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Told you i'm in love but i wanna tell you this again, i'm in love. And i love ME. I also love to randomly jumble up words and put them all together. And you'll get things like ticktockclock, kingofphiranhasbirdflocks, saccharinslumber, popcorndog, lollinggirrafe, pepperedparrot and more. Finally, i also do my part in saving the earth because i save water for i shower with my boyfriend. HEE :D

And for those who are here with means to make my blog as a huge deal of mockery, please kindly leave :)

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Monday, July 31, 2006

the production's really crappy uh.
ive been wat..trying very hard to do my very best and control people and there i have.
right infront of me.
people with freaking wrong attitude.
i feel like sticking a bomb into these people ass uh!
dumb u noe.
no respect!
den u think this whole world owe u stuffs uh?
go take a break at one corner of a circular building uh.
dumb people like youuuu guys belong there uh.
u think wat??
suka-suka.happy-happy.shalalalalala uh?
my footgear larh!
like big fuck mana seyyy!
u think u r sooooo big?
with that kind of attitude..
u can fcuk off all u want..
i dont give a fcuking care okayy???

8:45 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, July 29, 2006

I find POPCORNS irresistible!!!
the production's driving me nuts!
and everything went out of control when we had to act on stage.
total crap!

1:41 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I had a great day YESTERDAY. Didnt get to blog yesterday because I was busy with school work. Well, the reason I had great fun yesterday was of course the CHOIR concert held at Ngee Ann Sec. It is a concert put up by 3 schs in Singapore plus Melbourne High School Chorale. The concert was awesome and tremendous! I mean when is the time can any ordinary Singapore girl watch a guy singing with his group of choir friends and shaking his hot butt at the same freaking time. Haha. That was what exactly the Melbourne High boys did. They turn all of us ON. Well yes..even the Singaporean guys were enjoying and having a great time. Yes Carlo? True aint it? Their voices-my god!!! Words cant describe how great they were yesterday. Got to know a few of them and they are wonderful people. Hope we can all, meet up again one day-hehe. I wonder when will be the day. =))) overall I really LOVE the performance put up by these guys. Man..Australians singing malay songs[yeapp..the one posted to our school sang Chan Mali Chan-erm, Marc, Nach, Scott, Oscar, Keagan and Ben. Pardon me if ive miss out anyone.]how cute??? They were excellent ok. Groovy plus fantastic. Pronunciation? Not a prob at all! They sang like real malays! Weeee.Perhaps I can consider one or two to be..okayy. I’ll stop. U finish the sentence. haha. Ok. I better go. I have to mug till my soul drop. Hah. Stop it will you Malia? I have to go now. Goodbye lovers.

Ouh, lovers. Before I go..Nothing happens unless first a dream ok.
Haha. So keep those never-ending dreams of yours alive, breathing and never dead. Keep enduring and failure is the mother of success. Keep on trying and dreaming. Dont be afraid of what seems like hurdles and obstacle because these are just hindrances and impediments that are just there to make you go berserk and bananas. How to keep your dreams alive? Haha. Easy. Keep in mind that if the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, the dreams shall never ever die. Rock on!!!

9:47 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, July 24, 2006

life's just simply life.
and life wud be better if life is just life.
as in life is more to life.
but life's scary too.
and it's scary-ierrrr without youuuu.
okay..mal stop it.
it's so about love.

9:17 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

yeayyy! not late fer sch todayy but fuck. chgd routine today. decided to drop at interchge instd of tanah merah station to take two. gez wad? adik act reached earlier. she took 24. and the bus wasnt act lambat? and wdf. rau and me had to rush to sch from intrchge. grrr. something isnt just ryt. grrr. make me exercise extra. ouh, shudddup. sch went fine. im tend to get breathless. dint take medicine. lol. had bandding. ms jiang's lesson was fine too. then got a few melbourne high boys came down to our sch on sch exchange and they're in CHOIR. angels sia. so friendly like fuck. cute personalities. tmr im gonna watch them perform-at ngee ann sec. yeayea. ben's hanif's buddy. and he's simply ben-nish!!!cute bangat dok!!!and they wear shorts simply bcoz singapore's HOT. yeayea. den yea..today just met up w mdm mrmh fer production den poooof ..went with rau to tampines mall..as in popular to be exact. i bought pens n rau-assesment bk. haha! wauuuuh. rau nak pandai seyyy. saper taknak mal? k, aper jerh. saw hafiz zainol-the vic guy. n den saw saddad n his fren. ya allah punyalah hansem ni laki-saddad uh-hu else?.but heck. dier tak kenal aku-i think[kenal pun gitu2.HECK]. but i'll just admire him from far. tak salah kan? mua. nyeh. dulu ader jugak uh hati pat dier but skrg HECK. takder time uh nak fall in love. lol. im just freaking bz to talk abt love even. but i can ryt a whole compo on how love can wreck ur life. mua. yeayea. basically..saddad's simply gorgeous uh. he smiled at rau. HECK. lagi aku tak heran. lol. but he's gorgeous uh. mal..stop. pls. memang per dier gorgeous. ngok badan dier. mal..i say stop. ngok rambut..kalo pompan tak cair..mal..STOP. ok. haha. jinak anak mak. weee. ouh yeayea. ms universe pengsan coz baju berat and ketat? wdf. haha. yeayea. i wanna studieeee. hot.hot.hot.

8:49 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, July 21, 2006

I was late again for the second freaking time this week in sch-and I just came back from 3days mc.was late even before the three days mc.i was late on Monday..n now..friday??CURSES..like WHAT THE FUCK!!-notice I caps this sentence n it is in a full sentence.Hate the teacher in-charge.Im disgusted by his freaking bolayan attitude uh. He care like freaking diminutive-ly towards our feelings.supposed or payed to change ppl.my footgear uhhhh.only mr ow can do tt okay?wtf! at least mr ow is acquainted with our personality and efforts.he noes whether to allow me to be late or not-esp for my case today!!!Eh sial.u tink wat?anoe uh u r a man hu wat practice punctuality-promptness-everything but never lateness???like i don.aku nie student okay?ko ingt suka2 aku lambat?fuckkkkk.im late why?go blame the babi punyi puki nye bus uh.darn youuuu.i mean put urself in my freaking shoes okay?im sick-oh fine there is no..pigeonholing-characterization-trade-name-tag-mark or stamp on my forehead tt im sick uh-well according to mr joshua tan..he is not at fault tho .ive nvr blame him.he allowed us to enter sch.he was smilling and disturbing us and all.im fine.but look at you??u said I wasn't running?you asked me to stop wen I was running dol!u said I walked.ouh my..sir..u're blind..gosh..sir hello sir!wdf!you gotta chge ur attitude dear sir.man.i tell you.if thr's one reason y I wana leave sch.the ferst and last of all motivation-sense-logic or persuasion,it shud be youuuu.wdf.and haha.30more seconds and we're late?Tak munasabah okay?tak masuk akal..claptrap..garbage..rubbish..sampah..dah lah botak!!n fyi hello we’re in the freaking school compound-I was oredi at the hump and u declared me late?fuck!!!i think ur botakness caused you to go blind.blind physically-mentally-emotionally.youve lost ur freaking ability to see.hey..aku sakit.the least you cud do is allow me to explain.sir..sir..and ive nvr blame my frn evn tho she was busy tucking in her shirt behind me.she was running too.fuck.you said we walked.BLIND OLD MAN!!!Y cant you be like mr ow? Eh helo.Like freaking what the fuck!!! man that botak.till I rip off all his hair.man..so proud of little hair wat for?Step nak friendly ngan all students.wat the fuck.tapi tak pernah kenang atau tahu apa jasa ynag anak murid kamu pernah lakukan.i mean..aku dah lambat..eh..u could at least chatted to us nicely..warn us and allow us to explain..and at least SMILE.the way u handle late comers..it's UNPROFESSIONAL.fuck!aku bngn cepat ke lambat..sama jugak okay?hate life coz of youuu.and ii happen to reach earlier than rau today and u declared us late.fuck.fuck.fuck.if mr ow was in ur freaking place.he wud have allow me to enter.he’s cool okay?anoe he don't rili like ma class.evryone can see tt.ive heard of stories tt wat..he's not well liked by teachers but heck.u shud be the one.grrrrrr.and I was late for freaking no reason..zilch..nothing..nil..or maybe perhaps to you..late for not running???!!!fuck.den..dah tu i must sit whr the sun and its shine is uprising and gleaming..fuck..den i got headache..must eat pill on the spot..if i die thr..i haunt u arh botak!!!fuck!my hatred towards you..it's the same eversince last year..it is mounting-uprising-intensifying-escalating-growing-increasing more n more only now.herm. I don’t care. I see youu nxt time..haha.i'll laugh at ur botak face..even if u think im crazy! I hate youuuuu.uve nvr understand students will you??nvr..u jz want everything to go your way..go ahd..u'll lose in the end.trust me.i noe.better than you do sir.muamuamua. friendly reminder: I can write aniting I want so..fuck off!

9:04 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, July 20, 2006

looks like i cant stop my itchy hands from blogging.
oh well.
im down with fever and flu the last two days..including today and given an mc that last fer three days..whch will breathe its last breath only tomorrow.
and durrrrh im gg to sch TOMORRRROOOOW.
darn school.
well..class outing's tmr and i doubt i will tag along coz..weather's too hot..
besides, it will be at east coast park..
im still on medication and i bet i cant bear the slightest heat..
im still feeling not a hundred percent ok.
still below par..and not in the bestest mood.
still very down.down.down.
the medication's toooo trong too.
it makes me feel like im locked in an icy room or an addict being confined in cold turkeyyy.
im sh-sh-sh-aaaking wildly.
ouh..i heard frn frens that solyh asked faz to be his prom date..
me???haha..u will fine out soon larh uh..
syam's gg with shima if not mistaken..
those fingers of hers..pinch real hard..hahahaha!
ermm fiq's gg w fadh.
mira of course aliff..
syu..durh..hudien larh ryt??
anis..whom i thot still in anticipation of.. is gg with khabir..
rau..dont wanna tell me..dnoe y..i not her fren wuuud.haha!
su..if oni i can match her w smone..but her heart belongs to fie..so dont think she'll get a partner..but got asked by one tho..
all smiles..oryt..i wana rest and watch teeeeeeveeeeeeeeeeee.
sch..here i come..not..
see you lovers!

5:44 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, July 16, 2006

heyyyyyarrrrgh.my whole body ACHING man, Well the past few days, ive been vigorously and energetically involved in physically involved activities:( very tired and exhausted seyy. To make things 'better' ive been very busy nowadays with god-knows-wuuuud. n now raudah, most prob she cannot go prom..another sad story. how boring is prom without her ard? haha. it's like u're dumbed to madagascar uh. hahahaha! stuck with nothing but not ur own species.Raudah..u'll go all right fren? do not worry. we will all help youu okayy? oh nooooooooo. National day's skit is KILLING me!!!!!!! it's like taking up most of my time!!! herm..okayy i'll end dis entry with a happy thing okayy?? this friday will be my cip day. oh well..not as fun cleaning up the ecp but yeayy.. it's our class outing dayyy tooo!!!! double yeayyyyyy!!!! hermm...AT LAST sey! so happy together..woooots. well..i think this will be my final entry fer this coming week. i mean i'll start blogging oni the next week or the week after. so miss me all right? haha. okayy..before i go..let me just finish up this entry with the top five things that's on my mind..
  1. O LEVELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. National day skit[ouh didi i mention tt we'll have to perform infront of mr mah bow tan on the 5th of aug..yeayy..tt'll add up to my tiredness..but it's okayy you noe..]
  3. Aqil
  4. HIM!!!
  5. FASIH TERJEMAH TOOOO!!!!![oryt lovers, make urself free and you must all come down to support our fellow pasirians on this saturday, 22nd of july, i dont remember wat tym..we'll inform youu guys at eunos cc and bring along all kain rentangs youu have.haha. we'll cheer our frens on okayy?? we must make MALIA and PRSS proud okayy?.. we must win the best supporting sch and not to mention all the third ferst places and we bagging the challange trophy back to sch...yessss arh!!!!]

I think im in love and my BODYYYY is FREAKINGLYYYY in deeeep PAIN!!!!!! ouch.ouch.ouch.

6:43 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, July 13, 2006

okayy.two days.what ive been doing?
let me see.
im veryyyyyy busyy nowadays.
apart from the national day thing..and bandings everydayy..
i still have to do revisions at home..exams are in a month time and i gotta strive.
herm..ouh did i mention that there'll be a prom fer us dis december.
after o's durrrrh.
and the theme is indeed..RETRO.like got no other theme..evry now and then seyy.dis kind of occassion..it's forever retro.
but i know it's gonna be coooool!!!
it's retro time babeeeeeh.
erm ouh yah..mr ow seems to 'love' our class nowadays.
he'll be checking our class every now and then.
lerz..just because we dint line up outside the class after recess but he dint noe tt mrs sum's expectation was tt we dont have to line up and we can just enter the class and wait fer her providing we dont have any food wih us.
yeayy.tt's exactly y we must line up outside..teachers have to check whether we have food with us..
lame man!
very well now..see you lovers!

10:38 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, July 11, 2006

ouh.anw..wat's with the minahs todayy???
bitch sia..perangai berubah dengan sekelip mata.
kalah mrt uh.bullet train pun kalah.
freaks man you guys.
ngok uh.mulut siapa tak ditapis dulu.
eh bitch..you better gat a freaking insurance fer ur fren's mouth uh.
it's karma babehhh!!!
cant youu see..ur fren called my fren tt..and i called youu that back..muamuamua.
anoe how much youu hate x uh..but think again..hu is x..
x deserves at least a pinch of respect from youu.
go uh..go make noise..
anoe im evil..but wat to do.
hate me all youu want coz..im use to it all..
im immune to all your fren's n ur freaking nonsense.
great posers uh.
well respected..my foot uh.
dream on bitch!!!
i just hope you read dis entry uh.
i will ask youu okayy.
i will ask evryone.
take care lovers.
so long suckers!!!

10:11 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

fcuk uh!!!!
im O-U-T!!!!!
nvm..anw..yea..my well and sincere wishes to all my teamates.
make pasir ris and malia proud!!!

10:05 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, July 10, 2006

today dancedance..singsing..at 3T8.
for national day luuurh.
danced we're all in this together by yeapps_high school musical casts.
kewl kannn???
n i was hurt too actually..
mata very sembab.
solyh and wan can really dancedance uh!!!
it's sporting and hip of them!!!
it's not easy to see them dance okayy.
and they danced pretty well.
not bad guys.
can really masuk tarian!!!
thx raudah,solyh and wan for helping me to kewl down.
amira-yang pendek too!!!
love you bunch of morons!!!
now..very freaking tired..
have to study till the crack of dawn..
so long lovers!

10:28 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, July 09, 2006

heyy there lovers!okayy.i think it's just easy fer me to blog during the weekends.so, here i am again.lolx.muamuamua.*recover*

today is sunday and i had to attend religious class.so had to wake up early.[everday's a no rest day fer me..muamuamua.heh.glurr.]

i woke up at 8 am todayy[freaking early man!]it's not tt i choosed to wake up early but the heat..waliao!!! it sure is killing me[da lah bilik takder air-con..-membunuh man]but it rained when i reached the madrasah.lucky fer me dint get drenched..pheew.i had to walk quite a distance tho coz it was pouring heavily and had to walk under the shelters.

now the most crucial part of today's entry-[must read okayy??]
while izza and me were walking-heading towards class durh, we saw a mother cat[i gez] carrying it's kitten in its mouth..we thot it was smtin else coz with just one glance the kitt in its mouth looked v digusting..coz it's black and very3 wet.they were crossing this little drain.

water was gushing out from another longkang and since all longkangs are connected..the water gushed out to this longkang whr the cats were crossing n was abt to be filled w rainwater. we dint notice there were more kittens in the drain at ferst until we walke dpass the family of five.

we den noticed that there were two more kitts in the drain.we wanted to help tho..but later wet.dah lah baju translucent bila kena air..so we decided to talk to the father cat..he eventually aided the kitt whch was nearly submerged in the longkang w rain water..but i think the parents ferget the was anothr one in the longkang..mewing-or screaming for help..

we thot the parents must have felt intimidated..so we walked away..and i felt freaking guilty!!!we told dis story to our frens and syahidah wanted to help but class had started-well class started 15 mins ago.yeapps we were late and we wernt counsel tho..aunty[tt's wat we call ustzh] will just ask y..and we will always blame the bus.muamuamua.

watever the outcome of the above story..it's a freaking question mark coz i dint walk pass tt longkang wen i headed home..

but we soon forget abt the kitt wen we listen to aunty's blabbering..she taught us sirah-abt nabi-nabi and solat hajat..oouh..dis solat hajat topic will be good uh..can use the knowledge to perform this solah and i can mohon to the Al Mighty for help so i can score fer o's.weeeee!

lolz.anw..arab was forver mepek..i mean..the ustaz larh..n ustaz sufi dint teach todayy..so..free time..izza and me just minded our own buisness n sang all kind of high sch musical songs tt we know.muamuamua.ustz was of course infront blabbering n chit-chatting w the gals..fyi..my class..there's only gurls..kata madrasah..

oryt lah lovers...btw..ive no mood fer fasih tejemah uh..coz i have the most strongest to the power of infinity feeling that i am out!!!!!!!!!!!!!grrrrrrrrr.k lah..malia wana compose and unwind now..too much stuffs in her mind!!!!!chiaoz!

7:01 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, July 08, 2006

let me sum up evryting tt happened todayy.
  1. had fun.
  2. lotsa fun when abg shahril was around?-funny guy [i thot he went to KL sey-scare me fer two weeks-since he clenched the title juara?]
  3. pasirians got ready since last week[[good effort ok]]
  4. pasirians did not get sesat
  5. pasirians did their best[faz and solyh were the best]
  6. only malia suck at it.a lot of passes.
  7. abg shahril got a bengkel-sometin lik dat.[for tarian]
  8. and he wanted us to join.
  9. some just registered and will decide to weigh the matter again after o's.
  10. RIDWAN n SOLYH registered!!![[[ADORABLE people]]]muamuamua.
  11. went back to sch after the competition.
  12. results out nxt week.scary seyy.
  13. malia scared coz she did badly.and she wud want to go to nxt round at least whch she has no confidence in.coz she did FREAKING badly.
  14. malia oso dnwn to hampakan her sch.paid 10bux fer her ordie.must repay with at least entering to next round.
  15. at sch met mdm mariamah.was kinda reprimanded by her.coz we were all behind schedule fer national day's play.
  16. waited fer faris n sue.[sue still had tt scary ting on her lips-it will be cut off soon]
  17. we dint noe tt stuffs were all in val's hands.
  18. we just sat around n discuss how we cn speed tings up[well not most of the time tho]
  19. faris let us hear the edited songs[whch all sounded kewl-esp the echoed pledge_se-tyleee]
  20. malia tired after playing musical chairs at sch.muamuamua.

haha.todayy.im just freaking tired.it was a long n not so fruitful dayy.fasih terjemah dint go quite as well fer me..just hoping and praying to go to the next round.ABG SHAHRIL ROX UH!!!!funny guy..made 60 of us laugh..n i fine dis toa payoh sec guy and dis marsilling sec guy-bof happen to be indon_damn cute!!!!not oni me lah yerh.rau too.heh.lolx.made fren w siti from marsilling..n amira..sebok uh.i was sooo close to him okayyyy???muamuamua.well..unoe hu..haha!!!!

i'll update yarh lovers..pray fer me..tt i'll go the nxt round!!!

10:03 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, July 07, 2006

fark off uh youu custards!!!!
-if oni i can make dis bigger!!!!
-anw.felt like just posting dis!!!

11:21 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, July 02, 2006

what can i sayy.
sorry again fer not updating??
life is wild..chaotic and hectic as ever.
as in..it's more exciting then ever.
the situation's is much more tense.
stuffs are all heated up.

the 100m race will come to an end soon.
well.im gona make myself proud.
i will end tt race with such postive results.
i will have to sprint.
go full speed and cross the line.
the battle is about to be won.
by me.
so yea..im bz nowadays.

monday-science extra class
tuesday-maths extra class
wednesday-english extra class
thursday-humans extra class
friday-free but not that free tho
saturday-free too but not as free
sunday-religious class
and this is to be made part of my routine.
every week the same thing again.
must start revising now.

i have to amend..improve..alter everything before it is too late.
im in the competition-FASIH TERJEMAH-[wish PASIR RIS SEC luck..]
we wudnt wanna be a let down.trust me.

plus..most of the sec fours are involve in the national day celebration play.
i think it's gonna be gooood.
people involve:-me.val.shima.raudah.suhailah.denise.both farahs.ridwan.solyh.faris.lenard.rayhana.fazeelah.janrick.caleb.lutfi..and many more.
we got casts too..such people like nabil..kelvin ong..jiajuin..and others.
it will be great.
just looking forward for the great achievement.
it is a gift for the sch from the graduating people.
hell yes it's gonna be good.
and hell yes i will succeed in o's.

im in LOVE with Zac Efron!!!!
hu's not??
k cut the crap.
no time to think about such stuffs.
this cud be the start of something new..it feel so ryt to be here with youu..oooo'oooh.
so long lovers.

8:07 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥