cik is super baik uhhhs!
he kind of ignored the fact that it was peak hour and offered we pay only 10 bucks?!
wah, pak cik, i pray for u get a lot of money kays?
may God bless u uh pak cik!
so kind(:

and, i did not camwhored with the eastians but SCLT farhan has the pics.
in the process of editing i guess.
so, if i get the photos taken, will sure blog okays?

after the photo taking session, we changed to PT and had FUN!
hell yeah, we were broken down into 5 groups and played a lot of fun things uh!
and so, my grp name is-the..SOMETHING!
*points somewhere at anything*
and my grp comprise of the noisiest and crappy plus wacky people ever!
there's raudah ngok ngek, ah wei gila, zaz tak possible, ok, fine, zaz possible, khai step macho, elfie the pinky, tiang wei and oh no-i forgot this last guy's name! my bad-and SORRY dude, whoever u are..
and not forgetting-we're damn CREATIVE too!

we won 1st, received PASSION chocolate.
and the 2nd also recieved PASSION.
but the last grp received-TOBLERONE choc?!!
ok, i cant help but to laugh!!!
ok, SHUDDUP uh mal!

after the whole bonding thingy magic, we went home.
hug here and there.
say bye..
me, khai, zul and elfie proceed home-took 72.
at first, we talked a lot la, laugh here and there.
from suicides to camps and kayaking,
and then..
we were so tired, that we just..
planned to eat, but we were just too tired.
and we reached home with an empty stomach, but it's fine..
coz we get to save MONEY!

ok, that was morning, and in the evening,
went out to new hawa at geylang for dinner.
with whole fam(:
abang's and kak aza's treat.
yum yum(:
ate a lot of nice stuffs.
and here are the pics(:

abang and kak aza, placing orders(:

adik, muka minta smacking! haha. opps :/

abang and ME!

mother, aqil and father.

the spread of food..


abang long and along(:

the belles.

and, we're full.
that makes us, HAPPY and GAY!

and to amira, i'll update soon on my bro's wedding which is dah lama happen.
aku tahu.
but blame it all on my cousin uhs!
he still have not pass me the pictures.
u wanna see, come my place uh.
got huge album(:

and to khairulnafiz-i know ur secret!
rahsiamu, di poket seluarku!


12:39 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, December 14, 2007
What will happen?
what if tmr never comes?!


11:51 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Holy Crap
ok, i have like 8 more hours to paper!
i cant sleep and thank god i finally get to get some infos into my mind!
and now, im sneezing like noone's business!
due to, yes, uve guessed it well-LACK OF SLEEP!
ive learned this-
Qn 1: Insert a Row of LOVE to the Table Malia.
INSERT to Malia
Qn 2: Delete Hatred which is more than 0.01% from Malia
Delete From Malia
Where Hatred >0.01%;

i shall not crap!
ok, it's 2.00am now.
i took such a long time to blog..
i wanna SLEEEEEEP!
nights xD


1:30 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, December 13, 2007
Save Me
Database: collection of related data


7:55 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
ok, before i set my hands on those horrifying DBIS notes and attain the answer to what is database..haha! (ok, im not tt dumb ok?! hahas)
let me share with u pictures that i took along this week and the previous'.
here we go!

Serving the Nation..
Aqil dalam masa yang cepat, Salute! hahas(:

hahas(: dont ask. was just goofy-ing ard with my hairband.
told u im going nuts! haha(:
ouhs, when u cant get those horrible words into ur brain..DOODLE!

more doodlings..of yes, my own name.
self obsession uhs..what to do?!!

leong jia hui..trying to tell the whole wide world my telephone number(:

lets zoom in!
call me anytime! rain or shine!
raudah's highlighters..
like rainbow sia.
us..during POP. i accidentally deleted the pic i took with din! hahas! opps.
so, i only have US!
he wants his dad to buy him the thing he's looking at..
haha! someone tell me what is that thing again?!

went out with bro,
sis and younger sis and
my all time favourite sweetheart, AQIL to PLAY at downtown! (:

wacky aqil and my reflection? and abg's..and the blocks of flat opposite mine..

raudah.. happily mugging..

faiz..singing his heart out like some mad guy..
ok, he is mad.
hahas! HERMI..who never smile.
but he just had to do it for ME!
haha! ok, my camera..hahas!
emo-ing amalina.

super super cute aqil! trying out his uniform..
he'll be in nursery next yr!!

all the four pictures-my classmates and me.
goffy-ing ard in class(:

organic ice cream-to live well, eat well.
EAST-ians and ergh..hello there jayson!
u're from sea arent you?
ok, till then..

McFly is love!!! hahas(: ok, twist on the spot! go go go(:


12:46 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥