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Thursday, June 29, 2006

gez wuuuud???
malay o's oral exam over fer me.
dont ask me how it goes but one load is off ma shoulders.
sorry if im not updatting.
tooo bz w sch and..im mugging nowadays...
sooo yea...
see youu sooon lovers!!!!

6:21 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, June 25, 2006

i had fun3!!!
but i know as an o'level candidate..my fun-ness had to be minimized.
oh well.
ive not been updatin coz too tired to go online.
basically i have a lot of commitments.
this and that.
but yea..the past few days..ive been out.
with friends and family.
kk..on the thurs..went to a bbq pit..
organized by the part As n Bs..
so sweet.
it was mend fer us and part Cs-but the prt Cs girls..none of them turn up..
had lotsa fun time with the part As girls..cute people.
tt was basically the pit.
then it was fridayy.
herrrrm.we went to victoria concert hall to watch the concert band.
i was amazingly amazing!!!!!!i love almost all the songs!!!!!
and my favourite was of course the bohemian rhapsody.
went with jam, rau, mira and firman..
take pictures here and thr..
den after the concert had supper-oh well..dinner act..
at mac cafe..
so fun..talk2 till late at night..then made a move...
it was yesterdayyy that i went johor with m fam.
go jalan2 a bit.
saw iza..and fam..
den went to angsana..along wannaa search fer furnitures..
den went to HYATT hotel fer dinner...
sooooooooooo fun.
the hotel is soooooooo kewl.
damn classy uh..had buffet..ate a lot n then..headed straight home..
had fun lah uh..
now the ultimate thing...todayyyyyyyyyy...i must finish al my hmwrk by todayyy...
oh no.....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABG ZAI!!!!!!!-love you lots!!!!!
enjoy ur 25th bday!!!
okayyyyyyyyyyyyy.i think i better go no lovers...

11:53 AM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, June 22, 2006

when's the fcuking day will sch start?????
im rotting at home!!!!
i rather get stress out in sch den get crazy over stuffs happenin at home!!!!!!
boring kebabai uh.
cant wait until 5pm.
tt's wen i myt mr fren..raudah..
can i like leave now??????????????

12:10 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, June 19, 2006

im super3 happy!!!!!!
abg shahril won!!!!!!
like i say no doubt he has no looks uh but the way he bawak diri infront camera is PROFESSIONAL.
tt's the very one werd everyone.
plus he is trained..certified..qualified..more better uh..cant think of any other werds..
i oso cant disagree tt the rest of the finalist are not as great but they're quite amateur..more genteel-aint typo error??more refine???more elegant???such werds..???anoe..haha!
anoe uh shah is hot..has tt macho look ..groovie lah..funkie..u name it..cant deny all that plus he's quite good too..but try bandingkan shah and shahril..
see the great difference??????????
u voted well singapore.
okayy.im not here to argue whether hu shud realli hold the title of the frontrunner..the victor..the champion..the star..everyone's has their own predilection-[aint typo error too] or soft spots..and likings..
but yea..i dont even think we competitors of fasih terjemah will see abg shahril fer this competition..he'll be getting ready to go aboard????
haha...so near yet so far...
how good is KL???that question need to be endowed with an answer pls..someone..
maybe herty sarlene-[sorie if wrgly spelt] or adi can answer t ques.
they seem to be sooooooooo fond of KL..they're expanding their interest of seni lakonan over there..
how kewl???that too need too be answered..someone????anyone????
but im proud of them lah.sanggup berkorban to leave their loved ones-[perhaps] just to memperjuangkan seni lakonan..
sooooo.....anugerah skrin rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but no one can beat the hosts uh...they are both damn cooooolllll!!!!!!!
anw....congrats to abg shahril and kak huda!!!!
abg shahril..kak huda..abg fnd..kak su...abg shah and kak akhmar...
you guys did it!!!! n all of youuu did it well indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!
rock on!!!!
go fasih terjemah go...any connection???haha...
anoe...malia crappy...
oryt...lovers...love yah!!!!

11:12 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, June 17, 2006

today is fun3.
went makan with adik and abang.
we went to ramen ten at bugis.
and it's supper gooood.
den we go jalan-jalan.
and yea.
we go like the whole of the town area.
we had fun..
a lot of fun.
manz..now im doin maths.
and it's killing me.
doing junyan paper.
and it's soooooooooooooo hard.
well someone tell me.
izit me hus sooooo dumb or it's the paper-so challenging.
btw..abg and adik watcin exorcist 3.
ferget it.
im never gonna watch such shows.
so long lovers.

11:43 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, June 16, 2006

Love is like a dream come true..
Love is a fairytale turning to reality..so so true..
Love is what you say a game of two..
Love is joy..
Love is diamond rings..
Love means tons of different shades of roses..
Love makes u hear a symphony..
Love will make everyone sing..
Love is a call..
Love is a remedy to soothe the pain..
Love is me and you..
Love is ur heart and soul..
Love is everything..

But the trouble with is..

It can tear you up inside..
It can tear ur heart apart..
It is like a drug that makes u blind..
It makes ur heart believe a simple lie..
It is very well stronger than ur pride..
It doesnt care how fast you fall..
It will keep calling you..
It makes you a fool..
It will come after you..
It will be the thing that will tear ur heart and soul into two..
It cannot be controlled..
It is unpredictable..
It is also pain..

I was once a fool..it is true..
I played the game and abide all the rules..
But now I am all tattered and torn..
My heart seems to bleed..
Oozing with not only blood but fury too..
I swore I never love again..
I swore my heart will never cry for such thing another time..
I said love was but a word tainted with pain..
But then now..i hear it call my name..

The trouble with love is..
Should I or should I not..

Wen ure not whining and inviting..it comes knocking at ur door..
Wen ure dying and demanding fer it..it leaves and makes ur heat sore..
Love is something that has to be a part of everyone..
Love is indeed precious but is it worth as much as a delicate heart..
I know there were times wen u start adoring this guy next door..
Or those times wen u tangled urself and get involved in such affection..
But do u notice the cost or the penalty that have gotten you into after uve tumbled down the great slopes of such thing you call love???
Herpphh..affection..typical..but how long does it last??
Loving someone makes you feel like as if ure flying and soaring up high..
It is as if you ascend the highest mountain and be on top of the world..and catch a star shooting by..
Rising up on a escalator to the highest place in this universe..
Go sky-high and flutter up like a giant butterfly..
But apart from these wonders that a simple thing such as love can do..
Love can also plant you down..haha..there is more that love can do..
Root you to the very ground..and bury you further down..
Remain stuck beneath the soil..
You will not soar this time but continue plummeting downwards..
You will be minced..
Powdered with concentrated disgust..
You will try to run..
Escape the game but you still cant hide..
Yet again..
It haunts and comes after you..
It calls you..
And you.. juvenilely..

Heh.love everyone..love..
Love..love..love..sick of it??
You shudnt..
Where is the love people??
Haha.okayy..im piloting the wrg way now..
Before I start to drive into the garbage land..
Allow me to put into plain words with what I had produced above..
What I meant is simply..
Love can bring joy and happiness..
Beam thru ur life and lift your spirit high..
But love can cause a dilemma and makes you go out of control..
It is nothing yet our own choice and ours alone..
To love or not to love..
To be in love or break away..

4:10 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

Orytt..attended seminar and..it was terrifically-tremendously-absolutely fun..
Well..the speakers were Peter Batchelor-well it's not a typo error oryt??
And Anthony Green from new zealand..
They are fun peole..
Anthony Green rox not oni my sox but the whole lecturer hall..woots!
He emphasized on good English and how little tiny words or signs can create great IMPACT..boom!!!
Den he enlighten us with great advices and yeaps..it's not that boring at all!!!
There was fadh..syu..amir..johan..zul and farah alsagoff too.
The 4e8 students..
And some crazy people from 4e6.
There was hafiz..elliyin..adilin..and farhan..
Haha.noisy lots..
After that went to east coast wif mira and anis.
So fun.
We relaxed..chilled and yea..loosen ourselves..
We joked and laughed and laughed all the way..
We chatted abt a no. of stuffs like how life wud be like without frens..
Manz..i wana cry again..
We had fun and fun and fun..got wet a little and went to mac to wash our filthy feet..
But befpre tt I helped mira with collecting particles of sand in a coke bottle..
She is using the sand as some texture stuffs on her canvas..
Mira is quite weak when handling such stuffs..
She used the bottle cap..and I wondered..if I dint help her..hoho..
She will be there like forever..haha!!
Kidding mira!!!!
We got home..and saw hamdi on the bus..dnoe where he was heading to coz we dint ask..
No time to ask..i think he oso donwan to talk to us..
Then I thot I saw someone or somekind like someone anoe..
Haha..twisted sentence there..i oso cannot comprehend..haha!
I thot I saw izzul alighting the bus..not sure if it is really him..
Got home..played with aqil..slept fer what seems like a few minutes but act..it is 30mins..and was woken up by screams..it was aqil..
He wanted me to accompany him to the playground..so went down and showed him the world..haha!!
Wdh..as in teach him some usual stuffs like..red ants??yellow bird??water cooler??stuffs like that unoe..
Oryt lovers..try not to make ur heart believe a lie..
Love u lovers..

4:01 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, June 13, 2006

went fer art.
go makan.
go lib.
den got home.
abg demam.
jz now watch gado2 syg.
do drama mama.
den now watching WC.
korea vs togo.
supporting korea hurrr.
so go korea!!!

10:32 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, June 11, 2006

hermz today went to the gym at 9.
den workout.
den went home.
went to geylang wif fam.
tempah bajuu.
coz tailors wont take tempahan after dis month.
den.we go home.
it rained.
so yea.
and reached home.
den sleep.
now watcin X2..
lovers..i love youu.

8:04 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, June 10, 2006

today's actual post.
i was blog hopping.
and i was dismayed when i read abt stuffs our seniors wrote abt my batch!
i dnoe why in the name of nature our seniors hate us so much.
i mean..since wen we bear grudges against them??
we're fine with the way they are.
mann...this is real bad mannn...
anw...im getting sick of all this i hate ur batch thing.
it doesnt matter to me...
i have great frens and tt's it..
i mean...i have no comments abt last yr's batch or the batches before mine...
then y ppl cant just shut up???
if we can..y cant them???
god bless us lovers!!!!!!
world peace!

2:38 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

how's my life??
so far quite good.
i'm good.
slept at ma sis's crib fer two days..thursday..and friday..
now..im downloading stuffs..
god noes wuuud...
and im off..
so long lovers!

1:27 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, June 05, 2006

how fun.
i watched anugerah skrin..
i mean oni last minute uh..
oni went the results were being read..
abang shahril belonged to the bottom two n i was like...
i mean..no doubt he got no looks uh but if you want to reallllly33333 judge whether that particulas someone has the potential of being a great emcee or host...let abang shahril be your choice...
and haha.
wad do you noe???
he wasnt voted out tonight.
but...anoe the participants who were casted out did their very best.
god bless them.
and anoe..sheer hardwork..mcam sayangkan???
now then kena voted out..
i understand..
okayy...back to dis shahril guy..
-k..step abg shahril macam adik2 aku gitu bual2 camni..haha!!!
i was ferst captivated by his style of emcee-ing when i went to support my schoolmates fer fasih terjemah..
i dnoe whether my frens remember him as the host fer the very competition..
i just hope he cud be the host for the competition again coz..im taking part!!!!
wish me luck..
anw..to all the participants of fasih terjemah...-fer my schoolmates durh...
nak share duit tak????
beli kamus dwi-bahasa???
den we pass it ard...we must clinch the title JUARA again tau...
make it a tradition n part of pasir ris culture-to win the title of juara that is-yeapps...fer FASIH TERJEMAH..
let those high morale and wild spirits of ours burn with enthusiasm ferever!!!!
FASIH TERJEMAH...here we come...
and yea..it doesnt mean i only giv my fullest support too abg shahril..
like fer kak huda..she's awesome...
very caliber...
very cool....
and fer other perserta2 who managed to clinch the top3...
u guys are great!!!!
god bless all my lovers..
love you lovers..

9:38 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

nothing interesting nowadays...
but i'll update soon.
love you lovers..

4:58 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Friday, June 02, 2006

today is simply just an ordinary day.
studie33-study camp wuud.
but combined humans was rather dull today.
listened to what seems like lullaby to my ears.
slept with my eyes open.
been practising that.
had art.
and it was TIRING.
but dis morning as i stepped into sch..
i felt that we were treated unfairly.
to actually think of all my juniors havin fun out there..
and there i am..busily preparing for o's.
but it's life.
i know.
some of my juniors are in sarawak..bintan..sleeeeping at home..and my part Cs are haha..
ENJOYING themselves at HQ.haha.
specialist course.
there is still another week of school.
darn art.
it's a no holiday fer me.
im forever amazed with presents.
unwanted presents.
o levels..come here not..pls.
i hope dis year's papers wudnt be as diff.
lovers..see how hectic my life is??

7:45 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, June 01, 2006

hey there lovers.
everything seems not quite right nowadays.
it makes me think that life is not worth to be lived for.
i know it is part and parcel of life but im fcuking tired.
really333333 tired.
i just wish that all nonsense stuffs can just perish and go pooooofing out of ma life.
i donot understand why some people must go bitching ard and pretending as if they did not do anything wrong.
some people blamed ma frens fer calling someone a FLIRT?-what proof does she or he has??
even if we call him or her a flirt-majority wud agreeeeeeeeeee.
well i bet.
and i donwan dis matter to grow.
let that person be shall we?
anoe some of you must sayy..hey it's wrg to talk behyn someone's back coz you will get sins and the person[whom you talked abt] will get praises...
but what if it is something we have to tegur???
if we donot tegur wudnt it be SHUBAHAT?
i pity my friends..and they said im involved too.wow!how fun.
im trying very best to ignore that.
the second thing is..
now i know haw farah felt when we decided to rebel whenever she tried to lead us in class when she was the chairman...
it is not that our class is not as united but as we have unique individuals in class, we prefer things to be our done in our own special ways. i understand my friends very well.
it's not easy to be a a vice-chair..i swear it's hard..you might ask why must i be all stressed out if i have the chairman by my side..
i noe syam has his own flaws too..
i noe how he feels too..and i just hope he wudnt have this attitude of giving up everything to me-let me solve problems on my own..
anoe he wudnt but i can see he nearly is gonna do that..i might be wrg tho and i just hope he wont ignore all this class-based matters..anoe he wont tooo..
like me..i bet he is sick of this too.
it's hard to get evryone to agree at the same thing..very hard indeed..
so does anyone has any idea of how to make everyone agree on one tshirt design..
we did dis before..everyone submitting their own design n we choose the best but some wet blankets must beeee soooo wet!dumb arses!
im sick of this!!
ive done everything..
now..wen i thot of making jersy as our class tshirt..
some disagree..
im tired..anoe i shudnt really waste my blooodiest effort to find evry dumb little thing abt any of this stuff coz in the end..
my effort is never appreciated at all..
sometimes i agree when ppl comment on our attitude..it's [i do what i am told and wudnt really care whether it is right or not-and wudnt even bother to think and make something successful attitude]__i did try not to have that kind of attitude..and i think it's no longer in me..
ive tried soooooo hard to please everyone fer this class tshirt thing.
but in the end what do i get lovers?>>>ZILCH!
so i told myself that i shudnt bother abt this thing again..
den that is when i felt bad....
i noe i had failed as a vice-chairman...
the burden is too much and it's as if the whole world is on my shoulders...
it's soo hard..
and tiring.
so i just had to let go and break down lovers...
it is a way i let go off my frust so that it wont affect anyone..
i donot want anyone to be affected by my blind fury..
if ive hurt anyone just now..i was blinded by the fury-ness that was engulfing me..
im sorie lovers..
btw thx sidek..

5:04 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥