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Thursday, August 31, 2006

wat's up with AQMAR???

damn her fcuking ass.
feel like shooting her skull and turn her brain into a bloody pudding.

fancy accusing me for smting i dint do.



10:16 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

teacher's day celebration?
kinda fun.
but not as fun.

LUTFI rocks.
act as bapok.
sajak fie.

ouh well.
feeling bad now.
dnoe y.

and i still hate aqmar.


but i LOVE the rest of you.

4:11 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, August 29, 2006



TAK MAHU!!!!!!!!

-sometimes life can be a lil painful

-but worth enduring though.

5:10 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, August 28, 2006

had science prac.

ate at LJS with hurrrr,faz and solyh.

and she did it again.
~change man~
that's all i can say.

but i had fun though.
laugh3. all the way.
she spoilt my mood.

okayyy.i'll stop commenting abt her.
it's WRONGGGGGGG anyway.
coz in my own freaking blog[-not so] cannot write watever i ever plan wuuud.

she write abt me in her blog can.den i cannot.


and what's with people askin me to shut up?
look in the mirror and dont act like a big shot?
as if i am.
go judge urself ferst okayy??
but i love youu anyway.huever you are.

daaaaaaaaaaaaa lovers.

and yupp.thx rau and iffah for the present.

i love acting-and i wanna expand my interest on it.-as if.

[some people kalau dah marah.dunia tak pernah nak ingat.ah, baik uh.dier org jerh betul.perkara benar tak nak selidik dulu.mulut bicara, badan binasa.lantak lah korang ramai2 tadi dapat dosa.dipersilakan.]


6:01 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, August 27, 2006

im super greatful uh.
16 years ago...
my body was given a soul and i was brought into this world.
9 months in my mum's womb.
such burden and pain.
how greatful am i to IBU-MOTHER?
no words could explain.
ive seen how cruel the world can be.
how love, tolerance and understanding can come in handy.
ive learn that not all people are fair and not all people are true.
i fall at times in life and learn that there's glory in failures.
ive learn how to differentiate false from truth and and in life there is despair in success.
and most of all..ive learnt how to love youuuu.
That's life- 16 years of living.

anyway im greatful to those who'd remember my bdae too!!!
by sending me short burfday greetings??
thx guys.

okayy...here are the people and these are the messages they'd sent me.

so fun.

amira-Happy 16th adv birthday!!m mate menonend redi so cnt w8..Tc owaes!

aqmar-happy bday my darl![12.01am]

raudah-"Happy bdae 2 u..happy bdae 2 u..happy bdae 2 malia..happy bdae 2u.."=) happy SIXTEENTH bday..now dat ur a yr older..i hope u'll start 2think maturely..look at things differently..take care..may god bless u..(o",o)
enjoy ur day ahead..[12.25am]

kak aza-Happy sweet 16, my dear sis! All e best in e next yr ahead, hope ur life will be filled w so much happiness and love! Mwahs! [12.39am]

Abg zai-Hapi 16th bday moliot.[01.02am]

nazurah-Elo kak malia!!Its 27 august..And its your birthdae! Happy Sweet 16th birthday to u!!
May euu be blessed wit lotsa love and care..hope u have fun in this joyful dae..[11.52am]

hafiz_salleh-hey... Happy sweet sixteen! enjoy..[12.21pm]

izza-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! BE A GOOD GIRLIE!!!:)[1.16pm]

nikmat-hapi 16 bdae![1.23pm]

iffah-woits senduk.. aku tau da lmbt sikit..But heck..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! may you be blessed with good health and happiness. good luck and all the best for you prelim an O. and thanks for everything youve done for me for the past three years =) enjoy your day my friend. <3[3.48pm]

farah_alsagoff-Happy Birthday! hahahaha. Bsk practical. Hahahaha. Enjoy skg beb. *grins*[5.00pm]

Weijian-Happy birthday malia![07.37pm]

thanks people. i love you guys.

the reason y i post all these messages in my blog is not to boast. it's just that..my inbox is full and i wudnt wanna forget all these mssgs-whch means i have to delete a few.

so i post this online..and whenever i am sad..i can always refer to these messages.

to me..all these messages and well wishes all got sentimental value okayy.

don't play2.

so yeapps. i love life because of you guys!!!

and a few others. even those who hates me..ive learnt a lot.

thanks guys.


4:02 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

btw.it's aug 27th now.
my blog's time..
wrONg uh.
LAZYYY to change.

anw..aug 27th...
wah...whose birthday is it today???

yalah den hu...


dah grow up. yahooooots.

anw..HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYto these people too.

syuhaidah..qing ping..jen an's sis and alvin's cuzzin..



3 entries in one day. awesome.

1:30 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

aku blog salah.
tak blog pun salah.
maut uh aku mcm nie.
maut pun bagus perh.
the world will have lesser bloodsuckers.
asal mesti ader org yang baca blog aku and mulut tak tahu diam.
tangan tu sebok2. mesti nak tag yang bukan2.
tak tahu apa2 diam!

1:18 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

Iqmalia entered the family. Utterly and absolute stupefied when new drills and stuffs were introduced.

Rules and a golden rule of not looking at guys during training were initiated to her by her seniors..this batch of seniors were known as the bitches with undeniably brilliant wits.

Malia and members were still considered young and infantile, and taught by seniors at leisure. The seniors understood how things can drag on at snail's pace when guiding us, and yes, malia-[yes, me] was aware that her family members were criticized but criticisms were blunt and never upfront. Evenhanded indeed as you can see there my fren.

Gradually she learnt-what, why and when. It seems lengthy though but worth the sweat perspired, the struggles and pain subsist.

Those were the days. The enrolment of 22 cadets, well more or less-astonishingly shrunk. Sadly enough and to her, reasons formulated were make-believe. Goodbye to half of her family-almost.

Life continued anyway. With or without them..she still have other comrades as her family.

Little did she know, there were still members of the family still actively caught in the world of considerations and were living on planets of not so thoughtful thoughts-simply whether to embark on another quest and to proceed in life without the family or reversed.

Of course they did choose the 'finest' option-the easy way out.-oh well, it is gravely up to them.

Then malia and her comrades had new other friends the 2nd year. Such passion and gusto written all over the ultra innocent faces of theirs. We became close in due course.

The previous batch of seniors were soon supersede.-by the very next batch of wild, bizarre, extreme yet zealous and passionate mass of seniors.

Honestly, my comrades and I could not make ends meet when we were under their supervision. They or WE rather simply could not get along with them-or us. But fair enough..they did their duty to the very best of their abilities. It was their responsibility anyway and of course..us kids had learnt and benefited a lot.

Malia could see this team of seniors-well in reality- had propel the kids-[or family I reckon] nowhere else but forward and make them gain such great momentum to bring nothing but laurels to the sanctified unit.

We grew to love them all every Saturdays at first but that one law was enforced. 'Hell' days were then brought forward to Fridays. 'Hell' days were fun though. Keeping fit and playing games, drills and shoutings. Running around the school. Singing out loud songs-that were suppose to of course boost the kids' esteem.

Kids indeed-if truth be told. But the kids in us fighters soon falter. Not all to be frank coz as rising amateur leaders, we learn that fun should be implied when we are teaching anyone. Being a kid is fun-well, not all the time.

It was then year 3. There we have it, another family. New bunch of kids in next to no time will be fighting-yeaps..obviously to bring glory. To our sacred unit.

Oh yes..in year 3 malia and gang-[woooah] were again being lead. By the next batch of higher rankers-durh.

We can get along-[can..y not..=))))] and the respect malia and comrades gave them was how the higher rankers had ever planned-im sure. Malia love them all too but not as much as the previous folks-huhuhuhu-at least im honest!

The finest steel goes through the hottest fire-cehdeybah. This was uhuh, the aphorism for the year..

Malia and comrades mature as days goes by. We had fun mostly under the sun. To me-it was a suffering though but of course- resulted as a blessing in disguise.

In year 3 we learned things fast. Getting malia and friends ready was the seniors' task. Getting us ready to take over the unit lah kan-AIYAH!

We went for courses and got to know others. We were all in the same boat-fighting for the best-of course for our very own unit lah dengs! It was tricky to let the unit go they say but haha-well, it's fate! You gotta let go when it's time lah deh..

Yeah! So it was turn for us. turn for malia and comrades to continue the fight. It was the forth year and honestly we did all right. Although the road was jerky, we experience a safe ride up in front. It was fun to be seniors-spreading and sharing things that are supposed to be shared!

Then we have the new batch of adorable kids. Willing to learn was vastly seen-thru them, durh!

Yea2 malia and friends love their cadets! Lol.

And soon enough it was time for us to go. we have to set forth for our o's. Shit..Malia hates goodbyes!! Now we know why our seniors said so. How hard was it to let the unit go.

Malia and comrades soon found themselves in the shoes. The shoes of their previous batch of seniors you fool-hus shoes were you thinking of? Haha! Letting go was one thing and leaving was the other. Malia could not bear to leave them all. Oh no- malia just hope that memories would not shatter.

It has been days after POP. And malia still miss NCC!!

Fcuk. Seriously..the feeling's damn awful man. To come and think about it again. Four years of dedication towards ncc. The love and passion. Walioa. Kanena. I want to come back as a CLT uh. But commitments to other stuffs. bikin kacau uh. Susah hati gua.

Fcuk. Four years. The fun and laughters. The selenge bacin days and the kena maki se-te-rait to the muka days. Man..i just hope I could be back to those days again. Playing soccer as a unit..in front of canteen-at former prss site. Memories babe.

Aku jadi student leader pun..ncc uh jawabnyer. Hu recommended me??? Mdm Nisa lah!!! Miss her tooooo. Miss my previous CLTs too.

Conflicts tu leh diam uh. I just wana remember yang shiok ajerh. Tak less tak more. Yang mepek leh fcuk off. Yang mepek klakar tuu memang lah patut disemai dlm jiwa -raga pun leh. Y not.


aku hilang botol addidas pun during training. Astagor. Fun glurr babi!! Kena sabo dengan tepung bnyk2 pun ngh training. Dah jadi ncos..bully bdk2. makin lama makin malas. Dulu training every sat lari sekeliling padang.

Biler dah tukar Friday. Bercinta kau kita nak lari. Haha. Apa lagi dok..berat badan pun meninggi uh. Freakyyyyyy. Dulu sec one kena mrh. Maseh kental2. umairah jadi target. Mangsa semua nco lepaskan anger. Tak baik..tak baik. Masya'allah.

Abeh..stayback pun kadang-well all the time uh..sampai lewat mlm. Dah tu..wak leman-[sir sulaiman] nanti citekan ghost stories. Man..such memories.

Ouh yang paling best uh. The times aku ngn ncos-[nie kwn2 aku uh..samer batch]..spend working to advance the unit together. Kekek. Nanti share secrets. Bual2 crap. Pi makan pat LJS lepas training. Main game. Mcm bdk2. gerek uh. Bapak aku own to ljs perh. Ketawa satu2 tak tahu maintain biler dah together.

Tak pasal2. kita gie toilet. Amek gmbr bnyk2. handicap toilet pun tak give chance. Pi barbecue sesame. Fun..fun. den we get along well with the guys too lah. Sampai semua kwn rapat. Glurr pun rapat2-eh tak. Salah. Glur pun sampai ketawa rabak2. fun uh..aku tak tipu. Drg pun banyak tolong kita semua.

Herrrm. Ncc lah yang dah ajar aku banyak brg. Macam2. bukan satu, dua. Malah sepuluh. Lol! Dah..mal mepek. Leadership skills..where I learn from?-NCC.
Guiding skills?-NCC.
Ruggedness, unity and zeal-NCC.
Most importantly, ENDURANCE.-NCC UH!!

Banyak uh memories. Fun and yang tak fun. Kau tanyer jerh. Aku nak type tak larat. Overload. Sakit jari-jemari i.

Whenever I touch or hold something that's related to ncc. I shiver sia. Shiver not because aku glurr uh-[pegang jerh menggigil-kan tebiat]. But shiver coz an ugly thought will develop in my mind.

What if the fond memories of me being part of ncc will just go poofing away just like that.---eeeeyeeeeeerrrrrrr. NO WAY!!

Saat-saat rindu tu arh tak best. Maklumlah, rindu-rindu tu tak elok.. Rindu is dangerous okay frens? Boleh terbawak2 kan..aiyoh..I miss ncc sia.


1:01 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, August 25, 2006

two days of prelims n it was okayy.
english-i have problems with my summary...
gathered only 5 points?
social studies-as usual.

ive been studying nowadays.
drilling my brain n feeding it with god noes wuuud.
polluted but in a good way.
freaking bz.
tamp east cc's mac is whr u guys can often see me..
always i mean..


i think i shud delete the picture that contains her face in my blog.
nak step bdk tu suka ko..
relek sua.
n she thinks she's always right???
aqmar..change man...

I'LL BE BACK SOON LOVERS <3333333333333

11:32 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I have been tagged, by FARNA.

Rules:#1. Do the following WITHOUT complaint.#2. Choose 5 person to do this after you completed yours.#3. Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she have been tagged#4. Start your post with "I have been tagged!" then do this.

-10 Favorites
Favorite Color: I like all colours!!!
Favorite Food: youuuuuuu.himmmmmm.herrrrrrrr.-it's a concoction of food. It is still a food. :)
Favorite Song: kuch to hua hai-hindustani song from the film kal ho naa ho. I loike!
Favorite Movie: so far..all x men series?
Favorite Sport: Kayaking-miss it and HATED it once tho. But It is enuf. The feel of love for it is back. :)
Favorite Season: Singapore-if got all four seasons: KIAMAT man. But I think I like spring-lotsa babies!!!
Favorite Day Of the Week: FRIDAYS!!! Coz the next day will be a Saturday!!!
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: YAM. Scrumptious stuffs.

-9 Current
Current Mood: On cloud nine???-y? i also dnoe.
Current Taste: Blooooooood. Hah. Scary stuffs.
Current Clothes: shorts and t-shirt.
Current Desktop: a picture of aqil with his songkok haji.
Current Toenail Color: toenail colour???? Dumb. I dont colour my toe nails.
Current Time: 7.43pm
Current Surroundings: deejay talk.
Current Annoyance(s): hah.got (s).i loike. I find selfish bitches n bastards, liars, fraudulent freaks and ppl burping right at my face out loud ANNOYING!
Current Thought: if only P.O.A has 5 short qns for o's. :)

-8 Firsts
First Best Friend: Allah. His the last too.
First Performance: kindergarten 2. I had to do cheerleading during national day?
First Movie: land before your time IV
First Piercing: 2 years old.
First Lie: I do not lie.-okayy that is a lie. Lol.
First Music: westlife? Bsb? Boys to men? Around there.
First Car: Toyota Estima.-now where did I put my car keys.7 Lasts
Last Drink: strawberry milk.
Last Car Ride: yesterday.
Last Embarassing moment: yesterday after school.i was already worn out and all my energy drained by tt time uh.-well not all. :) n i
took the lift with this cute chinese guy from tamp sec. ive seen him ard.n i think he is kinda cute.he went into the lift ferst and pressed 9.me-the dumb and half dead one,went into the lift with my eyes half open. I 'pressed' 3 and the lift when up.i shut my eyes for a while coz I was VERY tired and wud open my eyes seconds later. When I open my eyes, I was wondering why the hell the lift door did not open coz anoe how long the lift takes to go to the 3rd floor.i looked up and I was already at the 7th flooor.BODOH!!!i was so embarrassed and I was abt to chuckle.but of course I dint lah.i took action fast and solemnly, humiliated-ly and immediately took a step back.dint look at his face and stood beside him.rubbed my eyes a couple of times and pretended as if I wasnt there at all.no.no.wen I took a glance at the mirror.the guy was smilling-trying to refrain from laughing uh.dumb.he went out of the lift and I dropped dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FREAK.n guess wuuud.i saw him again this evening at the mama shop! Someone slap me.
Last Movie Seen: my super ex-girlfriend
Last Phone Call: last winter.
Last CD Played: burnt CD by my cuz.

-6 Have You Evers
Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: nopes.
Have You Ever Broken the Law: killing ants.
Have You Ever Been Arrested: arrested for sleeping in class got lah.
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: not at all.
Have You Ever Been on TV: a couple of times-with zac efron and ricky ullman only tho.
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: yes, no. I don't noe. Can you repeat the QUESTION?!

5 things you're wearing.
1. T shirt
2. shorts
3. Bra
4. Panties
5. youuu.

4 things you've done today.
1. walked.
2. bought milk.
3. scolded myself.
4. sat on a chair.

3 things you can hear right now.
1. Music
2. The television
3. the buzz of a busyyyy beeee.

2 things you can't live without.
1. my heart.
2. air. Dumb-sters.

1 thing you do when you're bored.
1. wash toilet.-wen u're bored..it means uve got nothing to do!!!

And for the 5 people: izza. raudah. huimin. harfist. faris.-dont ask y I choose them. :)


7:56 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, August 13, 2006

went to check my friendster account just now.
realized i've a pending testimonial and it's from dheel.
i thot it was a testi in whch it says that he'll be coming down soon.
dheel's staying in melbourne for raya dis year.
we were expecting his prescence..are still expecting and forever will.
we can't wait to meeeeeet him!
honestly...we all miss him toooo soooo verryyyyyy much!
i miss his nonsense and his wacki-ness!!!
dheel..try to fly back to singapore okayy???
but it's still fine if you can't.
just remember that we will forever remember youuuu.
meet youuu soon fadhil!

4:15 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, August 11, 2006

English o'levels oral is simply OVER!

One more load off my shoulder.
Hoping the very best from it larh ryt.
Just anticipating nothing but the most excellent result that I can ever achieve in secondary school life tt is.
Not my whole life okay.
There is more to come in life right?
I believe the vivacity of life in spore lies in getting good results huh.
EXAMS is everything nowadays.
Only the best gets nothing but the best.
So must study hard.
Giggle out loud.

9:06 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, August 09, 2006

41 years of nation building and independence.
The island where i belong.
MALIA :- certified as proud citizen of singapore.
self-governed since 1965.
keep rocking on singapore!

7:03 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hey there lovers!
National day celebration???
OUR skit???
AND the skit ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*more exclamation marks*
Thanks to all who had made this skit a wonderful one.
I know we've been thru a lot.
We'd endured it all and the performance put up just now was simply amazing!
Thanks you guys!
Brilliant people like you guys rock the show!
But hhhuuuuuurrrrrgh.
Tmr still must act!
At the tampines east cc.
The stage is dreadfully small!
Man..it's so crappy!
But still..
You continue the story my lovers!

Firework fest..here MALIA come!!!
Double yeay-ness!

6:38 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, August 04, 2006

Today was a messy day.but quite fruitful I must agree.hah.y messy?
National day rehearsal and Anugerah Muzika clashed.
And I dint get to view my friends' performances coz of the skit.
There was a misunderstanding and mix up among us too.
Among us students and among us and teachers.
Yeay2.so that was my day.did rehearsal twice.
And before that. a lot of the community mmbrs had to wait fer SOME negligent ppl who are simply foolish and think abt noone else but themselves.
Poor attitude uh dis kind of ppl.
I pity those ppl who had to wait for them and missed the concert.
Forget them all lah.
What can we do?
Absolute nothing what?hah.suck up to teachers only.get free cip hours by just resting.hah.
So ill mannered and wall-faced.
TAK TAHU MALU.eeee eee ee ee e!
Ur *MULUT smelly uh! Go brush uh.
But hah.
There was a sense of gratification and satisfaction in me after the whole rehearsal.
It went on pretty well.
So I loike uh.
But a few blunders and gaffe though.
Some community members still not sure of the procedure.
Im just tired uh.
I bet rau, val and lutfi had enough of giving them constant and what seems like endless reminders on what to do uh.

*-mouth in malay.
**- exhausted, drained, dead beat and worn-out in malay.

8:55 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, August 02, 2006

im tired.

10:06 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥