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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

today's study camp was super duper ruper wuper crappy.
mdm mariamah wasnt in sch.so we had and hour and a half to ourselves.
den had phy prac.
den did eng at the hall.
den we went mkn at yasalam.
and we attended dis so called motivational speech by a MILLIONAIRE.
i was quite motivated at ferst until..
i got all seeeepppy.
and my brain switched off.
but today's camp was a waste of time.
i got home and den..
i did NOTHING.
i got to go lovers.

7:53 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, May 29, 2006

i have one more thing to add.
im learning from cartoons man.
i love cartoons more and more everyday.
but i am not childish okayy?
i just watch the show called 'THE CLASS OF TITANS"
and it is super duper kewl!!!
i give 100 points out of 10!!!
and yea.
totally spies rox too!
kim possible and ron unstoppable...i love you guys...
3 cheers fer CARTOONS!!!
okayy...love you lovers....!

6:09 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

paper was GOOOOOOD.
except fer paper two. a bit challenging. the comprehension uh.
overall it's okayyyy.
cannot confirm can get A1 but must keep praying fer GREAT miracles to happen uh.
oryt2....basically...after paper we discussed...blah2....den i went home with raudah and farah alsagoff.took nine...and yada2...
tomorrow got studie camp.
im super tired...anw...pray fer me okayyy???
so that i can still score.
oryt...goodbye lovers.

3:32 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, May 28, 2006

that's it everyone.
tomorrow's the day...
yea...must relly put my best foot forward!!!!
go malia go!!!!!

5:15 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, May 27, 2006

hey there lovers.haha!
first thing ferst..countdown..i have abt a day to practice malay before i face the REAL thing.
den the second thing is..it was AQIL'S bdae yesterday!!!
it's birthday everyday fer him.
pampered everyday wuuud.
he is two years old now and may ALLAH bless him with the greatest and the bestest and the richest blessings ever!!!!!!
man..that kid sure grow fast..and he reminds me how fast time flies.
i love aqil more and more everyday!!!
the reason why i dint post an entry ystrday because im bz preparing stuffs fer his BIRTHDAY BASH.
yea.he had a HUGE birthday bash today!
at his new house.PUNGGOL-the periwinkle.
how fun??????
fun fer him i bet.
but as the makcik.i had to help my elder sis with all the things to make it a success.
so..had doa selamat...eat33333...den we cut the cake.....then we open presents.he's two so u can expect wat kind of presents he received.
me..my bro..adik..kak aza..gave him a drum set...so syam...haha..
my nephew had started playing drum wen he's twookayyy.and it was just now???
how old again are you gonna teach ur son???hoho.
basically that was it.great day..tmr got mid yr fer religious class.
haiyah.den monday mt paper.heh.TIRED SEYYYYY.
but nvm.
i think i better go now.
i wanna studie fer tmr's mid yr paper.
love you my lovers.
make sure stay handsome charming gorgeous and be a great somebody okayyy???
do us proud okayy deary????
love you muhd.

10:00 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, May 25, 2006

youu can count down urself uh.
how many days left.
all i can sayy is that..
i must get A1!!!!!!!!
k anw.
just now had PTC..
mr said met BOTH my mum an daaaaddddyyy.
it was fine lah.
but mother told mr said i never do any houseworks at home!!!!
but evryting's fine.
normal..standard..not really expected..but expected..

8:47 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, May 23, 2006

5 fcuking more days.
how fast is that??
how slow???
you make a guess.
it's non of ma bloodie buisness...
for all i care...
I MUST GET A1!!!!!!!!!
and i BELIEVE...i willll!!!!!
god bless me my lovers.
take care!!!

11:23 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, May 22, 2006

okayy.tt's it.
this stuff is over my kepala and under my skin.
im sick of it.
what in the name of NATURE.SHIT.BIRD.LOVE.ALMOST ANYTHING ARHZ..kind of grudges we have against our cikgus?
they kept thinking the wrg thing! they thought we have grudges against them??
we are almost clueless larh?
if they say it's abt the sinaran lebaran thing..it's over.we learnt from our mistakes and wudnt wanna in the name of aniting give freaking blooooodie time to think or remember anything to do with it.
i think it's abt that larh.
but it's farni to me..why???honestly.life is crappy.perkara dah lama.why ingat abt it??
we are not angry with you or have grudges against you.but why must youuu?
we dont get it..
it sux lah.tis feeling.it feels that we've not been blessed..
nevermind the bless or not part.
the ULTIMATE part is tt.one of the cikgus told our juniors abt us.
malu seyyyyyy!!!anoe we don stand a greater chance to make them feel proud of us..
it is a fact but...but....buttttt.......
but why sayy infront of our juniors about us like that.we are human tooo.we have feeelings.
i donot wanna ryt wuuud they say coz dis ting..so controversial..it's someting among teachers and students..can be brought to debate..or me..brought to court???
i noe wat they say is true or to some might turn out true but...tell us lorh...smack into ur blooodie face oso can...im wall-faced...i donot care...
dis is not slandering right???it's the truth.coz a no. of my juniors told me abt dis.
kewl arhz.lovely bunch of lads and laddies.
hoho. i noe this is not slandering uh.coz it's the truth.i noe i musnt really rely or trust anyone but...many ppl and approach me and talk abt dis..haha!!! i fell insulted.it's okayy if those werds come from the ppl who said that initially but dis one from juniors...paiseyyy seh...haiyah...
it's a little bit of toooo much fer 16 years old like us to handle such stuffs.
we feel unwanted.uncared for.feel like TRASH.something insulting.
im not mengadu-ing nasib or nitin uh...but somehow or rather..i have to let ol my feelings out ryt???if i bottle up all my blooodie feelings..i'll explode.
i've been quiet abt dis all this while...watching the show ard me...fed with feelings and comments made...but dis time it is tooo much...
how many times must we say sorrrieee???
i do not get it...
we say with sincerity...something rigth from the depth of our stone-liked heart..
well...a long time ago but it's sincere...I KNOW!!!
if you ppl might think tt we keras kepala or nitin..maybe we are...i admit but...i donot see that as the blooodie problem...we are very nie ppl...u be nice to us...we are to yoooouuuu...
as in...even if you are not nice...we will try to win your heart with the best of our abilities...
we respect you as much as we respect every or any other cikgu in this world.
i heard abt dis grudges-grudging-grudge ting frm ma fren.one of our cikgu approached or somehow talked to ma fren and mentioned abt dis grudging thing...they say...stop all grudges against them..coz they can anytime minus our marks???-for malay tt is.
is tt a threat or wuuuudddd???
if it is...i am reallllly scared...mother tongue is something i take pride of larh...
if i donot get at least a distinction fer it..then im doooomed!!!!!!!
like fcuking dead larhhhhh.
i do not wanna argue abt dis.i am someone hu tries hard to ferget anything WRONG asap.
i donot want it to run thru my bllllooooodddd.not pure.
but i just wanna noe.wen will dis stop???no,wen will the cikgus' thots of we having grudges against them VANISH.
if it does.................i know wen i die....i will live a peaceful life in the next life...................
3 CHEERS for all of US-to all human race...
be it him.her.me.you.
love you lovers.
k..trying veryyy hard to ferget abt dis...
must concentrate on malay o's...
and i reallllly hope wudever they say....will not happennnnnn.
WE WILL PASS OUR MT O'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-june paper uhhhhh.
we willllll.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dis time...real goodbye...
love you lovers!!!!

9:13 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, May 17, 2006

today basically..notin to do so i went to lepak at farah kosnan's house.
gilllerrr sia.
aqmar me n kosnan cook spaghetti n haha.
it turned out kewl...
nice sia.
had spagh as breakfast.
the gurls-(ncc-ians) act planned to go makan sia.
den all no mood...so it's cancelled.
baru lah i thot of the satay at bedok corner.
i tink they no mood coz mr poh not teaching them anymore.
so sudden.
he got a job offer from sph.
as a journalist i bet.
but the thing is...they gonna replace him with miss jumiah OR mrs sum...
don want!!!!
i want mrs sum to teach us oni...
so selfish..hoho.
no it's not selfish..it's just that im PROTECTING our MOTHER.
so yea...goodbye to ma satay..
i wanna go makan.
FARAH and AQMAR cooook mee poh (in memories of mr poh)
i bet they gonna miss him lah.
k..i wanna go...
so long lovers!!!
i love ma life!!!!!!!!!

3:46 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Monday, May 15, 2006

Oryttt. Today it was maths ppr 2.it killed me..well im awake lah now..
It was sheer stupidity lah..I had all the methods correct..as in steps to get the final ans but the no. are ol fcuking wrg!shyt lah!
wasted sia..
fer eg. The question has the length of the base of a triangle and the hyp.i must find the height it order to get the fcuking vol of the cone. But I was soooo dumb..I did the wrg ting.i used the base2+hyp2 its phytagorus theorem..i simply had to subtract but I added istead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bodoh sia!!!!
I don't even tink I will get method marks..coz if the ferst few werkings, the numbers are wrg..y giv the marks ryt??
I dint even wish to be careless while doin the ppr..and it is not as if I don't learn frm previous mistakes..it's not m ferst time being careless..
i juz cant prevent myslf frm bein careless..i just hope tt I wont be at all careless wen im sitting fer o's..i cant afford to fail maths!!
I tink same goes to most of the questions larh...careless mistakes..
i bet tt's not the oni questions i did wrongly......as in due to ma carelessness or more like...stupidity....
So yea..maths fer mid-year is simply put into one nice................................

The ONE..

Den I had ma malay paper 2.
Haiyah..I was paralysed while doing the ppr sia..
Paralysed-brain wise.
I think I was cursed by some..ppl yang budinya patut dikenang arh..
but yea..
i tink ey tersalah tafsirkan maksud pekerjaan mereka yang patut menolong org-org yg lemah seperti kami to something like..do not help them if they tink they’re so clever..
Help oni those tt we like..
Thank god in ncc we don't practice favouritism...
Weyl..not all ncos practice favouritism ryt?? =))))
I prefer them to be cursers rather than watever they r now lah kan…
Coz the curses made..were successful..
I felt like SCREAMING while doin the fcuking malay paper.
It’s soooo susah..and I cant concentrate!!!
Macam nak bantingkan diri pat dinding sia.
Felt like poking my pen into..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
It kills me seeing them not being concern.
Feel like we r all not cared fer.
The correct werd=TERBIAR..
Actually I cried while doin the ppr lah.
Coz I cant tink.
Maybe I simply was bein paranoid..but if I fail malay or get a b4..
It's like living wif "working women"..
Whr do I hide my face???
I will be damned if ma malay really sux..as in sux-sux..
Get it??

10:51 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Saturday, May 13, 2006

dis morning.
me n whole family and atok...unc man...and paklong n maklong send cik anis to the airport...she'll be going back to her kampung at jawar tengah...im gonna miss her...anoe my whole fam will lah...esp atuk...atuk lagi...dah kehilangan nenek...cik anis was the one hu had taken great care of him eversince...fer two yrs...now...the new maid is here...hvnt talk to her much lah...she oso quiet...very lah...i don even noe wat's her name...kk...i dont bother...coz tooo tired...just woke up...den go blogging...hoho...aiyah...i wan cik anis back...anw...celebrated mother's day with ibu, along n cik anis ystrday...b4 she left...hoho..cik anis of course lah happi kan??? bought them cake oni...i hope she like the cake...
den ystrday unc zack's bdae...we party and honestly...i ate a lot of cakes ystrday...so...today must puasa a bit lah...haha!!!okayyyyyy....now....i wan to listen to songs...so....don kacau okayyyyyyyy. love you lots ma lovers....!!!!!

5:17 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Thursday, May 11, 2006

today's paper...
art n phy..
phy was manageable....
art...i did kid's work...
soooo fuuuunn...
coz i was practically splashing paint all over ma art werk...
den after dat...went to ljs with raudah...
discussed a couple of stuffs...
heyyy rau...im sori if i've ever tersinggung ur hati....
sorieee...it's just tt i feel like i have to ask someone abt y u've changed...well at tt point of time...u r the normal u now...maybe u were sick of me at tt time...or maybe until now...but i do appreciate ur prescence in my life okayyyy???
since he was close to you...im using was okayy...i thot i shud ask him abt you...i thot u were mad at me...heeeee:)))))
den we talk abt graduation...anoe this sounds not quite ryt but...haha...
how wud life be without ur frens ard???
i mean...they say...u will tend to find true frens wen u go fer high schools...
maybe it is not true but...haha...
i will be lost without ma frens fer four years ard me....
you lepak with them...share jokes...eat...share food...buy same baju...go camping...sleep together under the stars...share ur filthiest secret...compare people's snore...haha!!!
how much willl i miss those memorable times after graduating???????????
how much................................i cant barely describe....
i miss those times wen me...rau...val...farah....hafiz...and hirman go fer student leader's expedition...we had hell hours of fun together...anything...any outings...
now some of them are attached lah....so...dream on...want to go out oso difficult...i understand...
the person that i will miss most is of course raudah lah...altho we fought quite a few times and had misunderstandings between us...she'll be the ferst i will find if i have probs lah...altho she don search fer me but i find it best to let out of all my feelings to her...haha...
she'll be my listening ears...the next is iffah....she's great...she's the one that will laugh at all ma stoooooopid jokes lah...hoho.
she'll be my partner at mac's...beside raudah hu often go mug with me....at mac's of course...
haha..basically....ya...i'll miss them the most....
anoe i stay near both of em but moz prob...rau shifting...haiyah...leave me alone...
iffah will be bz with o's...
and yea...of course i will miss all ma gurlfrens.....su...shim..mar...anis...jam...amira...fad...and the list goes on...heheh.
not fergetting the ever 'exotic' guys in pasir ris.hoho.
ma frens are fab and ever so brilliant...i cant afford to lose them all...
i just cant....
it soooooo hard to let go of GOOOOOOD frens like those i have and ferever will have in PASIR RIS SEC...
i love you guys...
i wanna go and cry now....

5:20 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Wednesday, May 10, 2006

just wanna talk about today.
today...i had ma chem paper and poa.
chem...i donwanna talk abt it...
for poa...haha!
it is indeed fun lah!!!
i had oni 6 questions to do...
did oni 3 and the other 3...god bless em lah.
den after doin the freaking long 3 questions...
i slept fer 1 hr 15mins...
tell me how fun it is...
yarh...how fun is failing....??

that is abt the paper.
let me talk abt b4 the paper.
hamimah n me was busily revising our werk outside the ncc boys room.
there were many others too larh.
suddenly out of a great sudden...
their OLD noticeboard aged about...3o yeas old fell down on all of us larh...
big pieces of broken glass was going clang...clangityyy...clang....
jasmine got to run away...
i wass too shocked and afraid to run...
it was SUPER SCARY larh.
teachers rushed to us and help us out.
imran kena the most impact...he was standing under the board.
den we quickly get out of there...
solyh was shacking.
mima was too.
dn ask abt me...i was abt to cry...
i mean...imagine all those big pieces of glass penetrating thru us...
den we shall all say bye-bye to life larh...
and o's...
actually i am mpst afraid to face god now...
don ask...
basically im just telling you pasirians lah....
be careful...our current hosting school is SUPER OLD and HAUNTED...
just take care...
goodbye lovers!!!

3:36 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥

Haha.okayy.dis is just a lil something fer u guys out there.i karang dis ting here.herrrmmm.im afraid no translation.lazyy arhz.anyway i posted it in my frnstr blog b4.gez i love it too much that i post it again here.hoho.basically im crapping over something lah...yupp...read on...

Oryt...here it goes...

Baiklah,pembaca2 sekalian.
Apa itu cinta?
Pertama sekali.cinta itu adalah perkara yang tersangatlah subjektif.
Cinta boleh terbahagikan kepada banyak perkara.
Cinta pada Tuhan.
Pada ibubapa.
Pada sahabat.
Pada dunia.
Pada akhirat
Dan pada insan bakal manjadi raja/maharani di hati.
Cinta itu datang dan pergi.
Jadi tak usahlah kita bermuram apabila kehilangan seseorang yang amat dicintai.
Tetapi cinta juga boleh menegarkan hati seseorang.[eg. Kids?? They dont have confidence so, parents will shower them with love, n the love showered are their only hopes for them to go on.][mind u, ure no longer a kid]
Ok back.
Now. We talk about love between man and woman eh.we go deeper.
Cinta juga tidak boleh dipaksa. [It comes naturally unoe.]
Dan apabila seseorang yang amat kita cintai hadir, langit yang gelap akan bertukar menjadi biru.
Apabila seseorang itu dilamun cinta, bibirnya tidak akan putus memuja orang yang dicintai.
Di sekolah, haha! Murid2 pula akan menulis cinta atau meluahkan perasaannya di meja orang yang dicintai.[telah terjadi tau]
Namun apabila dua orang baru berkenalan, ragu dan malu akan menghantui diri masing2. [hurhur. Betul per!? Try arh. Jumpa some1 that u dnoe n bebual lah krg panjang lebar.sesiapa yang tak tahu malu tu.sebaranglah eh. :)))]
Selepas berkenalan dan menjadi rapat, cinta akan mula berputik dan mula dibaja hari demi hari.
Dalam proses sedang bercinta, sesorang daripada pasangan umpama awan yang sering memberi teduhan di terbit mentari kepada yang lagi satu.
Disitu lah tahap lahirnya lagu rindu.[haha...kak siti!!!lagu gerek..woahw!]
Ucapan2 seperti ‘i love you’ kerap digunakan.[simple yet sweet]
Dan sekiranya seseorang daripada pasangan berjauhan, cinta mula didahagakan.
Tetapi, jika tersalah pilih pasangan hidup, habis lah jawabnya.
Cinta tidak membutakan tetapi kita yang buta!!![wahaha]
Waduh,waduh. Khusyuk kamu baca yah?
Kk, kita sambung...
Perkahwinan adalah produk cinta yang sejati dan kekal.[siapa protest?]
Kita merancang semua ini tetapi hanya yang Esa menentukannya.
So, tidak elok kita bimbang dan hampa jika cinta tidak kesampaian.[kita tidak boleh menentang takdir]
Namun, setiap insan di dunia ini mesti pernah merasakan cinta.[i bet and believe so.evry1 must have been loved at least once.]
Kini, before i blah, satu nasihat. To ma frens and to all. Be involved in LOVE/BERCINTALAH wen u are absolutely ready. U cant afford to hurt some1 or urself.u cant.it is not healthy n it is very3 wrong.hoho.Cinta is not just a word u express to anyone in this world. It is a vital thing that every1 need.dont get dangerously in love coz it’s dangerous.teehee.huh?wuuud?cintaku pada siapa?haha.itu sudah tentulah rahsia.haha.ngahahahhaha.it is fer me to noe.n fer u to find out.oryt..pada seseorang yang bakal menjadi maharaja hatiku, I LOVE YOU!!!

oryt lovers.
so wad have we learnt?..
hakz.dat life is empty without me....hoho.
i mean love. correction.
hrm...how's the puisi/watever u may wanna call it...
im tinking of writing one for mother...
the puisi i wrote fer mother a long time agao oredi.
checked and corrected by a few malay teachers...yuuuurgh.
i planned to give it to mother like decades ago but maluuuuu.
maybe i shud do it dis year.
since friday tak school kan...
i'll make a card eith the puisi fer mother...
dis i plann oni...but oni Allah yang menentukan....
actually it depends more on my moooood.
so yea lovers...
if u r free.
go think of wat to give ur mother okayyyy???
so long lovers...

3:10 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, May 09, 2006

4 papers down...
more freaking papers to go...
malay compo as usual...mepek...
maths paper 1...now i relize dat maths is not abt u understand or not...
basically the paper i can dooooo...
but...alot of freaking mepek careless mistakes...tooooo nervous lahrh...
it sux....honestly...
social studies...weyl...manageable...
history....woooohhh....break record...i did it in an hour oni!!!!
i have like 30 mins to SLEEEEEEP....
yea...i dint really srudie...haha...
let's talk abt something happy...
it's mother's day soooon....
still donoe wat to get fer mother....
i tink i better...studie...poa n chem tmr....
wish me luck...
so long lovers...

3:32 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Sunday, May 07, 2006

i went to madrasah just now and had ma oral test.
had to hafal al-imran and al-alaq...
i was so confident at ferst coz i manage to hafal all....
until wen i came to sch....
i realize the ultimate truth...
gez wuuudd???
haha...i hafal the wrong sentences for al imran...
my hold body was shaking...trembling...
it was shear stupidity...i feel like just slaming myself against those hard walls at tt point of time....
it was soooooo malu...haha...
but fortunately...manage to hafal one of the ayats within 20 mins...wow...broke ma fastest records which was previously...an hour for hafaling one long ayat...haha!su was there...kak nurul behind me....all waiting fer our freaking turn...
den...haha....wen it was ma turn...heeee...
i was like...oooohhhhhhhoooooohhhhh!
ustaz azman tested me and i told him the truth...
he was laughing all the way and made fun of meeee...
my reading sux...as usual and along the way...yupps...he cracked multiple jokes and i cannot concentrate well...haha!!! and i cant rili tell u the jokes here...too many to type...haha!ustaz...ustaz....cannot be blamed...it's his nature...wth! haha...
den wen it was over...he was like....macam2 eh awak iqmalia....
i just put on a fake smile...and chuckled...and walked awayyyy
it was over!!!!
oral sux....really....i dint noe how and why i hafal the wrong ayats....
bumbed into hariz and faris nd haziq....they are having orals too...heeeee....
adorable kids....
passed izza her present...whch had been with me fer a month...i kept fergetting to pass it to herr...hope she likes it...haha!!!
oryytttt...that is all about today....
stooooopid me....
i wana studie now....adios....social studies and malay paper one tmr....wish me luck.....

3:24 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥
Tuesday, May 02, 2006

just edited ma bloggggie.
and ehem..
it is brand new okayy.
yuo guys out there.
do link me up.
my bloggie is..
it is just my name n ma dad's..
jumbled up together..
i will post more entries in days to come.

8:16 PM ohhhhhh maliaargh! ♥