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Told you i'm in love but i wanna tell you this again, i'm in love. And i love ME. I also love to randomly jumble up words and put them all together. And you'll get things like ticktockclock, kingofphiranhasbirdflocks, saccharinslumber, popcorndog, lollinggirrafe, pepperedparrot and more. Finally, i also do my part in saving the earth because i save water for i shower with my boyfriend. HEE :D

And for those who are here with means to make my blog as a huge deal of mockery, please kindly leave :)

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Everybody needs affection
Looking for a deep connection
So put a little bit of love in my life today

Everybody needs some shelter
Spend a little time together
Come into my arms
Let them tell you what I want to say

Color my world
Draw on my heart
Take a picture of what you think love looks like
in your imagination

Write on my soul
Everything you know
Use every word you've ever heard
To color my world

I've had enough of not believing
Living life without a meaning
I want something real and I feel it when I'm next to you

Let's build a house of love and devotion
A window to my heart's emotion
'Til the very end
It's the place I'm gonna keep you in,
baby please just..

Color my world


5:45 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, July 30, 2007

I cant tell you what is the meaning of life when i dont get to be ur fren anymore.
one thing that i know for sure, i'll be lost without you.
To tell you the truth, you are one of the reasons i fight the satan in me..
yes, the satan which will try everyway to stop me from gg to sch.

even though you cant really see my feelings for you.
im very sure that it's sincere.
sometimes, i wish i cud be urs.
but again, hu am i?
we're worlds apart!

so i prefer sticking to admire u as a fren.


im sure you're not blind.
im sure you wudnt wanna be own by those of my kind.
or shud i say, me?

it's just great to know that you are around everyday.
i wanna be ur good friend.
if not, better!

i just want you to know that..
i love you(:
as a friend..
if not, better.

it's lovely to be your friend.


7:29 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, July 29, 2007

my life is animated.
dont ask y i say that.
it's up to u to imagine the GOOD and the BAD(:
and it's very nutsy plus hectic.
full of exclamation marks!
and there's no fullstops.
my fever keep recurring.
and it's easy to fall ill given the sudden change of weather.

slept at four ytd.
so, u can imagine the kind of mood i am in now.
im sleepy and if u provoke me.
i'll get all cranky.
and i'll unclothe..opps, ok, reveal the MONSTER in me.
muahahahaha! (:

met up with the nehnehs last friday.
had fun.
farah had time to date even though we have..
overloaded brain squeezing tasks to finish..
ok, maybe not date..catch a movie with her FRIEND that is.

and not forgetting rondaa.
she looks better than before(:
she has the word JH scripted all over her now.
love u girls!

AND im almost done with CTOS.
javascript project is a torment!
im glad we have TECK WEE who did most of it.
but he's just good in it.
oh well, despite getting help from his fren, he did insert the words for the search engine.
and of course, he did more than just that.
kudos to him, we just had to crack our brain for the CSS part.
we owe you one.

after CTOS,
im gonna get ECONS back on track.
and im left with WDS and CommSkills for the rest of the year.
i hope..

i cant wait for the holidays!
and i want good grades.
dont you?!


2:36 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, July 25, 2007

my brain and i learned that my accounts lecturer loves to draw arrows.
everywhere, anywhere and at anytime.
BEWARE children.
keep away!


5:33 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

did i ever tell you that i ever wished and is still wishing to be one of the cast in a musical play?

hairspray is effing cool.
opps, super 60's i mean(:

that, the above, is the trailer.
i want to watch the movie!

cant wait to watch it here in spore.


1:24 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, July 24, 2007

i cant believe i look like a retard at that moment which came retarded-ly rolling right in front of my eyes!

ok, that sounds super retard.

anw, yeah, i think i shud just stop skinning for a while.
what do you think? shud i?
after all, how does it benefit u?
right??? *prays someone is agreeing to me*

i realize that it's a lil bit too much.
my entries are like..you fill in the blanks.
i shant make my life revolve ard just skinnings and projects.

haha. look on the bright side..malia.
be happy.
there's more to blog abt these days.

haha.. right..........

and i think it's time i really focus on achieving.
my retarded goals.
so, pardon me if i dont update this retard blog of mine.

hey. what's up with the retards?
*spins ard*


and i miss my girls!
omg, i realized how much NCC was lagging behind in my life!
it's like none of my bloody priority anymore.
what the hell is happening to me.
i think i shud start going for trainfires, range and camps!

ok, maybe not camps.
but hey! i just cant seem to find that ONE free day to spread some love!

*imagines im a rock star*

hahahaha(: i love it when malia dont make sense. right raudah? (:
ouh, and rau's probably out there somewhere.
hanky-panky-ing with u-noe-hu.
opps. kidding ler.


i love you lovers!
and i miss him!
do you?!

and today is cold.


7:27 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

a very sad skin.
preview here


12:22 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm way too cool for you boy
That's why it'll never work
I'll have you suicidal, suicidal
When I say its over
Damn all these beautiful girls
We're only gonna do you dirt
We'll have you suicidal, suicidal
When I say its over

You've been calling me, leaving messages all week
Cause your curiosity got your knees weak
I'm not lookin for a man so I don't want no confusion
I took you to the floor, got you begging me for more
But that was my cue to go so I hit the door
I left you hot with your mind just wondering why

I ain't easy to find I'm one of a kind
Oh when I got you wind
I knew that you were only mine
Tonight is yours tomorrow is for another guy..

haha. i dont sound like a bitch do i?

ass la.
i dont like you.
but i miss you?

ps: and i have a new eraser(:


11:27 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thank you you you anisah for this(:

1.)Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves.
2.)People who get tagged needs to write in their blog of their own weird things as well and state the rules clearly.
3.) In the end, you'll select 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

i doubt i have 6 weird things about me that any of you should know.

erm..i'll try squeeze out erm..
6 ok?

`i spin around when im bored.

`i'll stone when im tired.

`i'll shut up when im happy.

`i'll be noisy when im sad.

`i love to eat upside down.

`and i'll sign in as appear offline in msn.

haha. i find nothing weird abt any of them.

may be perhaps you, my friends and lovers out there can tell me all those WEIRD stuffs YOU know abt me.

do leave ur weird taggings at my tagboard.

so others can be aware of my weird-ness.


anyway, the six..




1:26 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, July 21, 2007

im doing it again!
bad MALIA!



8:57 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

it's official!
im sick.
and the song all because of you keeps repeating in my blank head.
my head is never blank nowadays.
full of this and that to do.
it will forever think of what's next.
and what must i do.
and my tummy is in pain!
oi, dont watch zombi kampung pisang.
the story has no sense.
1/5 stars.
1 star for having Tengku Iskhan Shah Tengku Haidar or Que haidar for short in it.


5:45 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, July 20, 2007

did i tell you i visited malacca too?

the bed was SHIOK!


11:05 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

sit back, relax and enjoy the pictures.
take note: pictures are not in any order.
it's randomly uploaded.

oh. i cant believe i swam in the kiddies pool!

splash, splash(:


8:52 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

hey lovers.
it's been a while since i last blog yeah?
like really blog.
anw, today was yet another ordinary day.
as usual, school was ok.
it's only that i saw mr bat!
he's cute(:

so yeah, started my day with comskills.
it was cher debbie's last day.
and here is my group with her.
yeah, the blacks.

and yeah, discussed a bit here and there for another project.
i cant believe i have the word projects written all over my life.
it's dumb. i swear.
and let me see.
i have ctos-java(we have to do this dumb search engine like some online dictionary)
webdesign-final submission(it means more webpages and work)
MaCecon's articles' analysis(im doing on unemployment + inflation)
plus MaCecon's country analysis!
hate my life?
me too.
i lost my eraser.
need a new one.
there's an upcoming test this monday.
and it sucks!
accountings is forever a pain in the neck.
im prone to all kind of misfortunes nowadays.
im a magnet to accidents.
i accidentally knocked my head on a table
and hurt my eye.
im getting stupid migraines.
dizzy spells.
and those bloody migraines keep recurring.
like noone's business.
and it's like affecting one side of my head.
the right!!
and hell yes, im feeling all feverish now.
sneeze, sneeze!
diploma, come!
oh, and i shall update more about my trip to bangi, KL soon ok(:


8:27 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

i fear that long ago for they are now coming to get me.


12:18 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, July 18, 2007

i wish i could slow things down.
i wish i could slow time down.
i wish i could slow you down.
i wish i could slow these tears down.

i wish but wishes never come true.


1:57 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, July 16, 2007

one voice, one simple word,
only the heart knows what to say.
one dream can change the world.
i shall keep believing till i will find a way.

but i guess to keep dreaming was rather wrong.
because peace is but a word that has no meaning at all.

fight for world peace.


7:14 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, July 13, 2007

ok, im going off to malaysia during the weekend(:
pray for my safety all right?

lotsa love♥,


7:12 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, July 12, 2007

I've got a secret.
A funny little secret.
Oh, boy i hope you wont tell him (:
He's fine like wine and sweeter than sweets.
Like honey, honey, noone can beat!
And he'll keep any girl he is willing to keep..

When you do that thing you do you got me half my feet.
When you say that thing you say, i'll be edge of my seat.
And when you shake my hand then you're say how do you do..
I said i'm fine but in my mind i'm screaming all of you.

Oh wont you know coz i wont show it, i'm far too shy.
It dont seem but im am not that kind of girl..

you're damaging my soul.
i'm losing self-control.
can someone get a hold of me..



9:30 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

more to come i guess (:


12:03 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ok, today is/was BAD!
im rushing my life like a mad woman!
i just wish i am a genius!
i just wish i dont have to spend most of my life thinking!
i want to just get that bloody diploma.


11:50 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, July 09, 2007

ok, i must admit..
i'm making a new one.
this is part of the making.
here's the main image(:

i FEEL good. teh-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne(:


8:09 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, July 08, 2007

amaciam? can i join the blogskin-ning club?
CAN i?


8:12 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, July 07, 2007

watching japan's, tokyo live earth concert on msn.
and hell yes it's rocking!
rihanna's performance is awesome!
*claps, claps*

and i didnt know spore's telecasting tokyo's.
only now?


press on the above link if you want to watch it live.
concert for 24hrs.

haha. sick!

anw, yeah.
save the earth.
love it!
hug a tree!
go green.

combate our climate crisis.
answer the call!


and rihanna sang that song.
such cliché(:

stay tune for her!


hey you!
save the earth!
LOVE urself and the people around you.

happy earth day all!


7:30 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, July 06, 2007

i love the earth!
ok, the sciences students would like to wish all a happy advance earth day!

by the way, this pic was taken just now, at the bustop(:

aqil the contractor(:

teck wee the serial rapist(: hahaha!

james, the pimp! (:

taufiq the senget.

saliha the wonder woman.

malia the maniac.

malia in emotive potraits(haha! opps, i sound a bit like deviant art, haha! cheers!)

BACC lecture.

a result of being lame.

as demonstrated by SX.


8:38 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥